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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mayoxy Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU5861Not updated
2Zoltãn TrinityHyjal-EU5356Not updated
3Tékàs MercenaryHyjal-EU4961Not updated
4Luhnaa VigilanceHyjal-EU4845Not updated
5Mømïne EternityHyjal-EU4643Not updated
6Darsica Wreak HavocHyjal-EU4560Not updated
7Mâyoxy Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU4553Not updated
8Xenophik TrinityHyjal-EU4510Not updated
9Baboulìnet TrinityHyjal-EU4431Not updated
10Amayà IggdrasilHyjal-EU4415Not updated
11Zeloss Seigneurs de la LumièreHyjal-EU4350Not updated
12Aerna PandemøniumHyjal-EU4328Not updated
13Eowendîl FaithHyjal-EU4325Not updated
14Melcah SépultureHyjal-EU4145Not updated
15Calypzo NightstormHyjal-EU4143Not updated
16Waranks EmpriseHyjal-EU3950Not updated
17Maelanne Aman ThalionHyjal-EU3935Not updated
18Fioum Loosing hopesHyjal-EU3926Not updated
19Goodtrip Sang RøyalHyjal-EU3870Not updated
20Eldruides Pedo Mellon a minnoHyjal-EU3843Not updated
21Xefren  Hyjal-EU3843Not updated
22Zørtel EternityHyjal-EU3833Not updated
23Lochlane The Unicorn KillersHyjal-EU3826Not updated
24Kojïma PandemøniumHyjal-EU3810Not updated
25Zulnoch Old SkillHyjal-EU3735Not updated
26Djoey Ab NihiloHyjal-EU3730Not updated
27Libstik  Hyjal-EU3635Not updated
28Grêybull Il était une foisHyjal-EU3633Not updated
29Piankh TrinityHyjal-EU3631Not updated
30Sheinia  Hyjal-EU3630Not updated
31Aper Chapeaux de pailleHyjal-EU3630Not updated
32Zïtrox La Lune NøïreHyjal-EU3588Not updated
33Aycle PandemøniumHyjal-EU3571Not updated
34Typpex  Hyjal-EU3565Not updated
35Cornèlo TrinityHyjal-EU3563Not updated
36Fleurr EmpyreanHyjal-EU3546Not updated
37Papai Il était une foisHyjal-EU3543Not updated
38Waura Division RuineHyjal-EU3536Not updated
39Eliàëdel FahrenheitHyjal-EU3533Not updated
40Xbiz  Hyjal-EU3530Not updated
41Kertamis Vincit Omnia VeritasHyjal-EU3525Not updated
42Jìng MeltdownHyjal-EU3523Not updated
43Shaëndra EmpyreanHyjal-EU3523Not updated
44Mmdz Happy BurstDayHyjal-EU3523Not updated
45Gewehr Feu VertHyjal-EU3523Not updated
46Mïdøña FaithHyjal-EU3513Not updated
47Ailpalret  Hyjal-EU3508Not updated
48Palinya  Hyjal-EU3506Not updated
49Macluvin Pedo Mellon a minnoHyjal-EU3490Not updated
50Souiity Wreak HavocHyjal-EU3453Not updated
51Helisstra NightstormHyjal-EU3451Not updated
52Yunã EmpowerHyjal-EU3448Not updated
53Estariølle  Hyjal-EU3446Not updated
54Wyzen Night HeavenHyjal-EU3446Not updated
55Leblanc  Hyjal-EU3443Not updated
56Slatki Mon GM est une blondeHyjal-EU3443Not updated
57Rabijagob Cave Canem RenasciHyjal-EU3443Not updated
58Chloè Hordeux ma vueHyjal-EU3443Not updated
59Nosferaso Ten Screams tø HellHyjal-EU3441Not updated
60Gador EmpriseHyjal-EU3441Not updated
61Carotmagik IggdrasilHyjal-EU3441Not updated
62Tøisur Ab NihiloHyjal-EU3440Not updated
63Grobus NøcturnalisHyjal-EU3440Not updated
64Camira ElysìumHyjal-EU3440Not updated
65Eluchíl SightHyjal-EU3438Not updated
66Øsx Herp DerpHyjal-EU3436Not updated
67Najdun IS A WORLD BOSSHyjal-EU3436Not updated
68Läina EmpowerHyjal-EU3436Not updated
69Zanks WaveHyjal-EU3436Not updated
70Slamlol ZealHyjal-EU3435Not updated
71Trìckzyó  Hyjal-EU3435Not updated
72Melcams La Lune NøïreHyjal-EU3435Not updated
73Vortaria RejectHyjal-EU3433Not updated
74Blurd TrinityHyjal-EU3433Not updated
75Vðõôöøòdóõø  Hyjal-EU3433Not updated
76Ilÿnia EmpriseHyjal-EU3433Not updated
77Andronae Les Héritiers d HyjalHyjal-EU3433Not updated
78Eïki Warsong FuryHyjal-EU3431Not updated
79Sacerdot Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU3431Not updated
80Iilih  Hyjal-EU3431Not updated
81Sornn PandemøniumHyjal-EU3431Not updated
82Petiteperle kamelotts guildHyjal-EU3431Not updated
83Gunnulffette MutinerieHyjal-EU3431Not updated
84Herbium AngyoHyjal-EU3431Not updated
85Dance La Milice du Tigre BlancHyjal-EU3431Not updated
86Märyn Loosing hopesHyjal-EU3431Not updated
87Tholrock Tropical flowersHyjal-EU3431Not updated
88Kimârhi Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU3428Not updated
89Matejasickk  Hyjal-EU3428Not updated
90Gãngã TrinityHyjal-EU3385Not updated
91Zra Unknown WaysHyjal-EU3381Not updated
92Fuelforlife ProjectHyjal-EU3368Not updated
93Pollen Pedo Mellon a minnoHyjal-EU3366Not updated
94Flów SuxxessHyjal-EU3365Not updated
95Pfu Il était une foisHyjal-EU3363Not updated
96Elfeia SPADSHyjal-EU3363Not updated
97Tøhizu Prima VistaHyjal-EU3363Not updated
98Waynia Night HeavenHyjal-EU3361Not updated
99Isrä All Trolls Must DieHyjal-EU3355Not updated
100Yjành MeltdownHyjal-EU3353Not updated

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