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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Eitrigg-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Voltorna ExceedEitrigg-EU4441Not updated
2Tooffy La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU4363
3Liwam NovaeEitrigg-EU4361
4Norria AwakeningEitrigg-EU3825Not updated
5Ozàs Même Pas PeurEitrigg-EU3751Not updated
6Bloodust Die Kleine HordeEitrigg-EU3545Not updated
7Ezmesriä union familyEitrigg-EU3510Not updated
8São  Eitrigg-EU3440Not updated
9Ashnoob RIPEitrigg-EU3438Not updated
10Bratock Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU3433Not updated
11Fåyå fratres in armisEitrigg-EU3411
12Elementari ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU3346Not updated
13Shuken AwakeningEitrigg-EU3141Not updated
14Yorato ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU3130Not updated
15Galaxïa CynwällsEitrigg-EU3128
16Shampra AwakeningEitrigg-EU3126Not updated
17Ouil Radis ShakeEitrigg-EU3121Not updated
18Shyniih AwakeningEitrigg-EU3028
19Lastone Carmina BourinaEitrigg-EU2935Not updated
20Kalhÿ ExceedEitrigg-EU2880
21Clôûd CynwällsEitrigg-EU2875
22Atalea ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU2851Not updated
23Apö  Eitrigg-EU2845Not updated
24Antèia AwakeningEitrigg-EU2660
25Infernitys les gardiens d azerothEitrigg-EU2528Not updated
26Abwechsluns La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU2521
27Rehcar StørmBringerEitrigg-EU2441Not updated
28Djinnoun frranky famillyEitrigg-EU2438
29Anticide WinterheartEitrigg-EU2438Not updated
30Aquïra La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU2431
31Mäat  Eitrigg-EU2428Not updated
32Neki Carmina BourinaEitrigg-EU2328Not updated
33Cubix EywaEitrigg-EU1966
34Toomi Irøn PyriteEitrigg-EU1960Not updated
35Druidinea  Eitrigg-EU1876Not updated
36Dyxz  Eitrigg-EU1868Not updated
37Dyxiz Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU1868
38Hézékyel  Eitrigg-EU1860Not updated
39Ezmësria union familyEitrigg-EU1838Not updated
40Kenshïn ExceedEitrigg-EU1836
41Petitedruide Les survivantsEitrigg-EU1773Not updated
42Fejindra  Eitrigg-EU1741Not updated
43Anï RefugeEitrigg-EU1738Not updated
44Prûnelle UtopìaEitrigg-EU1735Not updated
45Féli GaiaEitrigg-EU1636Not updated
46Haelingen La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU1633Not updated
47Viklitaril Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU1581
48Kristhal RefugeEitrigg-EU1573Not updated
49Îlmarë les gardiens d azerothEitrigg-EU1565Not updated
50Mahra HørÐe OeuvreEitrigg-EU1526
51Bïgbisou Radis ShakeEitrigg-EU1526Not updated
52Djzorro PrivilègeEitrigg-EU1521Not updated
53Adélaïs Horde Sweet HordeEitrigg-EU1520Not updated
54Langegardien Les Gardiens de L EnferEitrigg-EU1515
55Kamichami SparkEitrigg-EU1513Not updated
56Luucy RefugeEitrigg-EU1443Not updated
57Jackurinos Même Pas PeurEitrigg-EU1443Not updated
58Druitoxde STARSEitrigg-EU1441Not updated
59Uvinon RefugeEitrigg-EU1438Not updated
60Haya AwakeningEitrigg-EU1438Not updated
61Hylven UtopìaEitrigg-EU1438Not updated
62Pøky AwakeningEitrigg-EU1436
63Bawbab  Eitrigg-EU1436Not updated
64Pâmelâ  Eitrigg-EU1433Not updated
65Pitijetdail zooltimaEitrigg-EU1395Not updated
66Ironlolox Même Pas PeurEitrigg-EU1366Not updated
67Üraille  Eitrigg-EU1365Not updated
68Khezu  Eitrigg-EU1350Not updated
69Müsa OxidyaEitrigg-EU1345Not updated
70Bôogy ANGES ET ÐÉMØNSEitrigg-EU1340Not updated
71Nainemouth  Eitrigg-EU1333Not updated
72Acamar Les IncorruptiblesEitrigg-EU1266
73Hëla The storm shadowEitrigg-EU1253
74Tøømi Irøn PyriteEitrigg-EU1173Not updated
75Mïkï les gardiens d azerothEitrigg-EU1148Not updated
76Pistöuche The coctedEitrigg-EU1136Not updated
77Vaad SparkEitrigg-EU946Not updated
78Letslook La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU941
79Syrin snøwblindEitrigg-EU938
80Töoffy La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU936
81Tërrä ApøløgieEitrigg-EU923Not updated
82Miona Carpe NoctemEitrigg-EU920Not updated
83Hølychick Appetite For DestructionEitrigg-EU920Not updated
84Amphétamïne  Eitrigg-EU868Not updated
85Teuteufreu Horde Sweet HordeEitrigg-EU865Not updated
86Gardwar frranky famillyEitrigg-EU843
87Acrøm Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU836Not updated
88Coquinne RefugeEitrigg-EU826Not updated
89Ozÿrïs  Eitrigg-EU826Not updated
90Léonheart est un Hobbit jouffluEitrigg-EU820Not updated
91Beldaran ShadeEitrigg-EU815Not updated
92Nexxus StørmBringerEitrigg-EU756Not updated
93ßiidule  Eitrigg-EU751Not updated
94Møonrä Lightning ShadowsEitrigg-EU641
95Tÿra StørmBringerEitrigg-EU640Not updated
96Skpaly AwakeningEitrigg-EU640Not updated
97Zirkon HørÐe OeuvreEitrigg-EU640
98Chausséo  Eitrigg-EU638Not updated
99Nähëlï HørÐe OeuvreEitrigg-EU638
100Shympra AwakeningEitrigg-EU635Not updated

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