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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Selstrah American CheeseburgerIllidan-EU5443Not updated
2Aldrasil ExtaZeIllidan-EU5353Not updated
3Chamugi Frozen TearsIllidan-EU5326Not updated
4Kriv  Illidan-EU4520Not updated
5Kelh PøisønIllidan-EU4433Not updated
6Zulekjin kickbackIllidan-EU4363Not updated
7Pingus AfkIllidan-EU3848Not updated
8Lhoki  Illidan-EU3826Not updated
9Baych KaminaIllidan-EU3730Not updated
10Leetchi Frozen TearsIllidan-EU3523Not updated
11Djug ValhallaIllidan-EU3450Not updated
12Youv TimelessIllidan-EU3438Not updated
13Nounchaq FIJEC IncIllidan-EU3435Not updated
14Esnyd AmenoIllidan-EU3431Not updated
15Engi Die AntwoordIllidan-EU3431Not updated
16Drêäm antichambreIllidan-EU3425Not updated
17Lønewðlf HadésIllidan-EU3346Not updated
18Sylosis ValhallaIllidan-EU3233Not updated
19Nydge  Illidan-EU3233Not updated
20Malitià PøisønIllidan-EU3215Not updated
21Hásh FinestIllidan-EU3205Not updated
22Karupin Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU3175Not updated
23Omnï Bad ClownIllidan-EU3138Not updated
24Ashola Sanctum SeisIllidan-EU3128Not updated
25Methedrine Moo TangIllidan-EU3043Not updated
26Lokhna  Illidan-EU3028Not updated
27Äméthyste KaminaIllidan-EU2956Not updated
28Lêxy AuthenticIllidan-EU2940Not updated
29Arthof PøisønIllidan-EU2861Not updated
30Kïmlyz  Illidan-EU2843Not updated
31Naughtyj  Illidan-EU2836Not updated
32Tøfer EternalIllidan-EU2825Not updated
33Azyra ExtaZeIllidan-EU2733Not updated
34Babbyløn AtomIllidan-EU2733Not updated
35Célé Siren YellIllidan-EU2731Not updated
36Gamebreaker PlagiatIllidan-EU2640Not updated
37Shaven Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU2638Not updated
38Diësel Match PointIllidan-EU2635Not updated
39Dragahn BlowIllidan-EU2633Not updated
40Injari TimelessIllidan-EU2605Not updated
41Solarious HadésIllidan-EU2530Not updated
42Healena Frozen TearsIllidan-EU2443Not updated
43Ucthelight AtomIllidan-EU2438Not updated
44Heleä  Illidan-EU2435Not updated
45Lantria BlowIllidan-EU2346Not updated
46Coy BlowIllidan-EU2341Not updated
47Lebour illusion de la hordeIllidan-EU2333Not updated
48Coukin  Illidan-EU2330Not updated
49Tatemontotem AtomIllidan-EU2325Not updated
50Osmanligücü antichambreIllidan-EU2146Not updated
51Taochi TimelessIllidan-EU1936Not updated
52Hersnarz Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU1868Not updated
53Mugii Frozen TearsIllidan-EU1835Not updated
54Flaxxhe Moo TangIllidan-EU1828Not updated
55Djynna No GloryIllidan-EU1815Not updated
56Yayä Ergo ProxyIllidan-EU1810Not updated
57Phaze Moo TangIllidan-EU1751Not updated
58Luménor FinestIllidan-EU1741Not updated
59Captene L EntourageIllidan-EU1641Not updated
60Slyfe American CheeseburgerIllidan-EU1635Not updated
61Palanøob La Charrette BolivienneIllidan-EU1633Not updated
62Swø BlowIllidan-EU1630Not updated
63Meraxes Frozen TearsIllidan-EU1630Not updated
64Kyplinor FinestIllidan-EU1630Not updated
65Shâal Serious MindIllidan-EU1563Not updated
66Fastos  Illidan-EU1538Not updated
67Moinalisaa AtomIllidan-EU1531Not updated
68Chamidog  Illidan-EU1530Not updated
69Earwëndil Die AntwoordIllidan-EU1511Not updated
70Tïlàa Frozen TearsIllidan-EU1445Not updated
71Atrofix Néant DistorduIllidan-EU1445Not updated
72Siffly EverIllidan-EU1445Not updated
73Sinbolik RîtsIllidan-EU1441Not updated
74Oragorn kickbackIllidan-EU1440Not updated
75Grümly American CheeseburgerIllidan-EU1440Not updated
76Gåmbai MåjesticIllidan-EU1438Not updated
77Itchîs AtomIllidan-EU1438Not updated
78Pistâchette KaminaIllidan-EU1438Not updated
79Lineas antichambreIllidan-EU1436Not updated
80Swagàorÿ Frozen TearsIllidan-EU1435Not updated
81Yøhda MétempsycoseIllidan-EU1435Not updated
82Geïsh TimelessIllidan-EU1435Not updated
83Jenkiis HadésIllidan-EU1435Not updated
84Dischord Vøx ReprøbiIllidan-EU1435Not updated
85Nía  Illidan-EU1435Not updated
86Niacat Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU1435Not updated
87Bombomleyo Rage KitIllidan-EU1431Not updated
88Ðestîny Die AntwoordIllidan-EU1431Not updated
89Oyuu  Illidan-EU1366Not updated
90Ashdøw Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU1361Not updated
91Quuß The WhitesharkIllidan-EU1360Not updated
92Comå  Illidan-EU1325Not updated
93Laurelys VersùsIllidan-EU1256Not updated
94Æsham TimelessIllidan-EU1246Not updated
95Tòóne BlowIllidan-EU1213Not updated
96Eniiska InfämoüsIllidan-EU1130Not updated
97Cîroc TimelessIllidan-EU940Not updated
98Rosvield TimelessIllidan-EU940Not updated
99Zön MurlocIllidan-EU936Not updated
100Wrandall FIJEC IncIllidan-EU936Not updated

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