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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Slipslide For the HordeBlackrock-EU6836Not updated
2Gansha ProudBlackrock-EU5526Not updated
3Monkasia impressBlackrock-EU5326Not updated
4Widorielle NexBlackrock-EU4990Not updated
5Orondir AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU4848Not updated
6Pallasjuno tricks or threatBlackrock-EU4741Not updated
7Xierro EAT MOR CHIKINBlackrock-EU4630Not updated
8Hana  Blackrock-EU4440Not updated
9Drakoru Orden der WächterBlackrock-EU4436Not updated
10Garash  Blackrock-EU4435Not updated
11Varony SubmaticBlackrock-EU4433Not updated
12Tolalii  Blackrock-EU4433Not updated
13Yondon Sukzessive ApproximationBlackrock-EU4431Not updated
14Nahely H A L OBlackrock-EU4431Not updated
15Yhoundey LvL GmbH und Co KGBlackrock-EU4348Not updated
16Chîpmaster  Blackrock-EU4210Not updated
17Drsoara FoobarBlackrock-EU4180Not updated
18Shâq  Blackrock-EU4145Not updated
19Kækks Orden der WächterBlackrock-EU3971Not updated
20Tumlox âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU3925Not updated
21Deimamm bam oidaBlackrock-EU3883Not updated
22Salverion Invisiøn DynamicsBlackrock-EU3873Not updated
23Toshe steampoweredBlackrock-EU3866Not updated
24Kallix Orden der SchattenBlackrock-EU3863Not updated
25Thangala Lordaerons ErbeBlackrock-EU3846Not updated
26Êich Lordaerons ErbeBlackrock-EU3840Not updated
27Yared unTamedBlackrock-EU3826Not updated
28Nuffsaid Sukzessive ApproximationBlackrock-EU3816Not updated
29Shemriôn Lordaerons ErbeBlackrock-EU3815Not updated
30Koneko Sabber und RotzBlackrock-EU3811Not updated
31Volranon RadiantBlackrock-EU3741Not updated
32Wâynee Reallife ReloadedBlackrock-EU3733Not updated
33Rosandâ  Blackrock-EU3731Not updated
34Beôwulfp Reallife ReloadedBlackrock-EU3641Not updated
35Kitaén Morning GloryBlackrock-EU3641Not updated
36Diaøx  Blackrock-EU3640Not updated
37Niacu  Blackrock-EU3635Not updated
38Schneemond ClockworkPwnageBlackrock-EU3633Not updated
39Blekî FouleBlackrock-EU3631Not updated
40Ruckiriptide Vom HordnungsamtBlackrock-EU3628Not updated
41Forcharitý  Blackrock-EU3625Not updated
42Jûmper Let me sleepBlackrock-EU3605Not updated
43Xaleyra OutcastsBlackrock-EU3570Not updated
44Dezy no gear no girls ggBlackrock-EU3561Not updated
45Butterbeutel steampoweredBlackrock-EU3553Not updated
46Spaiky HèreticBlackrock-EU3548Not updated
47Saaru CHUM UF BIEUBlackrock-EU3545Not updated
48Barus Sabber und RotzBlackrock-EU3536Not updated
49Bòúnce High CouncilBlackrock-EU3533Not updated
50Xevv AdaptBlackrock-EU3530Not updated
51Krishando CaelestisBlackrock-EU3530Not updated
52Rivalina All we need is LoveBlackrock-EU3526Not updated
53Tzuzalef The HazaRDouSBlackrock-EU3526Not updated
54Ventrowllin FrostbringerBlackrock-EU3523Not updated
55Suzzyqt AggrocultureBlackrock-EU3515Not updated
56Hiyoa RehUnionBlackrock-EU3508Not updated
57Honeypòt Team JesusBlackrock-EU3458Not updated
58Lamindra The WorldbreakerBlackrock-EU3453Not updated
59Sansah  Blackrock-EU3453Not updated
60Tailzx qwfrxBlackrock-EU3453Not updated
61Vielyza DroogsBlackrock-EU3446Not updated
62Sòrâkâ Rise IncBlackrock-EU3445Not updated
63Arathiel INTERNETPLAGEBlackrock-EU3443Not updated
64Gianle  Blackrock-EU3443Not updated
65Lillalü a few good menBlackrock-EU3441Not updated
66Sharaýa Intense BloodtasteBlackrock-EU3441Not updated
67Ishtak The UnnamedBlackrock-EU3441Not updated
68Syntani H A L OBlackrock-EU3440Not updated
69Ðschingis  Blackrock-EU3440Not updated
70Sleep echoesBlackrock-EU3440Not updated
71Rahjoo turn down for whatBlackrock-EU3440Not updated
72Pachadiel MadnessBlackrock-EU3438Not updated
73Dezu UtopieBlackrock-EU3438Not updated
74Bettelnet SoulEatersBlackrock-EU3438Not updated
75Quãn Copyright by PvPBlackrock-EU3438Not updated
76Hallem echoesBlackrock-EU3438Not updated
77Kraig The UnnamedBlackrock-EU3438Not updated
78Eltupi VanquishBlackrock-EU3436Not updated
79Freezemind ChromatixBlackrock-EU3436Not updated
80Tashalem ArmicaBlackrock-EU3436Not updated
81Monkinary Durotar AllstarSBlackrock-EU3436Not updated
82Shuri Pain and PleasureBlackrock-EU3436Not updated
83Neylie heavy breathinBlackrock-EU3436Not updated
84Tabbzz Silent ParanoiaBlackrock-EU3436Not updated
85Zara Durotar ShoreBlackrock-EU3435Not updated
86Imønk Deadly PoisonBlackrock-EU3435Not updated
87Tummus SoliDBlackrock-EU3435Not updated
88Fiestatv incredible incBlackrock-EU3435Not updated
89Metis Mercenaries of the HordeBlackrock-EU3433Not updated
90Nutra  Blackrock-EU3433Not updated
91Xashia BlutzirkelBlackrock-EU3433Not updated
92Healmebro NemoxiaBlackrock-EU3433Not updated
93Bloodycat DemonsBlackrock-EU3431Not updated
94Xüü steampoweredBlackrock-EU3431Not updated
95Asariâ AdoriaBlackrock-EU3430Not updated
96Shôôrty AdoriaBlackrock-EU3430Not updated
97Skyshatter schmerzfreiBlackrock-EU3430Not updated
98Terujin NexBlackrock-EU3428Not updated
99Mordath ÅsgardBlackrock-EU3426Not updated
100Fieb  Blackrock-EU3383Not updated

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