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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gorgonnash-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Tokota empíreGorgonnash-EU5325Not updated
2Phain Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU4741Not updated
3Cptkírk Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU4433Not updated
4Ayvit Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU4243Not updated
5Chibimisha Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU3846Not updated
6Modan SchattenrabenGorgonnash-EU3828Not updated
7Ingoheilt HeavenShallBurnGorgonnash-EU3631Not updated
8Rasgox  Gorgonnash-EU3571Not updated
9Azulá karnageGorgonnash-EU3435Not updated
10Tinàviel Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU3433Not updated
11Neekan empíreGorgonnash-EU3433Not updated
12Niuksama UnicGorgonnash-EU3430Not updated
13Qpa Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU3376Not updated
14Hirnkekx Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU3345Not updated
15Palicio Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU3343Not updated
16Skintobone Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU3251Not updated
17Ankhman Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU3228Not updated
18Xizee Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU3186Not updated
19Schrumpel empíreGorgonnash-EU3186Not updated
20Mexlo Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU3166Not updated
21Oldobelix CoreGorgonnash-EU3155Not updated
22Feylandel UnicGorgonnash-EU3038Not updated
23Gavinrad UnicGorgonnash-EU3033Not updated
24Baccon empíreGorgonnash-EU2850Not updated
25Kiathos empíreGorgonnash-EU2816Not updated
26Synnja Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU2533Not updated
27Kimmy TheTransportersGorgonnash-EU2521Not updated
28Masakari karnageGorgonnash-EU2510Not updated
29Tûrock Circle of DeathGorgonnash-EU2438Not updated
30Pêbbles Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU2431Not updated
31Enmei DuskGorgonnash-EU2363Not updated
32Shahî Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU2165Not updated
33Celebrían UnicGorgonnash-EU2146Not updated
34Donpromillo empíreGorgonnash-EU2038Not updated
35Trui  Gorgonnash-EU1958Not updated
36Druína CoreGorgonnash-EU1940Not updated
37Sunoa InceptionGorgonnash-EU1861Not updated
38Highborn Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU1815Not updated
39Ygthrasir Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU1728Not updated
40Kennif Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU1633Not updated
41Deadroth Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU1633Not updated
42Lausilaus RoyalsGorgonnash-EU1621Not updated
43Lyu  Gorgonnash-EU1555Not updated
44Mysticlady InceptionGorgonnash-EU1551Not updated
45Schichtkohl Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU1543Not updated
46Maev Seriously GuysGorgonnash-EU1458Not updated
47Horváth PlageGorgonnash-EU1441Not updated
48Valkyrió EnigmaGorgonnash-EU1436Not updated
49Nýx empíreGorgonnash-EU1436Not updated
50Naomi CoreGorgonnash-EU1436Not updated
51Arcain UnicGorgonnash-EU1435Not updated
52Caco TøxicGorgonnash-EU1430Not updated
53Verret NCDGorgonnash-EU1430Not updated
54Torturia  Gorgonnash-EU1405Not updated
55Dronga Infernal CreaturesGorgonnash-EU1366Not updated
56Fortego  Gorgonnash-EU1353Not updated
57Manduhau  Gorgonnash-EU1325Not updated
58Lefie Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU1166Not updated
59Celvice  Gorgonnash-EU873Not updated
60Inazea CoreGorgonnash-EU866Not updated
61Kissume Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU856Not updated
62Bluewolves HeavenShallBurnGorgonnash-EU836Not updated
63Mövenmaik Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU830Not updated
64Tóady InceptionGorgonnash-EU816Not updated
65Milakunís ArkanumGorgonnash-EU805Not updated
66Gealban empíreGorgonnash-EU805Not updated
67Seradane UnicGorgonnash-EU741Not updated
68Nazary UnicGorgonnash-EU731Not updated
69Madelene Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU730Not updated
70Lylìth Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU730Not updated
71Mylino UnicGorgonnash-EU723Not updated
72Isidór  Gorgonnash-EU715Not updated
73Iyadell Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU640Not updated
74Banehallow  Gorgonnash-EU636Not updated
75Darquina Defenders of LordaeronGorgonnash-EU628Not updated
76Merow Infernal CreaturesGorgonnash-EU615Not updated
77Ingopredigt HeavenShallBurnGorgonnash-EU590Not updated
78Acquilara Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU585Not updated
79Kleshtaria TributeGorgonnash-EU568Not updated
80Martyra Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU565Not updated
81Szaphira Thralls AuftragskillerGorgonnash-EU563Not updated
82Schîchtkohl Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU543Not updated
83Jackmuh infameGorgonnash-EU528Not updated
84Xenudo  Gorgonnash-EU526Not updated
85Nailoh CoreGorgonnash-EU520Not updated
86Elektrosnurp CoreGorgonnash-EU455Not updated
87Mileycyrûs Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU448Not updated
88Bluespirit Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU445Not updated
89Engelernie Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU441Not updated
90Thesz InceptionGorgonnash-EU441Not updated
91Blackra empíreGorgonnash-EU441Not updated
92Obviôus  Gorgonnash-EU438Not updated
93Róghan HeavenShallBurnGorgonnash-EU438Not updated
94Arakir  Gorgonnash-EU438Not updated
95Dolphyne Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU420Not updated
96Shaenks SupremacyGorgonnash-EU345Not updated
97Myrinia Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU343Not updated
98Tschango  Gorgonnash-EU331Not updated
99Aeonic Circle of DeathGorgonnash-EU328Not updated

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