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Drenden-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Syless DsylxeicDrenden-US4428
2Paoletti Jurassic ParkDrenden-US3863
3Marae Clutch TimeDrenden-US3530Not updated
4Eloradana InconceivableDrenden-US3443
5Pookiesookie Chain pullDrenden-US3436Not updated
6Roshambeaux Focused AggressionDrenden-US3433
7Kusco Engineering MadnessDrenden-US3428
8Dannyx RequiemDrenden-US3348
9Damyata Chain pullDrenden-US3330
10Bellika HeresiarchDrenden-US3261
11Dayashan Chain pullDrenden-US3180
12Thepeeperus ProfitDrenden-US3138
13Sura Clutch TimeDrenden-US3125Not updated
14Keisël SublimeDrenden-US3105
15Advantageous RequiemDrenden-US3008
16Wangateur PhenomDrenden-US2866
17Corenna Engineering MadnessDrenden-US2566
18Lalee DsylxeicDrenden-US2526
19Ramordron Chain pullDrenden-US2448
20Aora DsylxeicDrenden-US2433Not updated
21Aspasia Chain pullDrenden-US2425
22Tythnor CairdeasDrenden-US2346
23Jujumon Vicarious AtonementDrenden-US2188
24Piipp ProfitDrenden-US2151
25Yamani Engineering MadnessDrenden-US1935
26Admiñ Drama SocietyDrenden-US1825
27Asylùm Chain pullDrenden-US1813
28Fabulor TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US1731
29Daoshen AndromedaeDrenden-US1730
30Dovesari Engineering MadnessDrenden-US1631
31Dragonone ProfitDrenden-US1628Not updated
32Etamalgren Drama SocietyDrenden-US1533
33Tulaila Chain pullDrenden-US1531
34Aratfu ProfitDrenden-US1458
35Smirf ProfitDrenden-US1436
36Healsomatic MadnessDrenden-US1431
37Taz RequiemDrenden-US1431
38Dreambacon  Drenden-US1143Not updated
39Talbain TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US1143Not updated
40Tremör  Drenden-US1036Not updated
41Pookiedookie Chain pullDrenden-US945Not updated
42Topaze PhenomDrenden-US938
43Ballak Stacks on DeckDrenden-US936
44Insàne Chain pullDrenden-US935
45Duglawaha Jurassic ParkDrenden-US886
46Baden The Horde EliteDrenden-US853Not updated
47Dovesary Engineering MadnessDrenden-US851
48Lëwlies ProfitDrenden-US836
49Rabendra InconceivableDrenden-US833
50Walty Demons Of HellDrenden-US815Not updated
51Brônst The RejectsDrenden-US741
52Kassandre Order Of The RoseDrenden-US605Not updated
53Corveroth TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US586Not updated
54Caiin Whiskers and AleDrenden-US566Not updated
55Blooming SublimeDrenden-US561
56Bruenok The Left ClawDrenden-US558Not updated
57Altruism Focused AggressionDrenden-US555
58Synthetik  Drenden-US550Not updated
59Reylinde  Drenden-US540Not updated
60Nicolause  Drenden-US540Not updated
61Anarlinall CairdeasDrenden-US536
62Nynàeve MadnessDrenden-US535
63Msshammy  Drenden-US523
64Ariselda  Drenden-US496Not updated
65Rilke Kitten SoupDrenden-US448
66Celdrea DsylxeicDrenden-US445
67Galair The ReignDrenden-US445Not updated
68Millerlol HeresiarchDrenden-US440Not updated
69Bushy The Eighty EightsDrenden-US440Not updated
70Dingfeng  Drenden-US440Not updated
71Crittycat MadnessDrenden-US440
72Ventrent The RejectsDrenden-US438
73Murphislaw HeresiarchDrenden-US436Not updated
74Ashelin Engineering MadnessDrenden-US435
75Uliftmeup  Drenden-US390
76Scratchnsnif DOOMHAMMERDrenden-US368Not updated
77Yokoono Jurassic ParkDrenden-US356
78Rozene Forgotten IdentityDrenden-US346Not updated
79Hyatt The RejectsDrenden-US325
80Shamanamana  Drenden-US226Not updated
81Celdrid DsylxeicDrenden-US205

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