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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Darksorrow-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Luxxed UnforgettableDarksorrow-EU4546Not updated
2Flowsmatte OkkultismiDarksorrow-EU4438Not updated
3Kíngkong VisioDarksorrow-EU4430Not updated
4Jadespirit Opa Gangnam StyleDarksorrow-EU4350Not updated
5Patol SydäntalviDarksorrow-EU4345Not updated
6Kanakarhu Chaos TheoryDarksorrow-EU4125Not updated
7Owlboy LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU4125Not updated
8Jannuallu OkkultismiDarksorrow-EU3866Not updated
9Fèrno Old SkoolDarksorrow-EU3840Not updated
10Fangtastíc Outlaw ImmortalzDarksorrow-EU3831Not updated
11Agnola CluelessDarksorrow-EU3826Not updated
12Jimcarrey Sit Back And RelaxDarksorrow-EU3825Not updated
13Hinduna Insane Old Carpet CrewDarksorrow-EU3811Not updated
14Crantza  Darksorrow-EU3628Not updated
15Darkfofos ParanoiaDarksorrow-EU3555Not updated
16Nithisia The Mythic DelegatesDarksorrow-EU3546Not updated
17Honia Try HarderDarksorrow-EU3530Not updated
18Robingiggs  Darksorrow-EU3523Not updated
19Konstaapeli AuroraDarksorrow-EU3523Not updated
20Coraali Nemoa etsimässäDarksorrow-EU3456Not updated
21Amadina OutcastDarksorrow-EU3455Not updated
22Ëarthbane Valar MorghulisDarksorrow-EU3455Not updated
23Trelokoftis  Darksorrow-EU3446Not updated
24Eldy VisioDarksorrow-EU3440Not updated
25Nolith Kobayashi MaruDarksorrow-EU3440Not updated
26Weedtree Lights VengeanceDarksorrow-EU3440Not updated
27Lunathar NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU3438Not updated
28Motoríi SydäntalviDarksorrow-EU3438Not updated
29Painlezz Try HarderDarksorrow-EU3436Not updated
30Ferlína The Scarlet CrusadeDarksorrow-EU3433Not updated
31Extratide CorehoundsDarksorrow-EU3433Not updated
32Nargyla Outlaw ImmortalzDarksorrow-EU3431Not updated
33Cylli NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU3430Not updated
34Demliz Knew You Were TroubleDarksorrow-EU3430Not updated
35Saknee Oldschool VikingsDarksorrow-EU3430Not updated
36Shámaner NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU3428Not updated
37Mòrag The ArcticaDarksorrow-EU3428Not updated
38Náomi The Mythic DelegatesDarksorrow-EU3380Not updated
39Strahomlat Cheecha GleeshaDarksorrow-EU3376Not updated
40Tad  Darksorrow-EU3366Not updated
41Bumblehumble The Scarlet CrusadeDarksorrow-EU3363Not updated
42Aroxis AegisDarksorrow-EU3350Not updated
43Drakaina OverloadDarksorrow-EU3346Not updated
44Hawpz DiscordDarksorrow-EU3326Not updated
45Ortlynde Harmless RabbitsDarksorrow-EU3263Not updated
46Stardance  Darksorrow-EU3246Not updated
47Baalor LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU3240Not updated
48Bahtyr A Touch of ClassDarksorrow-EU3213Not updated
49Nominé ReflectionDarksorrow-EU3188Not updated
50Chärmi  Darksorrow-EU3183Not updated
51Missfloppy Dragon BloodDarksorrow-EU3168Not updated
52Zaneil NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU3166Not updated
53Hyvzirran Outlaw ImmortalzDarksorrow-EU3151Not updated
54Liquicity Seriously CasualDarksorrow-EU3145Not updated
55Opaber Argatha of WorcestDarksorrow-EU3143Not updated
56Padol SydäntalviDarksorrow-EU3140Not updated
57Zetae  Darksorrow-EU3136Not updated
58Joemighty Seriously CasualDarksorrow-EU3135Not updated
59Slurba SarastusDarksorrow-EU3130Not updated
60Kalondrei Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU3128Not updated
61Thonii LuminaryDarksorrow-EU3125Not updated
62Lightbreed KatumaDarksorrow-EU3123Not updated
63Lucas We Got ThisDarksorrow-EU3123Not updated
64Simms The Scarlet CrusadeDarksorrow-EU3123Not updated
65Dilnia Try HarderDarksorrow-EU3121Not updated
66Guyon Final EvolutionDarksorrow-EU3120Not updated
67Dinòsaurus Dirty Sons of LichesDarksorrow-EU3120Not updated
68Zranka ParanoiaDarksorrow-EU3116Not updated
69Detoxsh PVP BEFORE REAL LIFEDarksorrow-EU3116Not updated
70Zuzu BankaltuDarksorrow-EU3083Not updated
71Enilaroc SydäntalviDarksorrow-EU3040Not updated
72Lederpina ParanoiaDarksorrow-EU3038Not updated
73Xín NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU3030Not updated
74Sewa CorehoundsDarksorrow-EU3025Not updated
75Noodlesoup Heroism on trashDarksorrow-EU3006Not updated
76Dayew NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU2935Not updated
77Morella dignityDarksorrow-EU2935Not updated
78Furionstorm  Darksorrow-EU2881Not updated
79Michie  Darksorrow-EU2880Not updated
80Regrowthene AegisDarksorrow-EU2863Not updated
81Yriadhorr Solis RiseDarksorrow-EU2846Not updated
82Finalgetsuga OverloadDarksorrow-EU2835Not updated
83Humblebumble The Scarlet CrusadeDarksorrow-EU2835Not updated
84Ponyoo  Darksorrow-EU2833Not updated
85Trick Seriously CasualDarksorrow-EU2830Not updated
86Valverde Insane Old Carpet CrewDarksorrow-EU2821Not updated
87Nolispe ReflectionDarksorrow-EU2806Not updated
88Debbii DOVEDarksorrow-EU2750Not updated
89Bananaguard  Darksorrow-EU2726Not updated
90Amethina OutcastDarksorrow-EU2723Not updated
91Lanvín NxSDarksorrow-EU2648Not updated
92Julioo LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU2633Not updated
93Summergrowth The Scarlet CrusadeDarksorrow-EU2631Not updated
94Roxye Final EvolutionDarksorrow-EU2628Not updated
95Siluqt NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU2628Not updated
96Lightscrib Final EvolutionDarksorrow-EU2581Not updated
97Qidii DestinedDarksorrow-EU2570Not updated
98Nienar NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU2530Not updated
99Timetodruid The Scarlet CrusadeDarksorrow-EU2525Not updated
100Hyakuyu NoitapiiriDarksorrow-EU2523Not updated

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