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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bloodhoof-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Boravager Dark TwilightBloodhoof-US4806Not updated
2Soraka Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US4435Not updated
3Toludin Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US3935Not updated
4Twotimed The NERVous HordeBloodhoof-US3463Not updated
5Mombie SubteraBloodhoof-US3451Not updated
6Fluxington Harvest ClanBloodhoof-US3450Not updated
7Floofier  Bloodhoof-US3436Not updated
8Aredis Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US3436Not updated
9Kethegrak The NERVous HordeBloodhoof-US3431Not updated
10Ohvergrown  Bloodhoof-US3431Not updated
11Elegans The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US3430Not updated
12Feloreaz Still BallinBloodhoof-US3425Not updated
13Zurve Double RainbowBloodhoof-US3361Not updated
14Martel Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US3330Not updated
15Thadoomkin Nudist BeachBloodhoof-US3328Not updated
16Megatroll Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US3213Not updated
17Sampled  Bloodhoof-US3138Not updated
18Zyzzyx  Bloodhoof-US3135Not updated
19Tjtinn DownfallBloodhoof-US3123Not updated
20Réputation Eternall DamnationBloodhoof-US3123Not updated
21Cyclonian Ring of FireBloodhoof-US3036Not updated
22Soildsnake Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US3035Not updated
23Imabadshammy Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US3028Not updated
24Pyrotioss Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US2938Not updated
25Atticusosul RaptureBloodhoof-US2860Not updated
26Laethriel CupcakeBloodhoof-US2730Not updated
27Orack InconceivableBloodhoof-US2726Not updated
28Airent Casual HexBloodhoof-US2576Not updated
29Sorn SovereignBloodhoof-US2543Not updated
30Undergeard Squishies UnitedBloodhoof-US2446Not updated
31Hingis SubteraBloodhoof-US2443Not updated
32Brosif Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US2443Not updated
33Gamovprime Dark RevenantsBloodhoof-US2438Not updated
34Poochikins RaptureBloodhoof-US2245Not updated
35 ManBearPig AwarenessBloodhoof-US1936Not updated
36Razerei Legion of MysteryBloodhoof-US1933Not updated
37Conifer Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US1873Not updated
38Zxon ËxiledBloodhoof-US1860Not updated
39Razatah  Bloodhoof-US1858Not updated
40Drizza The NERVous HordeBloodhoof-US1826Not updated
41Irade DownfallBloodhoof-US1733Not updated
42Melificence Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US1633Not updated
43Wagee Ring of FireBloodhoof-US1628Not updated
44Anapo Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US1625Not updated
45Turtlesz ClarityBloodhoof-US1605Not updated
46Coleoptera The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US1570Not updated
47Faye SynergyBloodhoof-US1568Not updated
48Whackado heXedBloodhoof-US1560Not updated
49Ohverload  Bloodhoof-US1550Not updated
50Gongos Godz of WarBloodhoof-US1541Not updated
51Pallinmar Necessary EvilBloodhoof-US1530Not updated
52Bigbenn Ring of FireBloodhoof-US1523Not updated
53Karrya InconceivableBloodhoof-US1443Not updated
54Peachßlossom ClarityBloodhoof-US1441Not updated
55Jarnluz  Bloodhoof-US1438Not updated
56Medline Casual HexBloodhoof-US1438Not updated
57Tamagotchi SubteraBloodhoof-US1431Not updated
58Desparity  Bloodhoof-US1430Not updated
59Viens Double RainbowBloodhoof-US1430Not updated
60Artemissa Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US1408Not updated
61Catsham Eternall DamnationBloodhoof-US1385Not updated
62Rayyden InconceivableBloodhoof-US1353Not updated
63Sisu Awesome SauceBloodhoof-US1331Not updated
64Flonnette  Bloodhoof-US1255Not updated
65Footofgodxx  Bloodhoof-US941Not updated
66Caniblcorpse ClarityBloodhoof-US936Not updated
67Místy ClarityBloodhoof-US935Not updated
68Throtos XecuteBloodhoof-US883Not updated
69Wolfers Godz of WarBloodhoof-US875Not updated
70Cocochanel ApparitionBloodhoof-US873Not updated
71Xiata SubteraBloodhoof-US866Not updated
72Quinella Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US866Not updated
73Daltonqt ClarityBloodhoof-US851Not updated
74Tamoyah  Bloodhoof-US848Not updated
75Kixa Double RainbowBloodhoof-US828Not updated
76Leocin RevolutionBloodhoof-US825Not updated
77Omnomnompie  Bloodhoof-US816Not updated
78Rizelle The Light BrigadeBloodhoof-US751Not updated
79Krogahr Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US726Not updated
80Branchikins RaptureBloodhoof-US726Not updated
81Morksdork Squishies UnitedBloodhoof-US638Not updated
82Faiths Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US633Not updated
83Shambubbly Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US633Not updated
84Lightninglol Death PenaltyBloodhoof-US630Not updated
85Valura DownfallBloodhoof-US583Not updated
86Vênus THE HATEDBloodhoof-US566Not updated
87Haniburr  Bloodhoof-US565Not updated
88Thadenator Nudist BeachBloodhoof-US560Not updated
89Oza SubteraBloodhoof-US546Not updated
90Tomweld The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US543Not updated
91Yorbik SubteraBloodhoof-US543Not updated
92Sylvestris Dragons CallBloodhoof-US536Not updated
93Lowakacho Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US533Not updated
94Noxzemagirl Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US506Not updated
95Thadelicious Nudist BeachBloodhoof-US465Not updated
96Hardbank AddictedBloodhoof-US435Not updated
97Autotematïc  Bloodhoof-US433Not updated
98Rothsçhild Godz of WarBloodhoof-US433Not updated
99Bearmaster Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US431Not updated
100Angella  Bloodhoof-US425Not updated

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