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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Alexxina ReformBlackrock-US7185Not updated
2Sandcastles We Tamed YouBlackrock-US4840Not updated
3Xeral  Blackrock-US4740Not updated
4Xtanar  Blackrock-US4435Not updated
5Cruelpanda TherapistsBlackrock-US4435Not updated
6Frankthetank Tribe of Mad CowBlackrock-US4428Not updated
7Photonz Stacks In FireBlackrock-US4423Not updated
8Moarhotz Pokemon MastersBlackrock-US4366Not updated
9Sayainpride  Blackrock-US4341Not updated
10Beefmangz  Blackrock-US4038Not updated
11Ordaunon tweet holinkaBlackrock-US3861Not updated
12Kêshas tweet holinkaBlackrock-US3838Not updated
13Hiel ReformBlackrock-US3836Not updated
14Kasec Washed UpBlackrock-US3830Not updated
15Alex OninekoBlackrock-US3830Not updated
16Viviphy Ctrl ZBlackrock-US3826Not updated
17Mimzie Standard DeviationBlackrock-US3826Not updated
18Complimented FrozenfireBlackrock-US3805Not updated
19Hôngo Something NovelBlackrock-US3740Not updated
20Hotlovinz  Blackrock-US3736Not updated
21Extinctìon NevermoreBlackrock-US3726Not updated
22Tictactotems wow can you notBlackrock-US3638Not updated
23Charagar WarbornBlackrock-US3635Not updated
24Initzero DefineBlackrock-US3630Not updated
25Elémental  Blackrock-US3630Not updated
26Lokhen Team ThougsBlackrock-US3536Not updated
27Parang ReformBlackrock-US3458Not updated
28Ràpida The Scourge of LordaeronBlackrock-US3458Not updated
29Raedyn Stacks In FireBlackrock-US3456Not updated
30Wombatabmow SKPBlackrock-US3445Not updated
31Pjs DefenestrateBlackrock-US3445Not updated
32Hofstadter Try HardsBlackrock-US3443Not updated
33Jeevaka  Blackrock-US3441Not updated
34Edalicious OutragedBlackrock-US3441Not updated
35Isine RivenBlackrock-US3441Not updated
36Raynbo TherapistsBlackrock-US3440Not updated
37Bamboozles  Blackrock-US3440Not updated
38Minigore  Blackrock-US3440Not updated
39Flux  Blackrock-US3440Not updated
40Ramathor HellBlackrock-US3438Not updated
41Angous League of Ordinary MenBlackrock-US3438Not updated
42Loualun PantheonBlackrock-US3438Not updated
43Juupiter HellBlackrock-US3436Not updated
44Rahoff TrapBlackrock-US3436Not updated
45Thunderen MontblancBlackrock-US3436Not updated
46Eskzeus Honor and MercyBlackrock-US3436Not updated
47Scribbletune Happy FridayBlackrock-US3435Not updated
48Tomcatter ØbliterateBlackrock-US3435Not updated
49Krayik AmplifyBlackrock-US3435Not updated
50Cownado NevermoreBlackrock-US3435Not updated
51Hancom MontblancBlackrock-US3431Not updated
52Kharnival AfterLifeBlackrock-US3430Not updated
53Hawttea Standard DeviationBlackrock-US3428Not updated
54Chaplin AwesomeGamingExperienceBlackrock-US3426Not updated
55Openmind RivenBlackrock-US3425Not updated
56Knadda FrozenfireBlackrock-US3415Not updated
57Shocksyn TherapistsBlackrock-US3381Not updated
58Lucíous ØbliterateBlackrock-US3366Not updated
59Taz Less Than ThreeBlackrock-US3350Not updated
60Key ReformBlackrock-US3348Not updated
61Mönstèr Category FiveBlackrock-US3345Not updated
62Danun MontblancBlackrock-US3345Not updated
63Happysmilez Soft EnrageBlackrock-US3340Not updated
64Zycloid SKPBlackrock-US3333Not updated
65Spicer Blackrock XenocideBlackrock-US3333Not updated
66Røsaparks We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US3320Not updated
67Shamdudu  Blackrock-US3250Not updated
68Nemyh  Blackrock-US3245Not updated
69Flashlyte TurksBlackrock-US3225Not updated
70Lily  Blackrock-US3180Not updated
71Sunyoung Standard DeviationBlackrock-US3178Not updated
72Badgers League of AssassinsBlackrock-US3176Not updated
73Danï EquilibriumBlackrock-US3163Not updated
74Ðrubourne Try HardsBlackrock-US3151Not updated
75Naomi MontblancBlackrock-US3151Not updated
76Someyounggal Stacks In FireBlackrock-US3150Not updated
77Kathrius Saves The DayBlackrock-US3146Not updated
78Robbieklaven License to SellBlackrock-US3143Not updated
79Speeb Udder MadnessBlackrock-US3143Not updated
80Khadryn League of AssassinsBlackrock-US3143Not updated
81Hetzaj RegicideBlackrock-US3141Not updated
82Swaggathor PvP BlackrockBlackrock-US3138Not updated
83Shinigämí TriboBlackrock-US3135Not updated
84Tororoja tweet holinkaBlackrock-US3133Not updated
85Rockerr DefenestrateBlackrock-US3131Not updated
86Mâriya ØbliterateBlackrock-US3128Not updated
87Thelf DefenestrateBlackrock-US3126Not updated
88Whiteflame MontblancBlackrock-US3125Not updated
89Coztina Tunnel VisionBlackrock-US3125Not updated
90Nadajab ReformBlackrock-US3121Not updated
91Mercuury HellBlackrock-US3113Not updated
92Nél Soft EnrageBlackrock-US3036Not updated
93Boggz Stacks In FireBlackrock-US3035Not updated
94Xaephira nRageBlackrock-US3030Not updated
95Shifthâppens BlacklistBlackrock-US3030Not updated
96Viishied TeamworkBlackrock-US3028Not updated
97Tide ReformBlackrock-US3025Not updated
98Zarmanthion Stacks In FireBlackrock-US3023Not updated
99Keyboardcatz Tunnel VisionBlackrock-US3013Not updated
100Lukshana RegicideBlackrock-US3010Not updated

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