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Elune-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Skilliss Undying ResolutionElune-US4435
2Patient  Elune-US4435Not updated
3Nyobi InstabilityElune-US4435
4Teeare Better Part of ValorElune-US3828
5Mhya Challenge ModeElune-US3728
6Cyroz Shrub ClubElune-US3440
7Kriellya Inner FocusElune-US3438
8Nihilíst Better Part of ValorElune-US3438
9Restohexual Afraid of ElementalsElune-US3433
10Montoiez Reality CheckElune-US3433Not updated
11Attalla  Elune-US3430Not updated
12Painball  Elune-US3320Not updated
13Valeste Inner FocusElune-US3220
14Kato Better Part of ValorElune-US3210
15Marudas Socially AwkwardElune-US3186
16Alango Afraid of ElementalsElune-US3136
17Arachas Segmentation FaultElune-US3126Not updated
18Ankzu Undying ResolutionElune-US3125
19Statler FusionElune-US3116
20Unatchi Tempted KillersElune-US3043
21Spuz FusionElune-US3035
22Oxlade  Elune-US3033Not updated
23Sequoya Afraid of ElementalsElune-US2938
24Seqoya  Elune-US2938
25Luminarus Better Part of ValorElune-US2858
26Peypey The SevenElune-US2848
27Kellwin Better Part of ValorElune-US2830
28Smoketrees Rise of MayhemElune-US2828
29Djcoo Just CrusadeElune-US2633Not updated
30Nimbus Afraid of ElementalsElune-US2550
31Sanatore InstabilityElune-US2441
32Standard Afraid of ElementalsElune-US2436
33Ailura From AccountingElune-US2363Not updated
34Äsmodeus FusionElune-US1866
35Ryoke Undying ResolutionElune-US1865
36Traylon LNCElune-US1823
37Nynnaeve Dark SkiesElune-US1735
38Odarist  Elune-US1638Not updated
39Iselsi Just CrusadeElune-US1631
40Keoki InstabilityElune-US1606
41Shamwows  Elune-US1548
42Inmanhawk Dark SkiesElune-US1546
43Iino AxisElune-US1546Not updated
44Maadpaw NightfaIIElune-US1530
45Imordeth Reality CheckElune-US1530Not updated
46Kimmyjungun The Order of OrpheusElune-US1503
47Camoya Undying ResolutionElune-US1458
48Aradoa Midnight CartelElune-US1443
49Arildira Better Part of ValorElune-US1438
50Fuzzy Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1435
51Maharlika VindicationElune-US1361
52Lupà  Elune-US1265Not updated
53Lacus AmnestyElune-US1163
54Chrysos Reality CheckElune-US1148
55Excalibur Inner FocusElune-US1133Not updated
56Kitreena Undying ResolutionElune-US963
57Faveokatro  Elune-US945Not updated
58Metotsus Rising StormElune-US933
59Selini Reality CheckElune-US931
60Frediqua SOKElune-US905
61Hooftodaface Vae VictisElune-US901Not updated
62Bronzetotem EluneminatiElune-US891
63Krisshaman Socially AwkwardElune-US885
64Whistlemcgee Edge of GloryElune-US883Not updated
65Starchìld BullyElune-US866Not updated
66Roofy InsanumElune-US850
67Chapel EluneminatiElune-US848
68Dacu Better Part of ValorElune-US848
69Dabubblez InstabilityElune-US845
70Annalla Better Part of ValorElune-US845
71Holyshíft Tempted KillersElune-US843
72Áubrey vanguardElune-US835
73Thac  Elune-US835Not updated
74Eversong The OathboundElune-US835Not updated
75Tytascanbe AxisElune-US828Not updated
76Benzi Just CrusadeElune-US806
77Kèl Inner FocusElune-US740
78Hotfuzzy Afraid of ElementalsElune-US736
79Ström EluneminatiElune-US636
80Jensenn vanguardElune-US633
81Irenede Inner FocusElune-US631
82Turelon Acta SantiElune-US625
83Misplacer VindicationElune-US625
84Chiyuu SilentElune-US620
85Tahurs  Elune-US585
86Kthree Reality CheckElune-US583
87Jasmire Just CakeElune-US576Not updated
88Apharia DragonlordsElune-US568Not updated
89Toxiclol Safety FirstElune-US563
90Feosho vanguardElune-US548Not updated
91Felinepine ll Twîst Øf Fâte llElune-US541Not updated
92Auntmhya VindicationElune-US540
93Folkvardr RespectElune-US536Not updated
94Titush FusionElune-US535
95Ralli Afraid of ElementalsElune-US535
96Fleâbag Tempted KillersElune-US535Not updated
97Ronney UnbreakableElune-US520
98Anamis Afraid of ElementalsElune-US513
99Zeuq Inner FocusElune-US483
100Wilwarinn Undying ResolutionElune-US463

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