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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kazzak-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Ellonia FangKazzak-EU7341Not updated
2Ddrruiidd MrAcidKazzak-EU6545Not updated
3Deivyjones PendulumKazzak-EU6440Not updated
4Stratigo  Kazzak-EU6438Not updated
5Conjugate All BlueKazzak-EU6431Not updated
6Ðaddy EcologyKazzak-EU6430Not updated
7Monkstras  Kazzak-EU6328Not updated
8Mbadruid  Kazzak-EU5563Not updated
9Shimmar Iron EdgeKazzak-EU5453Not updated
10Darkdestîny CoalescenceKazzak-EU5433Not updated
11Dreambeam  Kazzak-EU4948Not updated
12Ørion Mayhem ControlKazzak-EU4943Not updated
13Hexa Santa MariaKazzak-EU4866Not updated
14Dâmdå TaHrPaKazzak-EU4825Not updated
15Moozd VanguardKazzak-EU4805Not updated
16Anth VanguardKazzak-EU4733Not updated
17Xegor PerceptionKazzak-EU4726Not updated
18Hàns Foxtrot OscarKazzak-EU4643Not updated
19Chrome MarsKazzak-EU4640Not updated
20Tschai MarsKazzak-EU4636Not updated
21Dariy McDriveKazzak-EU4636Not updated
22Thunderò Mental InsanityKazzak-EU4636Not updated
23Pärön  Kazzak-EU4635Not updated
24Kiyomii DelightfulKazzak-EU4545Not updated
25Xariush Jørans kongerikeKazzak-EU4541Not updated
26Remorze  Kazzak-EU4533Not updated
27Ellonía FangKazzak-EU4530Not updated
28Shamonium  Kazzak-EU4455Not updated
29Nitidus WarlordsKazzak-EU4443Not updated
30Oniq Perfect Circle EUKazzak-EU4441Not updated
31Grobislav  Kazzak-EU4436Not updated
32Ihavenolimit Norrlands GuldKazzak-EU4436Not updated
33Amarok  Kazzak-EU4435Not updated
34Murdex CoachKazzak-EU4435Not updated
35Kyrinah  Kazzak-EU4435Not updated
36Ashraven TaHrPaKazzak-EU4433Not updated
37Arathras Veiled ShadowsKazzak-EU4433Not updated
38Moonblaze  Kazzak-EU4433Not updated
39Flappe All BlueKazzak-EU4431Not updated
40Kånkelbäret QuintessenceKazzak-EU4430Not updated
41Brewnix VanguardKazzak-EU4430Not updated
42Kràtós DREAM VaraminKazzak-EU4421Not updated
43Dcoach CoachKazzak-EU4386Not updated
44Blushs EcologyKazzak-EU4340Not updated
45Hplorrd DREAM VaraminKazzak-EU4183Not updated
46Jimmbo EcologyKazzak-EU4131Not updated
47Quixot  Kazzak-EU4016Not updated
48Nieta AmbuscadeKazzak-EU3940Not updated
49Zingoal ConsiliumKazzak-EU3940Not updated
50Pulverz IMA WHALE OORAAROAOOAKazzak-EU3928Not updated
51Splown VanguardKazzak-EU3886Not updated
52Sypek  Kazzak-EU3875Not updated
53Saamiya BPEMETOKazzak-EU3865Not updated
54Sandwích FangKazzak-EU3863Not updated
55Slackalot FangKazzak-EU3861Not updated
56Meneldur ApotheosanityKazzak-EU3858Not updated
57Totemsanity HibilityKazzak-EU3856Not updated
58Lollongo ConquestKazzak-EU3856Not updated
59Zazzels Somewhat NormalKazzak-EU3855Not updated
60Drójna Ninja Penguins In UranusKazzak-EU3853Not updated
61Pureshadow Pure BrutalityKazzak-EU3848Not updated
62Metilaze ConnexusKazzak-EU3848Not updated
63Legendairÿ FangKazzak-EU3846Not updated
64Grimkjell The Dragonfell TribeKazzak-EU3846Not updated
65Ikil Burning TriangleKazzak-EU3835Not updated
66Nozzika FangKazzak-EU3825Not updated
67Syrelia  Kazzak-EU3821Not updated
68Shammyr PwnStarzKazzak-EU3815Not updated
69Snikipops PerceptionKazzak-EU3815Not updated
70Bearhugz The CoveKazzak-EU3808Not updated
71Bloodskin The ForsakenKazzak-EU3775Not updated
72Tækc PwnanzaKazzak-EU3740Not updated
73Micá Midnight ExpressKazzak-EU3728Not updated
74Gailiûga Juoda BaltaKazzak-EU3728Not updated
75Saryel Progress DeniedKazzak-EU3726Not updated
76Aíd ApexKazzak-EU3726Not updated
77Swarnight OculusKazzak-EU3720Not updated
78Pixels DREAM VaraminKazzak-EU3720Not updated
79Lumillia  Kazzak-EU3718Not updated
80Kazaj  Kazzak-EU3641Not updated
81Sunlordz House of PrideKazzak-EU3640Not updated
82Thylight The ForsakenKazzak-EU3640Not updated
83Madtree FangKazzak-EU3636Not updated
84Zsent SoundKazzak-EU3633Not updated
85Zekara AgnosticsKazzak-EU3633Not updated
86Slaíne PwnStarzKazzak-EU3633Not updated
87Esoumtwo BifrostKazzak-EU3631Not updated
88Onáboat Progress DeniedKazzak-EU3631Not updated
89Nejji Perfect Circle EUKazzak-EU3630Not updated
90Shaminima NO MAAMKazzak-EU3630Not updated
91Starry  Kazzak-EU3628Not updated
92Hibie Last ResortKazzak-EU3616Not updated
93Eternalfight  Kazzak-EU3578Not updated
94Pappabjorn Elective AmnesiaKazzak-EU3571Not updated
95Brunojr  Kazzak-EU3563Not updated
96Lavish McDriveKazzak-EU3550Not updated
97Naralliá drunkKazzak-EU3550Not updated
98Messec House of PrideKazzak-EU3548Not updated
99Ritcowy Team TurtleKazzak-EU3546Not updated
100Stormcatcher Mayhem ControlKazzak-EU3546Not updated

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