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Burning Legion-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Xavang Error CodeBurning Legion-EU6441
2Nurlax SignumBurning Legion-EU5633
3Ambulance Error CodeBurning Legion-EU5436
4Balbayna SignumBurning Legion-EU5345
5Orcia Good OmenBurning Legion-EU5343Not updated
6Sáneth AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU4845
7Veratia PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU4541
8Kharta Emerald SeaBurning Legion-EU4463
9Tibral HypnosisBurning Legion-EU4441
10Ichimura Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU4441
11Melagunt No FutureBurning Legion-EU4436
12Haturn PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU4430
13Garildos Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU4348
14Suelin Keepers Of The FaithBurning Legion-EU4328
15Deadparrot Dedicated FewBurning Legion-EU4125
16Iress SforaBurning Legion-EU3943
17Mithe  Burning Legion-EU3861Not updated
18Bjuti Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU3836
19Nephera Error CodeBurning Legion-EU3836
20Wasiakowy One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU3830
21Lootatmydps  Burning Legion-EU3828
22Darakus Last WordBurning Legion-EU3826
23Méfi TnTBurning Legion-EU3825
24Pivot Order of Iron FistBurning Legion-EU3816Not updated
25Damianz IndependentBurning Legion-EU3746
26Densen Error CodeBurning Legion-EU3735
27Szopek Error CodeBurning Legion-EU3726
28Marmorik Dracones MortiferisBurning Legion-EU3666
29Zín AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3641
30Senjutsu Last WordBurning Legion-EU3640
31Ufokoszalek SignumBurning Legion-EU3636
32Achistian The TempestBurning Legion-EU3631
33Floone  Burning Legion-EU3631
34Kangax Error CodeBurning Legion-EU3595
35Ignisith Dark CrusadersBurning Legion-EU3568
36Saerlis SignumBurning Legion-EU3545
37Baneofnation Semper InvictaBurning Legion-EU3540
38Sidey Error CodeBurning Legion-EU3535
39Köcurek Nothing PersonalBurning Legion-EU3533
40Kyori The RedemptionBurning Legion-EU3526
41Thunderbloom Perfect ChaosBurning Legion-EU3518
42Prideful Primori MorteBurning Legion-EU3458Not updated
43Szmal CSI OrgrimmarBurning Legion-EU3448
44Fiksapigsa OverDozerBurning Legion-EU3443
45Eressi Kompania WilkówBurning Legion-EU3443
46Exihuatl neurotiCBurning Legion-EU3441
47Anilewe SignumBurning Legion-EU3441
48Shøter StigmatizeBurning Legion-EU3441
49Emenems PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU3440
50Kelldona AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3438
51Sorcu NCCBurning Legion-EU3438
52Fahrin HomelessBurning Legion-EU3438
53Canthar Dark SîdeBurning Legion-EU3436
54Adzina One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU3436
55Letrommi Good OmenBurning Legion-EU3436
56Kelvyn SignumBurning Legion-EU3436
57Beyote StigmatizeBurning Legion-EU3436
58Iinterrnet AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3436
59Rioter TemplariuszeBurning Legion-EU3435
60Zubrzatko VisionnaireBurning Legion-EU3435Not updated
61Bampatanga Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU3435
62Proteriusz Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU3435
63Heffer HypnosisBurning Legion-EU3433
64Caesandra EspadaBurning Legion-EU3433
65Astrm Error CodeBurning Legion-EU3431
66Yvinne Error CodeBurning Legion-EU3431
67Kriszi AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3431
68Rolfik Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU3431
69Meixiu From The AshesBurning Legion-EU3431
70Konra Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU3431
71Versil One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU3430
72Geography Alliance Scum ControlBurning Legion-EU3430Not updated
73Âshléy PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU3430
74Taszaksowa Undead FamilyBurning Legion-EU3430Not updated
75Deronic Dracones MortiferisBurning Legion-EU3425
76Lestaes TemplariuszeBurning Legion-EU3423
77Holydps  Burning Legion-EU3416Not updated
78Insømnía MidianBurning Legion-EU3405
79Blazinga Katedra SnuBurning Legion-EU3393
80Maykèl  Burning Legion-EU3366Not updated
81Vertrexe Good OmenBurning Legion-EU3363
82Flluffy  Burning Legion-EU3361
83Cowmooflash BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU3361
84Newronak AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3358
85Grimloq theDustBurning Legion-EU3358Not updated
86Chrupson Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU3355
87Hoshimi Nothing PersonalBurning Legion-EU3353
88Requs No FutureBurning Legion-EU3351
89Dedodruid One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU3348
90Shyannx  Burning Legion-EU3346Not updated
91Schütze AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3345
92Aethir Semper InvictaBurning Legion-EU3345
93Discomen Nothing PersonalBurning Legion-EU3343
94Ivalio Raiders of ApocalypseBurning Legion-EU3343
95Flards AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU3336
96Maieczka Good OmenBurning Legion-EU3333
97Furioon Good OmenBurning Legion-EU3331
98Elhanboix Damage IncorporatedBurning Legion-EU3330Not updated
99Marmoladynka SignumBurning Legion-EU3330
100Mâlwinka StigmatizeBurning Legion-EU3330Not updated

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