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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Túbby SecurityFrostmane-EU6935Not updated
2Funky TurboFrostmane-EU6440Not updated
3Nichija Forgotten GuardiansFrostmane-EU6433Not updated
4Nemesyth Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU6356Not updated
5Talho Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU6323Not updated
6Omgdc OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU5541Not updated
7Smolderos ImmersionFrostmane-EU5186Not updated
8Seipha SecurityFrostmane-EU4846Not updated
9Smackbaby OriginFrostmane-EU4825Not updated
10Shaxai AdeptFrostmane-EU4635Not updated
11Vodkamylife Only Garosh Can Judge MeFrostmane-EU4535Not updated
12Alkosh StyleFrostmane-EU4481Not updated
13Legokossan  Frostmane-EU4436Not updated
14Czechbeer SunmistFrostmane-EU4435Not updated
15Elaenore tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU4433Not updated
16Grasshopper StyleFrostmane-EU4330Not updated
17Hotztr Memento MoriFrostmane-EU4326Not updated
18Bris SecurityFrostmane-EU4156Not updated
19Ordy EurekaFrostmane-EU4133Not updated
20Health NotoriousFrostmane-EU3970Not updated
21Dashmidu ImmersionFrostmane-EU3950Not updated
22Smackababy TurboFrostmane-EU3943Not updated
23Roozi StyleFrostmane-EU3895Not updated
24Naimie  Frostmane-EU3850Not updated
25Suphajohn ArcFrostmane-EU3850Not updated
26Minazuki MercifulFrostmane-EU3850Not updated
27Crønie ImmersionFrostmane-EU3843Not updated
28Hetyi Order of AvalonFrostmane-EU3831Not updated
29Ambër Appetitus ExacueruntFrostmane-EU3828Not updated
30Inquill ValkyrieFrostmane-EU3820Not updated
31Noxei Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU3818Not updated
32Zaytoven Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU3736Not updated
33Pogreebnik SunmistFrostmane-EU3730Not updated
34Vyia  Frostmane-EU3728Not updated
35Híldegardé TurboFrostmane-EU3726Not updated
36Yolopop  Frostmane-EU3656Not updated
37Mirzy Insane VikingsFrostmane-EU3640Not updated
38Eah StyleFrostmane-EU3638Not updated
39Aoma ValkyrieFrostmane-EU3636Not updated
40Windsower IneptFrostmane-EU3633Not updated
41Stjärnpälsen DyslecticFrostmane-EU3633Not updated
42Sevatar  Frostmane-EU3631Not updated
43Annamolly GoodGameFrostmane-EU3625Not updated
44Amyrlin Pantheon GuardFrostmane-EU3565Not updated
45Kung Pantheon GuardFrostmane-EU3565Not updated
46Doomsån tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU3551Not updated
47Argori The ExpatriatsFrostmane-EU3550Not updated
48Vulpd RevolutionFrostmane-EU3543Not updated
49Sualis ExqFrostmane-EU3543Not updated
50Narraxus Durability UnknownFrostmane-EU3540Not updated
51Dísctrasa ValkyrieFrostmane-EU3536Not updated
52Isolde ArcFrostmane-EU3536Not updated
53Wolfygïrl HombresFrostmane-EU3535Not updated
54Metalonmetal Tabula rasaFrostmane-EU3533Not updated
55Neellá The Elite AngelsFrostmane-EU3531Not updated
56Innertruth AdeptFrostmane-EU3530Not updated
57Kasiopea PaprikaFrostmane-EU3528Not updated
58Dutchpallie RyfariFrostmane-EU3525Not updated
59Mamica MercifulFrostmane-EU3523Not updated
60Quítter UnleashFrostmane-EU3511Not updated
61Nuoria StyleFrostmane-EU3510Not updated
62Satory  Frostmane-EU3456Not updated
63Zarkrian Thirteen Inches UnbuffedFrostmane-EU3455Not updated
64Fenza FortehlulsFrostmane-EU3451Not updated
65Nimwen Knight of The TempleFrostmane-EU3448Not updated
66Cazwin IneptFrostmane-EU3446Not updated
67Pihlen GoodGameFrostmane-EU3445Not updated
68Noloktarogar NotoriousFrostmane-EU3445Not updated
69Chezie TurboFrostmane-EU3443Not updated
70Terraix GodsFrostmane-EU3443Not updated
71Aiced StonefaceFrostmane-EU3443Not updated
72Akeia DaemonicusFrostmane-EU3443Not updated
73Bansai Naked SundaysFrostmane-EU3443Not updated
74Ek GoodGameFrostmane-EU3441Not updated
75Smekztr Memento MoriFrostmane-EU3441Not updated
76Kuina StyleFrostmane-EU3441Not updated
77Nermína Total WarFrostmane-EU3441Not updated
78Màájtyz GoodGameFrostmane-EU3440Not updated
79Nessea EntropyFrostmane-EU3440Not updated
80Mînnîe GoodGameFrostmane-EU3438Not updated
81Dewinvana IneptFrostmane-EU3438Not updated
82Exxz  Frostmane-EU3438Not updated
83Drgee Plain LazyFrostmane-EU3438Not updated
84Leansizzurp MystFrostmane-EU3438Not updated
85Aléyz tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU3438Not updated
86Nandy Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU3436Not updated
87Tikiya RoiyaruFrostmane-EU3436Not updated
88Crastyx  Frostmane-EU3436Not updated
89Roslind Uno MasFrostmane-EU3436Not updated
90Redlorr AdeptFrostmane-EU3435Not updated
91Morzon NO CompromiseFrostmane-EU3435Not updated
92Allyss De Vlaamse BorstelFrostmane-EU3435Not updated
93Darac SunmistFrostmane-EU3435Not updated
94Brynhilde VeoFrostmane-EU3435Not updated
95Valdine Inner FireFrostmane-EU3435Not updated
96Cayrie IneptFrostmane-EU3435Not updated
97Ncode CollusionFrostmane-EU3435Not updated
98Xäv OriginFrostmane-EU3433Not updated
99Nálic  Frostmane-EU3433Not updated
100Stupstockn NotoriousFrostmane-EU3433Not updated

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