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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bladefist-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Jabbz InsurgencyBladefist-US4546Not updated
2Alcapwnage UnleashedBladefist-US3631Not updated
3Pancakes InsurgencyBladefist-US3545Not updated
4Razuu Final FinalBladefist-US3543Not updated
5Bigwaffles OutspokenBladefist-US3523Not updated
6Worrio CataclysmBladefist-US3518Not updated
7Lanya UnrestBladefist-US3450Not updated
8Forgot ExaltedBladefist-US3436Not updated
9Madisonivy Friction AddictionBladefist-US3433Not updated
10Pikachi SeraphymBladefist-US3328Not updated
11Naveen MajesticBladefist-US3328Not updated
12Brooke SeraphymBladefist-US3326Not updated
13Sohots InsurgencyBladefist-US3225Not updated
14Bolognachest UnleashedBladefist-US3166Not updated
15Camyth OutspokenBladefist-US3143Not updated
16Balhoof  Bladefist-US3128Not updated
17Manakamanaka  Bladefist-US3128Not updated
18Mãraculus The UndesirablesBladefist-US3123Not updated
19Miriska InsurgencyBladefist-US3106Not updated
20Nidee Alliance HellionsBladefist-US3040Not updated
21Toothache UnrestBladefist-US3031Not updated
22Syben  Bladefist-US2823Not updated
23Calimei Legions of the HordeBladefist-US2746Not updated
24Mallak Friction AddictionBladefist-US2725Not updated
25Betray Final FinalBladefist-US2631Not updated
26Madomie of Deaths LegionBladefist-US2601Not updated
27Naturallight The Dragons PrideBladefist-US2551Not updated
28Bearett  Bladefist-US2528Not updated
29Magnox Friction AddictionBladefist-US2433Not updated
30Mcshamwhich InsurgencyBladefist-US2323Not updated
31Vanced  Bladefist-US1928Not updated
32Gundox Holy CritBladefist-US1730Not updated
33Aerilandis The Waters of DelphiBladefist-US1726Not updated
34Pleasenerfme  Bladefist-US1725Not updated
35Anaxavatara InsurgencyBladefist-US1643Not updated
36Hynan  Bladefist-US1636Not updated
37Caltox Dragon CoveBladefist-US1635Not updated
38Robhalford CataclysmBladefist-US1630Not updated
39Evayle Forged In FlameBladefist-US1611Not updated
40Lysk ShinigamiBladefist-US1533Not updated
41Adamselene UnleashedBladefist-US1461Not updated
42Jealous VicariousBladefist-US1441Not updated
43Womanda ShinigamiBladefist-US1438Not updated
44Athabascus Cuz Evil is FunBladefist-US1435Not updated
45Ranian  Bladefist-US1433Not updated
46Shangsu Team PhoenixBladefist-US1425Not updated
47Illogical Lightly RoastedBladefist-US1400Not updated
48Stellaloon Team BroBladefist-US1365Not updated
49Archímedes  Bladefist-US1351Not updated
50Gameath Friction AddictionBladefist-US1348Not updated
51Shiftxo  Bladefist-US1348Not updated
52Yakadin UnleashedBladefist-US1348Not updated
53Phillynott CataclysmBladefist-US1341Not updated
54Shadowsof UnleashedBladefist-US1163Not updated
55Naeru Friction AddictionBladefist-US1133Not updated
56Monkmadness Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US940Not updated
57Meds InsurgencyBladefist-US933Not updated
58Soulprotecto  Bladefist-US868Not updated
59Aurumai  Bladefist-US866Not updated
60Janegalt Team PhoenixBladefist-US853Not updated
61Gilgamon MajesticBladefist-US850Not updated
62Ramdomize  Bladefist-US845Not updated
63Icecapadë Friction AddictionBladefist-US840Not updated
64Highonlife  Bladefist-US840Not updated
65Craatus InsurgencyBladefist-US836Not updated
66Riotplznerf Saints of ExodarBladefist-US825Not updated
67Polas Bad ExampleBladefist-US816Not updated
68Singhea InsurgencyBladefist-US815Not updated
69Solarclaw UnleashedBladefist-US731Not updated
70Derks ShinigamiBladefist-US728Not updated
71Ultraw InsurgencyBladefist-US693Not updated
72Goosette Destiny KnightsBladefist-US651Not updated
73Toadvine HymnBladefist-US638Not updated
74Bubblewrâp Vengeance of DarnassusBladefist-US633Not updated
75Greenmyst  Bladefist-US633Not updated
76Shermyra Dragon CoveBladefist-US633Not updated
77Halgore Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US631Not updated
78Cyall SeraphymBladefist-US631Not updated
79Dalthis  Bladefist-US630Not updated
80Aquasha And Then SomeBladefist-US610Not updated
81Iyasu Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US590Not updated
82Intrinsic BlankBladefist-US583Not updated
83Perfectdeath CataclysmBladefist-US571Not updated
84Tinkerspell PoW MîABladefist-US570Not updated
85Hellonurse Friction AddictionBladefist-US565Not updated
86Kraman Hordified HeroesBladefist-US558Not updated
87Deathmd The Neverending BasementBladefist-US545Not updated
88Kilysta MajesticBladefist-US543Not updated
89Bbflakes InsurgencyBladefist-US526Not updated
90Tobes Blood AngelsBladefist-US526Not updated
91Thefappening Saints of ExodarBladefist-US525Not updated
92Sysop CataclysmBladefist-US523Not updated
93Tampa ForewarningBladefist-US503Not updated
94Overrpowered DefinitiveBladefist-US485Not updated
95Aperfecttool Holy CritBladefist-US446Not updated
96Linaelinatia  Bladefist-US446Not updated
97Vitriolic  Bladefist-US445Not updated
98Alathyas Merchants of ForceBladefist-US443Not updated
99Sellsdruid  Bladefist-US440Not updated
100Shiroyuki CataclysmBladefist-US438Not updated

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