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Gnomeregan-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Valiria DissentionGnomeregan-US4936
2Vild ApotheosisGnomeregan-US4535
3Gatoddy ÐefianceGnomeregan-US4441
4Teranis DissentionGnomeregan-US3935
5Cecedenowai ApotheosisGnomeregan-US3438Not updated
6Franciosm  Gnomeregan-US3431
7Dormook The Shattered PathGnomeregan-US3430Not updated
8Shambhalaa PerditionGnomeregan-US3185
9Bpg DissentionGnomeregan-US3176
10Tazok Serious BusinessGnomeregan-US2536Not updated
11Àqua The HeroicsGnomeregan-US2530Not updated
12Samsonbigs Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US2451Not updated
13Monksup ApotheosisGnomeregan-US2440
14Shanalare VaporGnomeregan-US2435
15Andôrr ParadoxGnomeregan-US2431
16Ferräri Neimads Bogus JourneyGnomeregan-US2328Not updated
17Tae ÐefianceGnomeregan-US2328Not updated
18Krunam The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US1848
19Lynea ÐefianceGnomeregan-US1566Not updated
20Siinr Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US1526
21Gwenymph ApotheosisGnomeregan-US1443
22Töx Neimads Bogus JourneyGnomeregan-US1438
23Angelsmyname SânctuâryGnomeregan-US1383
24Ironic You Cant Sit With UsGnomeregan-US1366
25Magnusprime Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US1351
26Shamira VaporGnomeregan-US1176
27Meryle Saints and SinnersGnomeregan-US946Not updated
28Sulliven BattousaiGnomeregan-US930Not updated
29Therol ÐefianceGnomeregan-US876
30Jackychan Log HorizonGnomeregan-US863Not updated
31Mushroomjorg  Gnomeregan-US851
32Kenter Serious BusinessGnomeregan-US848Not updated
33Shamxang BattousaiGnomeregan-US836Not updated
34Gornelf ApotheosisGnomeregan-US738Not updated
35Retroshift Wipe Until CleanGnomeregan-US736
36Epischermann ParadoxGnomeregan-US640
37Ineedmanabad ÐefianceGnomeregan-US600Not updated
38Arlenaarr MisèreGnomeregan-US581Not updated
39Kellidd Serious BusinessGnomeregan-US563
40Kablammy Saints and SinnersGnomeregan-US546Not updated
41Wolfbery Dragons TemplarGnomeregan-US528Not updated
42Kinematic ApotheosisGnomeregan-US526
43Neznaika KegeratorGnomeregan-US526
44Thünderstruk Sëvënth SänctümGnomeregan-US521
45Sylvaeiardor ApotheosisGnomeregan-US483
46Graceline Forged In FireGnomeregan-US470Not updated
47Grenee The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US450
48Tygrasmira Saints and SinnersGnomeregan-US443
49Rainbowsmite Legion of MisfitsGnomeregan-US441Not updated
50Buzmeg Shadow CompanyGnomeregan-US441Not updated
51Oavil VaporGnomeregan-US441Not updated
52Sunyueliang BattousaiGnomeregan-US441Not updated
53Mssmite SânctuâryGnomeregan-US440
54Mintia ParadoxGnomeregan-US438
55Syll The MercenariesGnomeregan-US436Not updated
56Sôna The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US343Not updated
57Svava Dragons TemplarGnomeregan-US330Not updated
58Flickerr The Shattered PathGnomeregan-US298
59Löli Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US165

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