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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drak'thul-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mortdecay ParadoxDrak'thul-EU7431Not updated
2Sakur  Drak'thul-EU5435Not updated
3Darchitect Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU4868Not updated
4Péaçe Lights OutDrak'thul-EU4836Not updated
5Sidyss JAPAN DOGDrak'thul-EU4816Not updated
6Egestas ParadoxDrak'thul-EU4628Not updated
7Tmavovlásek Cutting EdgeDrak'thul-EU4553Not updated
8Julliana Hard FusionDrak'thul-EU4510Not updated
9Huggsie EmbodyDrak'thul-EU4441Not updated
10Decoy  Drak'thul-EU4441Not updated
11Yza WFA CONFEDERACYDrak'thul-EU4436Not updated
12Linelys Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU4350Not updated
13Dangar MIAGDrak'thul-EU4340Not updated
14Løl I Nuevo IDrak'thul-EU4178Not updated
15Dahakin ForgedDrak'thul-EU4135Not updated
16Dominicawow EmbodyDrak'thul-EU4126Not updated
17Zabu  Drak'thul-EU3928Not updated
18Teylla Blood ShadowsDrak'thul-EU3871Not updated
19Naiix  Drak'thul-EU3858Not updated
20Apsinth Night RaidersDrak'thul-EU3846Not updated
21Skotty MIAGDrak'thul-EU3846Not updated
22Stormdan ValionDrak'thul-EU3835Not updated
23Ploutev Silver LegionDrak'thul-EU3826Not updated
24Chlupka Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3820Not updated
25Annaliesa EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3731Not updated
26Fragola ApocalypsoDrak'thul-EU3730Not updated
27Xixi CESKE CHLEVY A MARNICEDrak'thul-EU3643Not updated
28Evenstar EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3643Not updated
29Stepafail Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3641Not updated
30Namnambulu Prdici veverkyDrak'thul-EU3641Not updated
31Athallus SpolocenstvoDrak'thul-EU3630Not updated
32Ywett Hard FusionDrak'thul-EU3568Not updated
33Kabo DisbandedDrak'thul-EU3545Not updated
34Elyon WaywardDrak'thul-EU3541Not updated
35Gaxr WaywardDrak'thul-EU3530Not updated
36Pmterezka EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3530Not updated
37Jerrýk CESKE CHLEVY A MARNICEDrak'thul-EU3523Not updated
38Franto Night RaidersDrak'thul-EU3520Not updated
39Sentryn Healers FaultDrak'thul-EU3516Not updated
40Cigicz Social Group Company SGCDrak'thul-EU3513Not updated
41Throk DisbandedDrak'thul-EU3511Not updated
42Noideâ Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU3503Not updated
43Cnex RaidersDrak'thul-EU3461Not updated
44Gevlin ParadoxDrak'thul-EU3445Not updated
45Kaazza Legion de MuerteDrak'thul-EU3445Not updated
46Madmarush Evil BrotherhoodDrak'thul-EU3445Not updated
47Shamari OutcastsDrak'thul-EU3443Not updated
48Maja Paseraci Rumu z BootyDrak'thul-EU3443Not updated
49Ruthi  Drak'thul-EU3443Not updated
50Cudla DisbandedDrak'thul-EU3441Not updated
51Camphora Night RaidersDrak'thul-EU3440Not updated
52Drujt The Death ItselfDrak'thul-EU3438Not updated
53Kozar WindsongDrak'thul-EU3438Not updated
54Ziraél BrotherhoodDrak'thul-EU3438Not updated
55Surge ScoiataelDrak'thul-EU3436Not updated
56Ghorade I n f u s i o nDrak'thul-EU3436Not updated
57Rumpel ForgedDrak'thul-EU3436Not updated
58Upgrayedd CHEN MISSDrak'thul-EU3436Not updated
59Midoriko Hard FusionDrak'thul-EU3435Not updated
60Greendream SAVIORSDrak'thul-EU3435Not updated
61Showtimebaby EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3433Not updated
62Nikuzka ParadoxDrak'thul-EU3433Not updated
63Thundergodz Proper GamingDrak'thul-EU3431Not updated
64Fellasindor Defense Of The AncientsDrak'thul-EU3431Not updated
65Kfcrampage  Drak'thul-EU3431Not updated
66Greenmedic The InsomniaDrak'thul-EU3431Not updated
67Dzobla AmanareDrak'thul-EU3431Not updated
68Mummyk Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3430Not updated
69Kahili Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU3430Not updated
70Lhârea Cutting EdgeDrak'thul-EU3428Not updated
71Nathaniell Secret of ShadowsDrak'thul-EU3425Not updated
72Attevah Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU3373Not updated
73Goldhirius Klan strýca ValthalakaDrak'thul-EU3368Not updated
74Debustörr Nukleární MedvídciDrak'thul-EU3368Not updated
75Ainessá EkireiDrak'thul-EU3356Not updated
76Thoraxx Night RaidersDrak'thul-EU3356Not updated
77Gaps Hard FusionDrak'thul-EU3345Not updated
78Annët Zil Nok RegasDrak'thul-EU3331Not updated
79Lotky Silver LegionDrak'thul-EU3330Not updated
80Happyendingx Defense Of The AncientsDrak'thul-EU3328Not updated
81Antonn Eternal MadnessDrak'thul-EU3328Not updated
82Erinna Ultimate GenerationDrak'thul-EU3320Not updated
83Rockii  Drak'thul-EU3248Not updated
84Lowerlól Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU3183Not updated
85Maxeek EmbodyDrak'thul-EU3171Not updated
86Sarmon Night RaidersDrak'thul-EU3168Not updated
87Lloidy Blood ShadowsDrak'thul-EU3165Not updated
88Tullkas Night RaidersDrak'thul-EU3163Not updated
89Possession Evil BrotherhoodDrak'thul-EU3163Not updated
90Miriamelle ApocalypsoDrak'thul-EU3155Not updated
91Lecitel  Drak'thul-EU3151Not updated
92Pópi EkireiDrak'thul-EU3148Not updated
93Hamy DarksajdDrak'thul-EU3141Not updated
94Corgin The great KodoDrak'thul-EU3140Not updated
95Droodle Night RaidersDrak'thul-EU3138Not updated
96Dasquid  Drak'thul-EU3135Not updated
97Shiory Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU3133Not updated
98Jeo DarksajdDrak'thul-EU3133Not updated
99Wony JZD Chvojkovice BrodDrak'thul-EU3133Not updated
100Ansekhwa Mythical SocietyDrak'thul-EU3131Not updated

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