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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garona-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Kgérie Chosen OnesGarona-EU5440Not updated
2Shaanxi Aube EcarlateGarona-EU5223Not updated
3Kîssï Célesto cosmiqueGarona-EU3723Not updated
4Kànha PhantomGarona-EU3636Not updated
5Supadupa ProphetsGarona-EU3533Not updated
6Eltaniel Vaë VictisGarona-EU3515Not updated
7Sydane ZealotGarona-EU3448Not updated
8Nïnazu Pensée EmeraudeGarona-EU3440Not updated
9Fëng Croque MitainesGarona-EU3433Not updated
10Mimimathy ZealotGarona-EU3326Not updated
11Brëmdem ProphetsGarona-EU3255Not updated
12Zèra R Í PGarona-EU3253Not updated
13Øuragan Dogs Of WarGarona-EU3251Not updated
14Shurrupak Les révoltésGarona-EU3188Not updated
15Écureuil  Garona-EU3123Not updated
16Primalstars ProphetsGarona-EU3000Not updated
17Stonnix Vaë VictisGarona-EU2960Not updated
18Kethya The CorpsGarona-EU2826Not updated
19Tarken R Í PGarona-EU2730Not updated
20Derzack  Garona-EU2631Not updated
21Kryxk PEW PEW LAZER GUN PARTYGarona-EU2626Not updated
22Fimuntaf Ðark UndyingGarona-EU2625Not updated
23Darkwood Crazy about youGarona-EU2436Not updated
24Cometes ZealotGarona-EU2430Not updated
25Giantkakkou Entité inconnueGarona-EU2373Not updated
26Gørath WoW by NightGarona-EU2136Not updated
27Süpâ Croque MitainesGarona-EU2035Not updated
28Fulgora ProphetsGarona-EU2031Not updated
29Keynabou ProphetsGarona-EU1935Not updated
30Kulian  Garona-EU1870Not updated
31Breator Crazy about youGarona-EU1848Not updated
32Khemna ZealotGarona-EU1728Not updated
33Køvax  Garona-EU1715Not updated
34Pau Entité inconnueGarona-EU1633Not updated
35Sensuelles Astra SolarisGarona-EU1631Not updated
36Panopanisme Vaë VictisGarona-EU1628Not updated
37Zëphyrüs darkfireGarona-EU1481Not updated
38Õpra Dogs Of WarGarona-EU1441Not updated
39Jimbowlol  Garona-EU1438Not updated
40Velinart ProphetsGarona-EU1436Not updated
41Öliver La Main OcculteGarona-EU1435Not updated
42Kåin Croque MitainesGarona-EU1433Not updated
43Fabulous Prima LuceGarona-EU1431Not updated
44Shivar ValiumGarona-EU1426Not updated
45Mîrîel EST UN RANDOMGarona-EU1348Not updated
46Kénjii ZealotGarona-EU1346Not updated
47Tykiz MET YOUR MOTHERGarona-EU1338Not updated
48Pipidchat  Garona-EU1330Not updated
49Pølux Les révoltésGarona-EU1241Not updated
50Eesha Its a TrapGarona-EU1180Not updated
51Ninki Prima LuceGarona-EU1166Not updated
52Mescalyne Eau Pastï OlivesGarona-EU1156Not updated
53Divinata maitres de l illusionGarona-EU938Not updated
54Sezame L écøle du crimeGarona-EU938Not updated
55Yukitake R Í PGarona-EU936Not updated
56Scatterbrain BuddiesGarona-EU931Not updated
57Soleîl Crazy about youGarona-EU866Not updated
58Kazamfury CasCraneGarona-EU861Not updated
59Erza Prima LuceGarona-EU848Not updated
60Tothemhik MemoriesGarona-EU836Not updated
61Weaky Sept Quatre CrewGarona-EU835Not updated
62Vëska Prima LuceGarona-EU831Not updated
63Tokaï R Í PGarona-EU813Not updated
64Yanarbo MystraGarona-EU805Not updated
65Zeshi CohésionGarona-EU731Not updated
66Laplante  Garona-EU658Not updated
67Iniette Dark SoulGarona-EU635Not updated
68Vegetaï PhantomGarona-EU633Not updated
69Hambuleans MemoriesGarona-EU631Not updated
70Moana Nø QuarterGarona-EU628Not updated
71Misshëal GaaïaGarona-EU605Not updated
72Tyarra  Garona-EU588Not updated
73Perellis Prima LuceGarona-EU563Not updated
74Bôbby NUMBER ONEGarona-EU556Not updated
75Icetrollz ÕbsidienGarona-EU543Not updated
76Bürpe Héro CorpGarona-EU540Not updated
77Nøøbz Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU535Not updated
78Herzulk les guerriers de l aubeGarona-EU535Not updated
79Lighta darkfireGarona-EU533Not updated
80Papynou Les PapyRoXXoRGarona-EU520Not updated
81Xfate LimitesGarona-EU520Not updated
82Siegmar Aube EcarlateGarona-EU518Not updated
83Tork Ultyma DeïGarona-EU511Not updated
84Blakline La Legende du DragonGarona-EU480Not updated
85Sølarîa Last ßreathGarona-EU465Not updated
86Silyar Les zommkayouxGarona-EU451Not updated
87Auron GaaïaGarona-EU441Not updated
88Somgri Aube EcarlateGarona-EU441Not updated
89Tallywa CohésionGarona-EU441Not updated
90Soralia Dogs Of WarGarona-EU438Not updated
91Fako ProphetsGarona-EU436Not updated
92Potapytch ProphetsGarona-EU436Not updated
93Pyjamaparty PEW PEW LAZER GUN PARTYGarona-EU436Not updated
94Waheid R Í PGarona-EU435Not updated
95Almoïs MécréantGarona-EU435Not updated
96Elendariel Les Chopines LoversGarona-EU435Not updated
97Tufinia Aube EcarlateGarona-EU433Not updated
98Psycõ Les révoltésGarona-EU431Not updated
99Zulkha ResetGarona-EU431Not updated
100Äkamu PulsiønGarona-EU431Not updated

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