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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Hooftail Antisocial ClubHyjal-US7185Not updated
2Branchout TFHyjal-US6431Not updated
3Xochilly Post ApocalypseHyjal-US4458Not updated
4Dargarun Nightmare CreaturesHyjal-US4430Not updated
5Yocum Post ApocalypseHyjal-US4331Not updated
6Ki RebìrthHyjal-US4233Not updated
7Shampooed Antisocial ClubHyjal-US4045Not updated
8Mythrose Antisocial ClubHyjal-US3938Not updated
9Khaleesi Dark SkiesHyjal-US3848Not updated
10Paperz Antisocial ClubHyjal-US3843Not updated
11Rethly  Hyjal-US3835Not updated
12Ohhgee NorthHyjal-US3833Not updated
13Channellé HavenHyjal-US3831Not updated
14Angelgabriel BiceratopsHyjal-US3815Not updated
15Galateyah  Hyjal-US3738Not updated
16Dru  Hyjal-US3738Not updated
17Zeijinzo ØmertaHyjal-US3733Not updated
18Milarose Vox ImmortalisHyjal-US3728Not updated
19Blitzkrieg ElysiumHyjal-US3641Not updated
20Alphaprime Touch of ChaosHyjal-US3638Not updated
21Kitchenslave ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US3636Not updated
22Partlycloudy  Hyjal-US3636Not updated
23Sempiternal Provisional SinHyjal-US3635Not updated
24Tridwr The Brute SquadHyjal-US3633Not updated
25Eadlee  Hyjal-US3633Not updated
26Vyrne  Hyjal-US3630Not updated
27Noldonur DrivenHyjal-US3548Not updated
28Gala Antisocial ClubHyjal-US3543Not updated
29Chiisus Last CallHyjal-US3538Not updated
30Xaere Thundering LegionHyjal-US3530Not updated
31Amples Seriously ClassyHyjal-US3528Not updated
32Carie Eternal BattalionHyjal-US3483Not updated
33Kirra Post ApocalypseHyjal-US3453Not updated
34Shad CI RebornHyjal-US3441Not updated
35Tiran Post ApocalypseHyjal-US3441Not updated
36Døømkin SalvusHyjal-US3441Not updated
37Zeyta HavenHyjal-US3441Not updated
38Charméd TFHyjal-US3440Not updated
39Dragonslayer Hyjal Kids Hyjal WivesHyjal-US3436Not updated
40Sighss Death By DesignHyjal-US3436Not updated
41Toretto Aggroholics AnonymousHyjal-US3436Not updated
42Pearthemedic Panty RaidersHyjal-US3436Not updated
43Navlevar CatalystHyjal-US3435Not updated
44Jèwdaman Last CallHyjal-US3435Not updated
45Briséis Last CallHyjal-US3435Not updated
46Markyo CröwnHyjal-US3435Not updated
47Ellesmere Immortals EndHyjal-US3435Not updated
48Ulrazz The Azure RemnantHyjal-US3435Not updated
49Ammanas RaidtardsHyjal-US3433Not updated
50Xanen Legends of the WestHyjal-US3433Not updated
51Exzo LividHyjal-US3433Not updated
52Notrueform UndauntedHyjal-US3433Not updated
53Doj The RegulatorsHyjal-US3431Not updated
54Daundra Some Assembly RequiredHyjal-US3431Not updated
55Raustis The Bilderberg GroupHyjal-US3431Not updated
56Blazedcow NorthHyjal-US3431Not updated
57Hex LunarisHyjal-US3430Not updated
58Bearyfurry UnderguildHyjal-US3430Not updated
59Zooey  Hyjal-US3383Not updated
60Brostradames UndauntedHyjal-US3373Not updated
61Breezzyy Kings HavocHyjal-US3365Not updated
62Indentured AltitudeHyjal-US3360Not updated
63Moonjin Sic Finit NoctemHyjal-US3353Not updated
64Badrl The League of Evil ExesHyjal-US3346Not updated
65Konom Paying it ForwardHyjal-US3345Not updated
66Porkxroast  Hyjal-US3343Not updated
67Bahren Dark SkiesHyjal-US3330Not updated
68Kikilena Requiesto En PaceHyjal-US3330Not updated
69Sharìì jalapenosHyjal-US3326Not updated
70Darktos TFHyjal-US3236Not updated
71Endica WarsongHyjal-US3225Not updated
72Frânkcâstle Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US3225Not updated
73Mav We Might Be GiantsHyjal-US3183Not updated
74Anikachu BiceratopsHyjal-US3176Not updated
75Galaxy Righteous ImpurityHyjal-US3175Not updated
76Kulldar Vox ImmortalisHyjal-US3173Not updated
77Jeeo Gone FishingHyjal-US3163Not updated
78Fomorii Inner LoopHyjal-US3155Not updated
79Dedmeety Nightmare of DecemvirateHyjal-US3153Not updated
80Faolin RebìrthHyjal-US3143Not updated
81Camdoon VikingsHyjal-US3140Not updated
82Aajax Post ApocalypseHyjal-US3133Not updated
83Fdonk Malicious IntentHyjal-US3131Not updated
84Jahowitz CheckmateHyjal-US3131Not updated
85Bærcat  Hyjal-US3128Not updated
86Mystikal NomadHyjal-US3125Not updated
87Xikkz ElysiumHyjal-US3125Not updated
88Nover  Hyjal-US3123Not updated
89Krustdeekin ØmertaHyjal-US3073Not updated
90Lazybum TFHyjal-US3056Not updated
91Aggression TFHyjal-US3045Not updated
92Brownie TFHyjal-US3036Not updated
93Aleura MalevolentHyjal-US3035Not updated
94Biltor TFHyjal-US3030Not updated
95Morgntreeman  Hyjal-US3026Not updated
96Kaubell HavenHyjal-US3026Not updated
97Daysa Antisocial ClubHyjal-US3023Not updated
98Opathold LividHyjal-US3023Not updated
99Mineraldruid LividHyjal-US3018Not updated
100Raydiance ØmertaHyjal-US2920Not updated

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