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Greymane-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Runelin SolutionGreymane-US4436
2Aurora DespotismGreymane-US3865
3Tsumoki SolutionGreymane-US3746
4Yougibear SolutionGreymane-US3630
5Trainisland  Greymane-US3520Not updated
6Karf Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US3440
7Neurotech SolutionGreymane-US3433
8Audax Harsh GenerationGreymane-US3431Not updated
9Agòny Council of NineGreymane-US3431
10Tekis Council of NineGreymane-US3353Not updated
11Nåzgull MutinyGreymane-US3330Not updated
12Rilos DespotismGreymane-US3126
13Nyet Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US3121
14Ikkuranus Fear and LoathingGreymane-US3033
15Aispera  Greymane-US2748Not updated
16Diia Terrible FriendsGreymane-US2141Not updated
17Qingu Dark TempestGreymane-US1926Not updated
18Shycry Last ResortGreymane-US1881
19Chumazik Guild AradnerGreymane-US1870
20Rewined Unbroken SoulsGreymane-US1845Not updated
21Ancienthaze DespotismGreymane-US1831
22Iva Council of NineGreymane-US1735Not updated
23Lorellai Eternal AvatarsGreymane-US1640Not updated
24Nutritious SinGreymane-US1608Not updated
25Wolframite The Evil WithinGreymane-US1573
26Rimrot Fear and LoathingGreymane-US1566
27Kordrim Council of NineGreymane-US1548Not updated
28Shauandara Azeroths BrotherhoodGreymane-US1521
29Snarks The Evil WithinGreymane-US1521
30Cabarett All the Single LadiesGreymane-US1443
31Zizam Ancients Of GreymaneGreymane-US1443Not updated
32Aiya DistinctionGreymane-US1440
33Caprea People of MayhamGreymane-US1433
34Cracklepop BrologyGreymane-US1428Not updated
35Zunzki  Greymane-US1426Not updated
36Lyricize SolutionGreymane-US1426
37Barepaws UnyieldingGreymane-US1421Not updated
38Ailaura ChromeGreymane-US1381Not updated
39Eilah  Greymane-US1366Not updated
40Sofedeas BrologyGreymane-US1345Not updated
41Hona ImperviousGreymane-US1326Not updated
42Aira DistinctionGreymane-US1323Not updated
43Feltaros Fear and LoathingGreymane-US1273Not updated
44Ghmaren Alter FateGreymane-US1245
45Buddace Veil of ShadowsGreymane-US1213
46Sallika Demented LegionGreymane-US1175Not updated
47Karnn People of MayhamGreymane-US1155
48Mightyputty People of MayhamGreymane-US870Not updated
49Amëreth DespotismGreymane-US833
50Allnatural Eternal AsylumGreymane-US816Not updated
51Maddenus Famous Last WordsGreymane-US723Not updated
52Jiara JadedGreymane-US708
53Cheapshock Passive AggressiveGreymane-US640Not updated
54Hrotho AFKGreymane-US638Not updated
55Biosfear Ancients Of GreymaneGreymane-US575
56Cptwaffles DespotismGreymane-US573
57Dordim Alter FateGreymane-US553
58Amberque PinnacleGreymane-US546
59Ravaella  Greymane-US545Not updated
60Blumoon Combat EvolvedGreymane-US545
61Hertz Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US545
62Stylo QuarantineGreymane-US526
63Darktower Fear and LoathingGreymane-US525Not updated
64Clocker  Greymane-US506Not updated
65Iame Veil of ShadowsGreymane-US441
66Zyph Care Bare StareGreymane-US438Not updated
67Darkanimal Unholy SaintsGreymane-US438Not updated
68Shraa The Evil WithinGreymane-US436
69Noobishheals  Greymane-US435Not updated
70Léonidas Just The TipGreymane-US433
71Coreyy Team SevenGreymane-US433
72Surveysez MutinyGreymane-US430Not updated
73Minhêe All the Single LadiesGreymane-US390
74Razgriz People of MayhamGreymane-US363Not updated
75Cowofsilence Guild AradnerGreymane-US356Not updated
76Arbslol Just PullGreymane-US356Not updated
77Xof BrologyGreymane-US348Not updated
78Oonagi Fear and LoathingGreymane-US348
79Doda DespotismGreymane-US340
80Zolra Uda UdaGreymane-US330Not updated
81Eyedoc Council of NineGreymane-US268
82Cripplez The Evil WithinGreymane-US178
83Mhoramsgirl Victorious SecretGreymane-US166

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