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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Dalaran-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Bellanca KaizenDalaran-US4558
2Realysm ReloadDalaran-US4441Not updated
3Neurostorm Left Hand VoodooDalaran-US3871
4Nurala KaizenDalaran-US3731Not updated
5Nymerias KaizenDalaran-US3640
6Kateraina KaizenDalaran-US3565
7Opethreas KaizenDalaran-US3535Not updated
8Jadewyn Knights of Other RealmsDalaran-US3443Not updated
9Knadda SpartansDalaran-US3440Not updated
10Ambeytuha PIEDalaran-US3436Not updated
11Archvile Six Feet UnderDalaran-US3435Not updated
12Röth Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US3433Not updated
13Ghontu Wretched Union of SoulsDalaran-US3431Not updated
14Zoka OuroborosDalaran-US3346
15Xiahna PIEDalaran-US3341
16Kizzee First Point AriesDalaran-US3326Not updated
17Khaleesii Six Feet UnderDalaran-US3260Not updated
18Kidstah OuroborosDalaran-US3190Not updated
19Parlor Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US3176Not updated
20Kìlauea DeathrealmDalaran-US3163
21Wickèd Six Feet UnderDalaran-US3141Not updated
22Honeycrisp SpartansDalaran-US3121Not updated
23Alliet Death DealersDalaran-US3118
24Sultara Death DealersDalaran-US3035
25Elörie First Point AriesDalaran-US2956Not updated
26Emmett Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US2741Not updated
27Stringz First Point AriesDalaran-US2636
28Shumiao KaizenDalaran-US2578
29Pistonhonda Phalanx of NodDalaran-US2445
30Brax Natural AffinityDalaran-US2436Not updated
31Shapesifter Cry HavocDalaran-US2433Not updated
32Disturbed Pak CafanDalaran-US1846Not updated
33Azzie LegitimateDalaran-US1836Not updated
34Laniv KaizenDalaran-US1836Not updated
35Hairydruid Smoke GodsDalaran-US1835Not updated
36Nurox ReloadDalaran-US1828Not updated
37Gardahkan Pak CafanDalaran-US1743Not updated
38Hursti KaizenDalaran-US1730Not updated
39Windscythe Six Feet UnderDalaran-US1640Not updated
40Triqueta LegitimateDalaran-US1638Not updated
41Nymtwo KaizenDalaran-US1583Not updated
42Unintended AuraDalaran-US1546Not updated
43Ruckit Natural AffinityDalaran-US1545Not updated
44Adecilion Six Feet UnderDalaran-US1520Not updated
45Theholyevil LegitimateDalaran-US1446Not updated
46Shmelius Natural AffinityDalaran-US1446Not updated
47Qanna Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US1443
48Isuoe First Point AriesDalaran-US1443Not updated
49Bearhug Moment of SilenceDalaran-US1440
50Bearlicious Paw StarsDalaran-US1440Not updated
51Jenytugbut Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US1438Not updated
52Yatai DeathrealmDalaran-US1435
53Dalvador  Dalaran-US1370Not updated
54Mcdangerous  Dalaran-US1328Not updated
55Pookybear OTFDalaran-US1260
56Razzex Death DealersDalaran-US1250
57Zolzin Six Feet UnderDalaran-US1158Not updated
58Lurik Natural AffinityDalaran-US1135
59Oasndeq SinistreDalaran-US940Not updated
60Arcsdruid Black DeathDalaran-US935Not updated
61Eviria Rabid PandasDalaran-US931
62Kellek Pak CafanDalaran-US886Not updated
63Cease local hellbilly unionDalaran-US886Not updated
64Niamha The Nerd HerdDalaran-US885Not updated
65Gracesa Alliance in DefianceDalaran-US866Not updated
66Madoom Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US860Not updated
67Xeni Phalanx of NodDalaran-US855
68Coldelis  Dalaran-US855Not updated
69Nuldaan Pak CafanDalaran-US850Not updated
70Kkir Six Feet UnderDalaran-US841Not updated
71Puppyeyes OTFDalaran-US828
72Zye  Dalaran-US825Not updated
73Sophie Dolus Nomen HicDalaran-US816Not updated
74Sanasta ReloadDalaran-US808Not updated
75Ferghus Dawn SlayersDalaran-US805Not updated
76Viridious LegitimateDalaran-US776
77Hypersonguy Third WatchDalaran-US738Not updated
78Lornal Pak CafanDalaran-US725Not updated
79Cerridwyn  Dalaran-US635Not updated
80Littykitter Akh ValehrDalaran-US633Not updated
81Bullfrogiv Cry HavocDalaran-US631Not updated
82Brillak LegitimateDalaran-US630Not updated
83Râmen FlavorDalaran-US630Not updated
84Melcena Victorious LegionDalaran-US628Not updated
85Drozden Pirates Get More BootyDalaran-US626Not updated
86Healariously Kabobs IncDalaran-US615Not updated
87Tilpin Guardians of KnowledgeDalaran-US586Not updated
88Sodabubbles Victorious LegionDalaran-US565Not updated
89Evhax Guardians of KnowledgeDalaran-US558Not updated
90Adanna Natural AffinityDalaran-US540
91Sykorax Six Feet UnderDalaran-US533
92Akíra Order Of The ScourgeDalaran-US531Not updated
93Treeani Shadows of EternityDalaran-US528Not updated
94Sloz  Dalaran-US528Not updated
95Arcana Moment of SilenceDalaran-US526
96Kaelthulas KaizenDalaran-US526Not updated
97Devspriest ReloadDalaran-US526Not updated
98Berisha KaizenDalaran-US523
99Pallygirls Blurred RealityDalaran-US458Not updated
100Staciamaduza Night HavenDalaran-US446Not updated

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