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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Doomhammer-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Infie Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU5711Not updated
2Michieltjuhh Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU4435Not updated
3Spankinhealz VigilantesDoomhammer-EU3856Not updated
4Vuilnisbak VigilantesDoomhammer-EU3830Not updated
5Netura  Doomhammer-EU3815Not updated
6Astraeas LegionnairesDoomhammer-EU3746Not updated
7Daruse Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU3633Not updated
8Zomaji Essence of MercyDoomhammer-EU3525Not updated
9Immúne Gladius DeiDoomhammer-EU3511Not updated
10Vuilnisbakje VigilantesDoomhammer-EU3440Not updated
11Manteliturpa DiceDoomhammer-EU3436Not updated
12Toybox The Northern LightsDoomhammer-EU3436Not updated
13Iciden WindmillersDoomhammer-EU3436Not updated
14Swageura Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU3435Not updated
15Rhunok Fighters of HopeDoomhammer-EU3423Not updated
16Samsha EqualizeDoomhammer-EU3423Not updated
17Shalamarr RequiemDoomhammer-EU3348Not updated
18Questíon CarnageDoomhammer-EU3328Not updated
19Elendrina RequiemDoomhammer-EU3251Not updated
20Zombiezplash Drak AngelsDoomhammer-EU3186Not updated
21Nuwin Not Now Babe I am On CDDoomhammer-EU3163Not updated
22Boomsplat  Doomhammer-EU3145Not updated
23Jcvandamme Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU3131Not updated
24Anaryon Hello MejteyDoomhammer-EU3128Not updated
25Angryinch Perfectly FlawedDoomhammer-EU3126Not updated
26Lotheus VigilantesDoomhammer-EU3041Not updated
27Ibuki  Doomhammer-EU3035Not updated
28Fíreo RequiemDoomhammer-EU3030Not updated
29Malbert Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU3028Not updated
30Mejimajab Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU3025Not updated
31Softpaw The PawsDoomhammer-EU2876Not updated
32Arianea ProhibicjaDoomhammer-EU2856Not updated
33Heist  Doomhammer-EU2826Not updated
34Ünique Enough Is EnoughDoomhammer-EU2641Not updated
35Lifeshield Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU2543Not updated
36Celethia IM AN AIRPLANE MEOW MEOWDoomhammer-EU2528Not updated
37Affasite Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU2438Not updated
38Farmindouche RequiemDoomhammer-EU2438Not updated
39Speedclaw Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU2431Not updated
40Michelletje Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU2383Not updated
41Chicakes Burning ValorDoomhammer-EU2343Not updated
42Vanery ConvictionDoomhammer-EU2326Not updated
43Catalya Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU1940Not updated
44Deridruid We Die AlotDoomhammer-EU1910Not updated
45Maracando The British LionsDoomhammer-EU1865Not updated
46Bomimal Enough Is EnoughDoomhammer-EU1843Not updated
47Varsity Disce PatiDoomhammer-EU1841Not updated
48Shimmeri CarnageDoomhammer-EU1836Not updated
49Shaxel InceptionDoomhammer-EU1816Not updated
50Kaszlin FrenzyDoomhammer-EU1815Not updated
51Avrora AscensionDoomhammer-EU1743Not updated
52Olimar FrenzyDoomhammer-EU1731Not updated
53Kawailani Defenders of BloodwatchDoomhammer-EU1730Not updated
54Èarl Essence of MercyDoomhammer-EU1641Not updated
55Krystyna ProhibicjaDoomhammer-EU1631Not updated
56Natheas Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU1586Not updated
57Hydarnes  Doomhammer-EU1576Not updated
58Arathonn  Doomhammer-EU1560Not updated
59Nîjax Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU1551Not updated
60Daruism Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU1548Not updated
61Akeso The Northern LightsDoomhammer-EU1543Not updated
62Sparkflame Dawn Of OsirisDoomhammer-EU1536Not updated
63Irethon ÆrrorDoomhammer-EU1531Not updated
64Jeraldon  Doomhammer-EU1528Not updated
65Rev  Doomhammer-EU1513Not updated
66Treebeards The RejectsDoomhammer-EU1441Not updated
67Theoballs EqualizeDoomhammer-EU1441Not updated
68Shamáz Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1440Not updated
69Irishpaddy Prima ReignDoomhammer-EU1431Not updated
70Bomshamone Enough Is EnoughDoomhammer-EU1420Not updated
71Naattori Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU1350Not updated
72Firarh  Doomhammer-EU1350Not updated
73Zephiré  Doomhammer-EU1348Not updated
74Envincion  Doomhammer-EU1345Not updated
75Featon  Doomhammer-EU1185Not updated
76Torden The Danish BrigadeDoomhammer-EU1180Not updated
77Chírpy The InfidelsDoomhammer-EU1161Not updated
78Darrenmorgan First WarningDoomhammer-EU1160Not updated
79Maraxus EvermoreDoomhammer-EU941Not updated
80Sinx Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU881Not updated
81Immüne Gladius DeiDoomhammer-EU866Not updated
82Namedoesntfi Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU860Not updated
83Tractor Enough Is EnoughDoomhammer-EU858Not updated
84Wóólybully  Doomhammer-EU853Not updated
85Drunkymunky  Doomhammer-EU848Not updated
86Bettyblue The Northern LightsDoomhammer-EU843Not updated
87Halityyny LegionnairesDoomhammer-EU836Not updated
88Glycerine  Doomhammer-EU836Not updated
89Relgaax FrenzyDoomhammer-EU835Not updated
90Gagaros FrenzyDoomhammer-EU826Not updated
91Maydruid Insurgent ForceDoomhammer-EU826Not updated
92Ilyuna AquamarineDoomhammer-EU725Not updated
93Ghostdealer ÆrrorDoomhammer-EU721Not updated
94Ohcynthia Insurgent ForceDoomhammer-EU645Not updated
95Drakesoul ContinuumDoomhammer-EU645Not updated
96Annelia EquilibriaDoomhammer-EU643Not updated
97Calvax CarnageDoomhammer-EU641Not updated
98Tehmäzë FrenzyDoomhammer-EU640Not updated
99Spiritsmash Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU633Not updated
100Bobrovsky First WarningDoomhammer-EU633Not updated

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