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Defias Brotherhood-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mingser Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU8431
2Támz  Defias Brotherhood-EU6905Not updated
3Cabita ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU5526
4Sorra ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU4583
5Holykebab Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU4565
6Williamhtv BOON ControlDefias Brotherhood-EU4533
7Ponyprincess  Defias Brotherhood-EU4523Not updated
8Reshea InsightDefias Brotherhood-EU4458
9Laqu MythDefias Brotherhood-EU4445
10Morish The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU4440
11Zathoroz Slaughtered LambDefias Brotherhood-EU4331
12Carcade Lethal InterjectionDefias Brotherhood-EU3926Not updated
13Pìnkie Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU3915
14Twigge Circle of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU3848
15Jabbe Sound of SilenceDefias Brotherhood-EU3846Not updated
16Medlax SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU3826
17Palladox The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3728
18Bowick The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3636
19Tiy PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU3605
20Magazines Goon SquadDefias Brotherhood-EU3555Not updated
21Makbule The Phoenix RisingDefias Brotherhood-EU3545Not updated
22Unbreakablé ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU3543
23Minta Shadowsongs BaneDefias Brotherhood-EU3543
24Tzundali Thats NiceDefias Brotherhood-EU3528
25Volho The Forgotten GrimoireDefias Brotherhood-EU3511
26Enora The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3510
27Mardith Shadowsongs BaneDefias Brotherhood-EU3443
28Yellowhoof ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU3440
29Chiye InnuendoDefias Brotherhood-EU3440Not updated
30Jejnao A New HopeDefias Brotherhood-EU3440
31Tryllepulver KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU3440
32Apotheosis Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU3440
33Zhorhn Lethal InterjectionDefias Brotherhood-EU3438
34Combie Circle of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU3436
35Squeexi KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU3436
36Malkhor Goon SquadDefias Brotherhood-EU3433
37Tiphareth VanityDefias Brotherhood-EU3431
38Sogosu InsightDefias Brotherhood-EU3431
39Qoxxy KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU3428
40Pickletrix The Typhoon StruggleDefias Brotherhood-EU3426
41Zaiyra ReversusDefias Brotherhood-EU3426
42Holyskurt ResurgenceDefias Brotherhood-EU3391
43Ciscero Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU3381
44Skjæreren Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU3368
45Yvesdruid InvictusDefias Brotherhood-EU3365
46Tachal PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU3350
47Harlom Tin Hats IncDefias Brotherhood-EU3343Not updated
48Aowen Defenders of AzerothDefias Brotherhood-EU3331
49Ariëne ResentfulDefias Brotherhood-EU3328
50Manatea The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3326
51Grizzlybeer  Defias Brotherhood-EU3320Not updated
52Bespecial Fortune CookieDefias Brotherhood-EU3310
53Exenablue InvictusDefias Brotherhood-EU3260
54Pullingall ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU3255
55Tarchia The RestlessDefias Brotherhood-EU3231Not updated
56Liandrê Shadowsongs BaneDefias Brotherhood-EU3216
57Barryzwife ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU3173
58Brelyna The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3171
59Wildgrowth ImperiumDefias Brotherhood-EU3166Not updated
60Aderic InceptioDefias Brotherhood-EU3158
61Anyana The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3156
62Yòkai ResentfulDefias Brotherhood-EU3155
63Radahan The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU3141
64Tealicious Edge of EternityDefias Brotherhood-EU3141
65Dymarka Gang Dzikich WieprzyDefias Brotherhood-EU3131
66Pälli Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU3130
67Xolana High DefinitionDefias Brotherhood-EU3128
68Aerogarr The RestlessDefias Brotherhood-EU3128
69Rolzupoff PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU3126
70Lynn The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU3125
71Ussuri Ebon Ale BreweryDefias Brotherhood-EU3125Not updated
72Matthieus ParadoxDefias Brotherhood-EU3123Not updated
73Ulrak Goon SquadDefias Brotherhood-EU3123Not updated
74Lailesa ResentfulDefias Brotherhood-EU3120Not updated
75Rounish Shadowsongs BaneDefias Brotherhood-EU3075
76Sesti StartaleDefias Brotherhood-EU3053Not updated
77Hizun Edge of EternityDefias Brotherhood-EU3038
78Songshu Darkest HourDefias Brotherhood-EU3038Not updated
79Mertoc AnimosityDefias Brotherhood-EU3033
80Ariadné The Alter EgoDefias Brotherhood-EU3031
81Hajitah SolumDefias Brotherhood-EU3011Not updated
82Powe FrostwolvesDefias Brotherhood-EU3001
83Goldenlotus Defenders of AzerothDefias Brotherhood-EU2988
84Kahoz EONDefias Brotherhood-EU2963Not updated
85Buckit Vengeful MidnightDefias Brotherhood-EU2951
86Zarria BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU2886
87Sidruh ResentfulDefias Brotherhood-EU2876
88Tallula SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU2868
89Pinkpaws Shadowsongs BaneDefias Brotherhood-EU2858Not updated
90Shayen ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU2848
91Firefly The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU2846
92Keahni The Phoenix RisingDefias Brotherhood-EU2841
93Taishi HELKPODefias Brotherhood-EU2828
94Ela Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU2825
95Sushi Grim FuneralDefias Brotherhood-EU2825
96Lleonar The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU2771
97Mallaji BOON ControlDefias Brotherhood-EU2721
98Nayren Tactical MagicDefias Brotherhood-EU2721Not updated
99Addy PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU2631
100Taala Keyboard Turning TrainerDefias Brotherhood-EU2631Not updated

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