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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ghostlands-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Wintrader rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US4933Not updated
2Biozone PsychedGhostlands-US4185Not updated
3Djhavok Dark PhoenixGhostlands-US3628Not updated
4Marstaav  Ghostlands-US3548Not updated
5Ickoris InfernoGhostlands-US3536Not updated
6Kimzey Perfect StormGhostlands-US3531Not updated
7Mýst  Ghostlands-US3433Not updated
8Jelgan  Ghostlands-US3381Not updated
9Odioushealer Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US3370Not updated
10Ronix InfernoGhostlands-US3365Not updated
11Letwinky PsychedGhostlands-US3355Not updated
12Seiishiro InfernoGhostlands-US3328Not updated
13Judgedruidy PsychedGhostlands-US3250Not updated
14Yolandaa  Ghostlands-US3228Not updated
15Smîtten The StormbornGhostlands-US3140Not updated
16Howyoudruin The BandGhostlands-US3120Not updated
17Berger Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US3016Not updated
18Traia Free AgentsGhostlands-US3005Not updated
19Jaineway Dark CouncilGhostlands-US2938Not updated
20Larceny  Ghostlands-US2880Not updated
21Slaap Dark PhoenixGhostlands-US2541Not updated
22Khaleesi PrototypeGhostlands-US2521Not updated
23Solaven Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US2436Not updated
24Hondoe  Ghostlands-US1851Not updated
25Pappasmurff PsychedGhostlands-US1755Not updated
26Sinseàr The BandGhostlands-US1733Not updated
27Megadude Perfect StormGhostlands-US1641Not updated
28Acein DescendantsGhostlands-US1636Not updated
29Ulquíorra PsychedGhostlands-US1541Not updated
30Wipeitup The BandGhostlands-US1526Not updated
31Modnar  Ghostlands-US1435Not updated
32Oracl Free AgentsGhostlands-US1433Not updated
33Lightspell Free AgentsGhostlands-US1371Not updated
34Sinséar  Ghostlands-US1335Not updated
35Calamety PsychedGhostlands-US1326Not updated
36Legendáiry  Ghostlands-US1256Not updated
37Healzbonanza Free AgentsGhostlands-US1213Not updated
38Shìfthappens The BandGhostlands-US1158Not updated
39Taïls  Ghostlands-US1148Not updated
40Wunderbar Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US1146Not updated
41Minona Grimoire HeartGhostlands-US940Not updated
42Zerò Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US900Not updated
43Tiggor CohesionGhostlands-US865Not updated
44Lassic Dark PhoenixGhostlands-US845Not updated
45Logikx rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US843Not updated
46Ikkuhikku A Rancid BunchGhostlands-US828Not updated
47Budification ElysionGhostlands-US826Not updated
48Kobo Perfect StormGhostlands-US825Not updated
49Fihaki  Ghostlands-US805Not updated
50Blitzkríeg PsychedGhostlands-US750Not updated
51Emmajín CohesionGhostlands-US746Not updated
52Mediarahan The Lagoon CompanyGhostlands-US735Not updated
53Mithdor RevelationsGhostlands-US641Not updated
54Mumpington Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US638Not updated
55Gigglyjunk Martial LawGhostlands-US635Not updated
56Felrielle Ten SilverGhostlands-US575Not updated
57Velamuna The BandGhostlands-US575Not updated
58Texzen BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US573Not updated
59Nightmove The Four HorsemenGhostlands-US571Not updated
60Miä  Ghostlands-US565Not updated
61Finii PsychedGhostlands-US565Not updated
62Kaytertot The Four HorsemenGhostlands-US548Not updated
63Twiztedfaith Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US525Not updated
64Karman Martial LawGhostlands-US523Not updated
65Batmon Free AgentsGhostlands-US520Not updated
66Druidhealer ghosts from the pastGhostlands-US443Not updated
67Démonicowl Martial LawGhostlands-US441Not updated
68Thanhphan PsychedGhostlands-US440Not updated
69David The BandGhostlands-US440Not updated
70Xcat Dark LordsGhostlands-US440Not updated
71Junataro The Fish and Bread TrickGhostlands-US440Not updated
72Shazmataz The BandGhostlands-US438Not updated
73Elithlia Norgannon Disc JockeysGhostlands-US436Not updated
74Chocip Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US431Not updated
75Pandalum Free AgentsGhostlands-US431Not updated
76Belyanas Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US368Not updated
77Malpractìce Dirty FewGhostlands-US348Not updated
78Kelsi Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US325Not updated

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