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Eonar-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Snapdragon AddictedEonar-US5630Not updated
2Paciana AddictedEonar-US3636
3Hugmeplease The Gods Of EonarEonar-US3633Not updated
4Dandelyon  Eonar-US3438
5Râiden Demonic DisorderEonar-US3425
6Skullz AscensionEonar-US3128
7Nyctreth  Eonar-US2838Not updated
8Narlok AddictedEonar-US2636
9Hügme Side ProjectEonar-US2553
10Nymerielle Side ProjectEonar-US2538
11Infidelitas Side ProjectEonar-US2438
12Natethesham Side ProjectEonar-US2388
13Wildrunner PerpetualEonar-US2243
14Bìtter AscensionEonar-US1880
15Bearlythere BeeroismEonar-US1860
16ßeargrylls Side ProjectEonar-US1850
17Airrowhead A Twisted RebellionEonar-US1841
18Anilium Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US1830
19Tigerpaw RedemptionEonar-US1825Not updated
20Matatabi AscensionEonar-US1750
21Devotchka Second AttemptEonar-US1725
22Wonk Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US1635
23Holytyg InfallibleEonar-US1568Not updated
24Beargrylls Side ProjectEonar-US1448
25Hughnon AddictedEonar-US1443
26Edøn PerpetualEonar-US1440
27Innovation AddictedEonar-US1436
28Imshammy PerpetualEonar-US1436
29Gywen SuppressionEonar-US1433Not updated
30Scootabear PerpetualEonar-US1323
31Sphínx AscensionEonar-US1256
32Limekoolaid Forged by FireEonar-US941Not updated
33Elkee PerpetualEonar-US900
34Kathrena  Eonar-US883Not updated
35Jinxs Champions of the DawnEonar-US846
36Krusha AscensionEonar-US845
37Razdrood Mithral HallEonar-US833
38Onceaday Tortured SoulsEonar-US828Not updated
39Krazybear Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US815
40Dribble Mithral HallEonar-US735
41Lyndsy Second AttemptEonar-US735Not updated
42Skymender Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US731
43Zha Heavens ApocalypseEonar-US641Not updated
44Powershammy Sutekh OrbitasEonar-US635
45Direvoltage Side ProjectEonar-US630
46Amanthfirst AddictedEonar-US626Not updated
47Shamanpole Forged by FireEonar-US611
48Garim Sutekh OrbitasEonar-US566Not updated
49Payroll BeeroismEonar-US553
50Hotsnstuff Side ProjectEonar-US550
51Amended  Eonar-US550
52Archenry  Eonar-US545
53Exiled Second AttemptEonar-US536
54Astradell  Eonar-US531Not updated
55Malden ComplexityEonar-US518
56Fallenleaves The First FleetEonar-US510Not updated
57Vashandi Heavens ApocalypseEonar-US456Not updated
58Razghul Advocates of WarfareEonar-US451Not updated
59Papadoc Legendary RaidersEonar-US445
60Seeniraa AddictedEonar-US445
61Shùddle Sutekh OrbitasEonar-US443Not updated
62Hongmao AscensionEonar-US441
63Skite Dark ReignEonar-US441Not updated
64Tinishock Heavens ApocalypseEonar-US438Not updated
65Nadya AddictedEonar-US435
66Grayrl Adventure TimeEonar-US433Not updated
67Wartides Second AttemptEonar-US431
68Galexheal Dark ReignEonar-US430Not updated
69Eiel Ambassadors of HyruleEonar-US430
70Kieed PerpetualEonar-US370
71Ligerclaw FLAMES OF THE PHOENIXEonar-US346Not updated
72Lightinwrath A Twisted RebellionEonar-US345Not updated
73Featherhëart FluidEonar-US231

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