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Icecrown-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Shearlol Stray CatsIcecrown-US4468Not updated
2Luniz Draconus NoirIcecrown-US3441
3Powerwaddle VindicatumIcecrown-US3433
4Niav MOVEIcecrown-US3433
5Kyaethas REINIcecrown-US3433
6Yopeepys Furious PantaloonsIcecrown-US3383
7Tanned VindicatumIcecrown-US3366
8Arha VeikarIcecrown-US3366
9Antiprism InsurrectionIcecrown-US3186Not updated
10Indefectable The Sons Of OdinIcecrown-US3158
11Bearwyn ReminiscenceIcecrown-US3035Not updated
12Jåguarpaw Punisher of UranusIcecrown-US2546Not updated
13Immuníty MonopolizingIcecrown-US2443Not updated
14Mandiiene Bashin OrdurIcecrown-US2443Not updated
15Eileen VindicatumIcecrown-US1863
16Boomshyne  Icecrown-US1841Not updated
17Slamminsham REINIcecrown-US1638Not updated
18Cholin SELECT geeks FROM WoWIcecrown-US1580Not updated
19Jaydak is Packin HeatIcecrown-US1528Not updated
20Lifebinder MonopolizingIcecrown-US1446
21Joven ReminiscenceIcecrown-US1440
22Monikka DistortedIcecrown-US1438
23Gaskon REINIcecrown-US1431
24Earthsóng Punisher of UranusIcecrown-US1370
25Hectorscc The Sons Of OdinIcecrown-US1350
26Zattu Delta GuardiansIcecrown-US1350
27Catmandoo SpartansIcecrown-US1185
28Alîcé Peons No MoreIcecrown-US1173
29Alisu Draconus NoirIcecrown-US941
30Standune ReminiscenceIcecrown-US938
31Podi ReminiscenceIcecrown-US933
32Sophiena Dark AngelzIcecrown-US911
33Luckydoctor Deaths BroodIcecrown-US850
34Optiq Often MisquotedIcecrown-US836
35Worff WyrmfoeIcecrown-US755Not updated
36Ihz VindicatumIcecrown-US738
37Byä Edge of RuinIcecrown-US733Not updated
38Righteousown PraetoriumIcecrown-US731Not updated
39Eyam WyrmfoeIcecrown-US611Not updated
40Flula MOVEIcecrown-US580
41Garesh Crimson ShadowIcecrown-US576
42Oshíkuru My So Called GuildIcecrown-US571Not updated
43Sxyhealz Try Hard ElitesIcecrown-US570Not updated
44Gimpybearo VindicatumIcecrown-US546
45Lolpally The Sons Of OdinIcecrown-US543
46Mogda Seventh CavalryIcecrown-US536Not updated
47Renray MonopolizingIcecrown-US535
48Sweetsoft Team RocketIcecrown-US528Not updated
49Cometstar Chi No TensiIcecrown-US528Not updated
50Yuí Destined SoulsIcecrown-US520Not updated
51Korrasi VindicatumIcecrown-US441
52Deiasaur Light of LightsIcecrown-US431Not updated
53Aertes Crimson ShadowIcecrown-US383
54Tibola The AwakenedIcecrown-US378Not updated
55Râgnârok Level Zero HerosIcecrown-US366Not updated
56Brocksamsn HonorboundIcecrown-US336Not updated
57Arualil Team RocketIcecrown-US336Not updated
58Shiftfour Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US263
59Zattsosmexy FørTheLølz GamingIcecrown-US160Not updated

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