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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Cho'gall-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Viral Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US4445Not updated
2Trickortree MaliceCho'gall-US3878Not updated
3Eits Shambler MilkCho'gall-US3731Not updated
4Diabsoulé Solve et CoagulaCho'gall-US3538Not updated
5Telina GuildNamePendingApprovalCho'gall-US3466Not updated
6Omithus  Cho'gall-US3443Not updated
7Goatygoatlol Cinder and AshCho'gall-US3436Not updated
8Durzo  Cho'gall-US3433Not updated
9Mikuma The HazeCho'gall-US3433Not updated
10Willdie Massive Drain BamageCho'gall-US3150Not updated
11Corrvas Morior InvictusCho'gall-US3123Not updated
12Vörph  Cho'gall-US2855Not updated
13Chaddyzz  Cho'gall-US2841Not updated
14Bubba Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US2585Not updated
15Plopnshock PrimalCho'gall-US2440Not updated
16Croatoãn Regressive ProgressionCho'gall-US2435Not updated
17Dragonok MARSHAL LAWCho'gall-US2425Not updated
18Dramonk Morior InvictusCho'gall-US2363Not updated
19Shiftysalad Regressive ProgressionCho'gall-US1935Not updated
20Cãrly DEViANCECho'gall-US1860Not updated
21Moggark  Cho'gall-US1848Not updated
22Vannay Regressive ProgressionCho'gall-US1715Not updated
23Bladehawk Morior InvictusCho'gall-US1636Not updated
24Flyingshield Free Candy VanCho'gall-US1636Not updated
25Mickabo Nerf IncCho'gall-US1628Not updated
26Soloris ParaBellumCho'gall-US1591Not updated
27Mylas InfallibleCho'gall-US1543Not updated
28Sealsnwalrus Morior InvictusCho'gall-US1535Not updated
29Ieatcrayons  Cho'gall-US1535Not updated
30Versonìì  Cho'gall-US1451Not updated
31Versoni Nerf IncCho'gall-US1451Not updated
32Sianodel  Cho'gall-US1448Not updated
33Dooly Blood of VengeanceCho'gall-US1438Not updated
34Aerendyl  Cho'gall-US1435Not updated
35Aethena  Cho'gall-US1433Not updated
36Tusktickler DEViANCECho'gall-US1431Not updated
37Angelyna MaliceCho'gall-US1431Not updated
38Firka AscendCho'gall-US1428Not updated
39Fomal  Cho'gall-US1350Not updated
40Shizie MalevolencyCho'gall-US885Not updated
41Dramaro  Cho'gall-US878Not updated
42Uilcire Felsteel WarriorsCho'gall-US873Not updated
43Rottenras  Cho'gall-US863Not updated
44Resistince Morior InvictusCho'gall-US863Not updated
45Crysor  Cho'gall-US860Not updated
46Lucisaddo  Cho'gall-US845Not updated
47Melrose Tabula RasaCho'gall-US840Not updated
48Äzrael  Cho'gall-US828Not updated
49Bluelawls OmensCho'gall-US828Not updated
50Herbznstuff Horde Land SecurityCho'gall-US730Not updated
51Kazuha  Cho'gall-US726Not updated
52Idiotmonk  Cho'gall-US643Not updated
53Imergency OmensCho'gall-US641Not updated
54Radioisotope  Cho'gall-US640Not updated
55Entrophy Trinketing SapCho'gall-US631Not updated
56Syrìna Off on an AdventureCho'gall-US561Not updated
57Aquilla OmensCho'gall-US561Not updated
58Functions  Cho'gall-US541Not updated
59Colour  Cho'gall-US540Not updated
60Saintdiablo  Cho'gall-US530Not updated
61Isidore Ladies PleaseCho'gall-US530Not updated
62Itsboosty Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US523Not updated
63Hehees VindictiveCho'gall-US465Not updated
64Wasy  Cho'gall-US458Not updated
65Malested SandstormCho'gall-US453Not updated
66Undeadlly Nefarious RaidersCho'gall-US453Not updated
67Athená Questionable IntentCho'gall-US448Not updated
68Ishmarn Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US443Not updated
69Neuron Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US441Not updated
70Nosekandy VindictiveCho'gall-US441Not updated
71Twisted Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US441Not updated
72Töxic  Cho'gall-US441Not updated
73Tereball Death WishCho'gall-US441Not updated
74Likler Morior InvictusCho'gall-US440Not updated
75Gavi  Cho'gall-US438Not updated
76Maharba Furries And FriendsCho'gall-US435Not updated
77Hypnotoad Death MonkeyCho'gall-US435Not updated
78Cretch BALL LIKE IM KOBECho'gall-US433Not updated
79Dour Lusting on TrashCho'gall-US431Not updated
80Pfui PermutationCho'gall-US431Not updated
81Azillo Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US430Not updated
82Absínthe LimitlessCho'gall-US375Not updated
83Tuslaus The Eighteen ClanCho'gall-US356Not updated
84Belle  Cho'gall-US348Not updated
85Divious Ancient EvilCho'gall-US346Not updated
86Corbendallas The Fifth ElementCho'gall-US340Not updated
87Taichi Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US335Not updated
88Pickhart  Cho'gall-US326Not updated
89Imheavensent Dingle BerriesCho'gall-US260Not updated
90Jahosaphát WoW IncCho'gall-US183Not updated

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