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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dragonblight-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mousi Guards of HonorDragonblight-US4153Not updated
2Robati Deus ex CruxDragonblight-US3935Not updated
3Astrids Army of HeavenDragonblight-US3866Not updated
4Svelani Rythym Of The War DrumsDragonblight-US3841Not updated
5Xato TriariiDragonblight-US3538Not updated
6Zuleria AfflictionDragonblight-US3440Not updated
7Khäos RighteousDragonblight-US3438Not updated
8Ezray UnrivaledDragonblight-US3438Not updated
9Hoofmonster Clothing OptionalDragonblight-US3435Not updated
10Grïzz RighteousDragonblight-US3433Not updated
11Emberpaws AfflictionDragonblight-US3345Not updated
12Protean REGIMENT OF CHAOSDragonblight-US3336Not updated
13Melkior DebacleDragonblight-US3325Not updated
14Esuna TurksDragonblight-US3145Not updated
15Celestials EnigmaDragonblight-US3135Not updated
16Líghtzfury SatelliteDragonblight-US3133Not updated
17Stallion UnrivaledDragonblight-US3123Not updated
18Snapdragon TriariiDragonblight-US3055Not updated
19Laruga  Dragonblight-US3045Not updated
20Awguseon  Dragonblight-US3036Not updated
21Meik CruxDragonblight-US3035Not updated
22Aeraeth UnrivaledDragonblight-US3030Not updated
23Cdrstrax TriariiDragonblight-US3028Not updated
24Ceidwad CruxDragonblight-US3025Not updated
25Kuqla SatelliteDragonblight-US2938Not updated
26Silvur SatelliteDragonblight-US2863Not updated
27Memyselfani Varians Heroic RaidersDragonblight-US2728Not updated
28Lexabell UnrivaledDragonblight-US2636Not updated
29Jenettina Sphere WorldDragonblight-US2605Not updated
30Liztaylor RighteousDragonblight-US2566Not updated
31Derock TriariiDragonblight-US2565Not updated
32Ennoia Rythym Of The War DrumsDragonblight-US2488Not updated
33Moonprayer REGIMENT OF CHAOSDragonblight-US2443Not updated
34Treely Tabula RasaDragonblight-US2348Not updated
35Curaga TurksDragonblight-US2128Not updated
36Putzahontas TriariiDragonblight-US1881Not updated
37Useabandaid  Dragonblight-US1866Not updated
38Badmagett NumbDragonblight-US1856Not updated
39Messiahbolic Tabula RasaDragonblight-US1848Not updated
40Cornoboa Tabula RasaDragonblight-US1845Not updated
41Irisviel Tabula RasaDragonblight-US1841Not updated
42Foxfyre RighteousDragonblight-US1825Not updated
43Pandemetrius TriariiDragonblight-US1740Not updated
44Gonzollupus UnrivaledDragonblight-US1726Not updated
45Shelana AnLa ShokDragonblight-US1635Not updated
46Khaios AfflictionDragonblight-US1635Not updated
47Okuchi RUBBER DUCKY QUACK QUACKDragonblight-US1618Not updated
48Zaptastic InefficientDragonblight-US1543Not updated
49Pav UnrivaledDragonblight-US1538Not updated
50Dynaos  Dragonblight-US1515Not updated
51Calysta TriariiDragonblight-US1438Not updated
52Kosmoskuzu TurksDragonblight-US1365Not updated
53Belisle Rythym Of The War DrumsDragonblight-US1350Not updated
54Killswitche TriariiDragonblight-US1333Not updated
55Laylana Army of HeavenDragonblight-US1331Not updated
56Slushe TriariiDragonblight-US1326Not updated
57Canisrex  Dragonblight-US1168Not updated
58Lexîel UnrivaledDragonblight-US1151Not updated
59Cronoboa UnrivaledDragonblight-US1148Not updated
60Shaoflife Masters of the UniverseDragonblight-US1145Not updated
61Lude dednetnI sa gnikroWDragonblight-US940Not updated
62Kotraptor UnrivaledDragonblight-US935Not updated
63Javalvik  Dragonblight-US915Not updated
64Renova Bloody OathDragonblight-US888Not updated
65Lotusblossom TriariiDragonblight-US876Not updated
66Luocha  Dragonblight-US866Not updated
67Nemu Tabula RasaDragonblight-US865Not updated
68Hellsnight ZergDragonblight-US840Not updated
69Zeliek EnigmaDragonblight-US838Not updated
70Quintin QuintessentialDragonblight-US836Not updated
71Xunalea Tabula RasaDragonblight-US833Not updated
72Repentme  Dragonblight-US825Not updated
73Abaktanas Guards of HonorDragonblight-US770Not updated
74Ciaril Perpetual DreamDragonblight-US741Not updated
75Alexi  Dragonblight-US735Not updated
76Bachí RevelationsDragonblight-US638Not updated
77Warthere Tabula RasaDragonblight-US636Not updated
78Zyxa Severed TiesDragonblight-US636Not updated
79Brualros Rythym Of The War DrumsDragonblight-US635Not updated
80Wirenut Holy CritDragonblight-US633Not updated
81Anfinsen DebacleDragonblight-US630Not updated
82Viaasu TurksDragonblight-US606Not updated
83Chocomonk ZergDragonblight-US591Not updated
84Altrose  Dragonblight-US563Not updated
85Stoya InefficientDragonblight-US550Not updated
86Koorii First World ProblemsDragonblight-US548Not updated
87Lanthalas TriariiDragonblight-US548Not updated
88Sumsikittles Every Man For HimselfDragonblight-US546Not updated
89Thynes Tabula RasaDragonblight-US545Not updated
90Adremer Guards of HonorDragonblight-US540Not updated
91Akkasha DebacleDragonblight-US538Not updated
92Panks TriariiDragonblight-US533Not updated
93Ofthewhale TriariiDragonblight-US525Not updated
94Boskey OverdoseDragonblight-US521Not updated
95Gerias Deus ex CruxDragonblight-US505Not updated
96Dìsc TriariiDragonblight-US473Not updated
97Natamishan Heroes of WarcraftDragonblight-US466Not updated
98Mðchî First World ProblemsDragonblight-US453Not updated
99Numenya Army of HeavenDragonblight-US446Not updated
100Distaìne Severed TiesDragonblight-US441Not updated

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