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Illidan-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Sanfew Trash Mob Death MachineIllidan-US6406
2Exixe CrunchIllidan-US6328Not updated
3Luciferemper PEACHY GIRLIllidan-US4435Not updated
4Bananalord  Illidan-US4365Not updated
5Craixx Hordehound GangIllidan-US4340
6Poofimcat  Illidan-US4186
7Arderie Warpath IIIllidan-US3950Not updated
8Krodack Topped OffIllidan-US3846Not updated
9Lawldruid Hostile Work EnvironmentIllidan-US3845
10Poenaa  Illidan-US3830Not updated
11Heälzz SummitIllidan-US3830
12Purrowl  Illidan-US3825Not updated
13Scolch  Illidan-US3821
14Fruitjoose  Illidan-US3815Not updated
15Tweetard  Illidan-US3768Not updated
16Bulvei SingularityIllidan-US3741
17Lackjester House AtreidesIllidan-US3740Not updated
18Fâkie BeastmodeIllidan-US3635
19Aforethought OffenseIllidan-US3618Not updated
20Guileless  Illidan-US3618Not updated
21Ermod AngryIllidan-US3605
22Darkcircle Hostile Work EnvironmentIllidan-US3591
23Judgejewdy The Boom Boom RoomIllidan-US3553
24Datresto EncoreIllidan-US3538Not updated
25Ponte Final ChapterIllidan-US3531
26Rvynn  Illidan-US3526Not updated
27Gruru FantasiaIllidan-US3521
28Nocendi Gentlemans Gold ClubIllidan-US3518Not updated
29Saí Blueberry PancakesIllidan-US3518
30Treefort Slash CryIllidan-US3516
31Pandakín  Illidan-US3513Not updated
32Fungshwei The IronbornIllidan-US3513
33Brana Disciples of the MixIllidan-US3510
34Feltup ÐacnomaniaIllidan-US3458
35Agaruc Kitchen Task ForceIllidan-US3448
36Jadeyes SGuildIllidan-US3443Not updated
37Legoy ThunderfuryIllidan-US3443
38Isine RivenIllidan-US3441
39Scholtaz Blood LegionIllidan-US3440
40Bionìx SummitIllidan-US3440
41Shayanwe Art Thou VexedIllidan-US3440
42Vyndrianne  Illidan-US3438Not updated
43Go SanctumIllidan-US3438
44Garylolxx Quatro CerberusIllidan-US3438Not updated
45Effloresence UprisingIllidan-US3438
46Panerda SanerIllidan-US3436
47Caiyt  Illidan-US3436
48Brightleaf Blood LegionIllidan-US3435
49Dazraf  Illidan-US3435Not updated
50Druidistic  Illidan-US3435Not updated
51Xïtan AvidIllidan-US3435
52Macstallion Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US3433
53Huoxin GloriaIllidan-US3431
54Rageme  Illidan-US3431
55Mudbull  Illidan-US3430Not updated
56Xarelto StalwartIllidan-US3430
57Openmind SingularityIllidan-US3425
58Ruffled Straight Jacket EliteIllidan-US3366Not updated
59Fdnocrzywarr blood for friendIllidan-US3361Not updated
60Thulan FidelitasIllidan-US3358
61Sllib  Illidan-US3351Not updated
62Hagop  Illidan-US3350Not updated
63Juicyjonny Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US3345
64Dahvok ResonanceIllidan-US3343Not updated
65Intox Galactic Pretty BoysIllidan-US3335
66Aurièl Straight Jacket EliteIllidan-US3328
67Teegers SummitIllidan-US3326
68Superbra DAWNIllidan-US3233
69Pitá Babe LegionIllidan-US3191
70Múte Edge of AggressionIllidan-US3190
71Hotsnhobos EncoreIllidan-US3186
72Thunderseven EternityCNIllidan-US3185Not updated
73Kpali  Illidan-US3180Not updated
74Erupcion DevouredIllidan-US3178
75Draugulin  Illidan-US3168
76Sutra HiddenIllidan-US3161
77Jazzduck AngryIllidan-US3160
78Shamanomanom Slash CryIllidan-US3155
79Despedia HeLLsGamersIllidan-US3153Not updated
80Unclickmenow Rowdy GentlemenIllidan-US3153
81Divisiblejr SanctumIllidan-US3145
82Davedog RivenIllidan-US3143
83Thickhide RiptideIllidan-US3141
84Cynthilou Blood LegionIllidan-US3126Not updated
85Starshoes Babe LegionIllidan-US3123
86ßu  Illidan-US3121
87Lixx Warpath IIIllidan-US3110Not updated
88Cathassity AngryIllidan-US3083
89Eavean We Like CookiesIllidan-US3075Not updated
90Dimensionz YoungMoneyIllidan-US3061Not updated
91Twìstid AvidIllidan-US3038
92Patent Straight Jacket EliteIllidan-US3035
93Lilwillkilla Get the Funk Out My FaceIllidan-US3033Not updated
94Sewell  Illidan-US3033Not updated
95Skylich DespondencyIllidan-US3031Not updated
96Sylvandras Art Thou VexedIllidan-US3030Not updated
97Vyviane Undead GnomesIllidan-US3028Not updated
98Rylaatrix SummitIllidan-US3026Not updated
99Visho This Guy Is A MONSTERIllidan-US2941Not updated
100Nottherum  Illidan-US2925

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