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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kael'thas-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Elajin The HowlKael'thas-EU5440Not updated
2Troliste MandragoreKael'thas-EU4523Not updated
3Xoltanette illuZiøNKael'thas-EU4433Not updated
4Erizu The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU4128Not updated
5Sìny MemoriumKael'thas-EU3943Not updated
6Vasknem The HowlKael'thas-EU3941Not updated
7Spou The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU3716Not updated
8Erymanthe EternalisKael'thas-EU3638Not updated
9Colotï MystKael'thas-EU3636Not updated
10Jûlîette EternalisKael'thas-EU3561Not updated
11Pénicilline FreedomKael'thas-EU3526Not updated
12Albinos FreedomKael'thas-EU3523Not updated
13Drômka MyrthKael'thas-EU3521Not updated
14Folkrah Bourrino Ergo SumKael'thas-EU3505Not updated
15Yxiéme EternalisKael'thas-EU3440Not updated
16Zârakk  Kael'thas-EU3440Not updated
17Xraque justforweekKael'thas-EU3440Not updated
18Mooncrystal Second SouffleKael'thas-EU3438Not updated
19Arhim  Kael'thas-EU3438Not updated
20Droodfir  Kael'thas-EU3436Not updated
21Ponponn TenoobraeKael'thas-EU3435Not updated
22Shogie MandragoreKael'thas-EU3433Not updated
23Mahkah StraticsKael'thas-EU3433Not updated
24Kotoko FreaksKael'thas-EU3431Not updated
25Vag MandragoreKael'thas-EU3430Not updated
26Sanaë  Kael'thas-EU3425Not updated
27Dolokass ErymantheKael'thas-EU3418Not updated
28Ipanema The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU3413Not updated
29Uslok FreaksKael'thas-EU3376Not updated
30Argentix Ghayã angelsKael'thas-EU3360Not updated
31Trollalooze Why NotKael'thas-EU3348Not updated
32Marielouíse The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU3343Not updated
33Delurin Autant PliésKael'thas-EU3336Not updated
34Meillyne Nomad SoulsKael'thas-EU3311Not updated
35Steninie FreaksKael'thas-EU3250Not updated
36Aaka WrathKael'thas-EU3163Not updated
37Kalinox The HowlKael'thas-EU3151Not updated
38Farys StraticsKael'thas-EU3143Not updated
39Shatsui MystKael'thas-EU3126Not updated
40Nahuu FreaksKael'thas-EU3125Not updated
41Ulag The HowlKael'thas-EU3036Not updated
42Ewiewi IrrKael'thas-EU3036Not updated
43Gyni FreaksKael'thas-EU3030Not updated
44Tikïo Wrath of DarknessKael'thas-EU2866Not updated
45Snoxxy BetaTestKael'thas-EU2836Not updated
46Numydia IrrKael'thas-EU2825Not updated
47Telmah ErymantheKael'thas-EU2738Not updated
48Argual IndependanceKael'thas-EU2718Not updated
49Hollyshut EternalisKael'thas-EU2633Not updated
50Shanshan Why NotKael'thas-EU2578Not updated
51Kooka  Kael'thas-EU2548Not updated
52Klingò VaapadKael'thas-EU2508Not updated
53Ärkx  Kael'thas-EU2508Not updated
54Ðel The HowlKael'thas-EU2441Not updated
55Bellezâ  Kael'thas-EU2440Not updated
56Shamyaleau MandragoreKael'thas-EU2436Not updated
57Druideux TrigoldKael'thas-EU2331Not updated
58Siouxi OlarysKael'thas-EU2261Not updated
59Chappman D K PKael'thas-EU1946Not updated
60Chäpö  Kael'thas-EU1881Not updated
61Døke AmethystKael'thas-EU1868Not updated
62Éden ChrøniclesKael'thas-EU1830Not updated
63Healunatik Zog Zog and CoKael'thas-EU1815Not updated
64Kaasaa WrathKael'thas-EU1805Not updated
65Darkololo Ordre des SamaritainsKael'thas-EU1770Not updated
66Tamao IngangruptibleKael'thas-EU1720Not updated
67Watchmeswap The HowlKael'thas-EU1633Not updated
68Arnodruide ØlympeKael'thas-EU1560Not updated
69Voulgin  Kael'thas-EU1548Not updated
70Tsukuyømi MyrthKael'thas-EU1545Not updated
71Yaku ErymantheKael'thas-EU1538Not updated
72Glemdiiah TenoobraeKael'thas-EU1536Not updated
73Overdriven Les LycansKael'thas-EU1536Not updated
74Lynelria DrawKael'thas-EU1531Not updated
75Amerion MandragoreKael'thas-EU1530Not updated
76Stéphania StraticsKael'thas-EU1513Not updated
77Minibøy Chroniques de BabyloneKael'thas-EU1510Not updated
78Xintao  Kael'thas-EU1450Not updated
79Colotí MystKael'thas-EU1443Not updated
80Niaraa DrawKael'thas-EU1441Not updated
81Gloube MystKael'thas-EU1440Not updated
82Cøeur FreaksKael'thas-EU1438Not updated
83Osirïs EternalisKael'thas-EU1438Not updated
84Acp  Kael'thas-EU1435Not updated
85Eldonia sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU1433Not updated
86Aérïs CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU1415Not updated
87Voltigue AmethystKael'thas-EU1363Not updated
88Mitsü bestialeKael'thas-EU1348Not updated
89Kûter D K PKael'thas-EU1338Not updated
90Gouror  Kael'thas-EU1331Not updated
91Bzfspiky sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU1310Not updated
92Katyx RedeemersKael'thas-EU1261Not updated
93Cyrax Alliance des SeigneursKael'thas-EU1248Not updated
94Amaïya Project ConquerorsKael'thas-EU1235Not updated
95Killow IndependanceKael'thas-EU1153Not updated
96Zhanor Les Lapins De LumièreKael'thas-EU1151Not updated
97Pantoofle Show TimeKael'thas-EU1126Not updated
98Beuby sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU938Not updated
99Nära Project ConquerorsKael'thas-EU935Not updated
100Liløø RedeemersKael'thas-EU928Not updated

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