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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Blackmoore-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Sláder AternumBlackmoore-EU6545
2Petrie Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU6536Not updated
3Shayah  Blackmoore-EU5440Not updated
4Sertan Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU5438
5Cörki we got thisBlackmoore-EU5438
6Citrusqtie Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU5436
7Neiylo we got thisBlackmoore-EU5428
8Naíara Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU5351Not updated
9Hindin Panic IncBlackmoore-EU5328Not updated
10Traliia Evil GeniusesBlackmoore-EU4938Not updated
11Stîc Fun and ActionBlackmoore-EU4641
12Kaøtlin Heroes of WarBlackmoore-EU4636Not updated
13Fazzel we got thisBlackmoore-EU4541
14Chiantiara Shadows of the DarkBlackmoore-EU4510
15Healson RedlineBlackmoore-EU4490Not updated
16Monkchérie FotmplayBlackmoore-EU4440
17Doona we got thisBlackmoore-EU4438Not updated
18Fini UltramarinesBlackmoore-EU4435
19Rahlash Chain ReactionBlackmoore-EU4435Not updated
20Finis  Blackmoore-EU4433Not updated
21Lielchen MythBlackmoore-EU4433Not updated
22Masira SchwarzdrachengardeBlackmoore-EU4365
23Zâmo TempestBlackmoore-EU4361
24Katreya NoxxicBlackmoore-EU4356Not updated
25Assyrer  Blackmoore-EU4350Not updated
26Kandokai ANGELSTRIKEBlackmoore-EU4348Not updated
27Ayyaam Die WuselsBlackmoore-EU4165
28Lanysîa Broken BunniesBlackmoore-EU4146
29Antivid Cordes NoctisBlackmoore-EU4143
30Fantasìa Glimmer of HopeBlackmoore-EU4141Not updated
31Isanekø the FinestBlackmoore-EU4135
32Sunrisér EnimiaBlackmoore-EU4026
33Buffski zerøBlackmoore-EU3948Not updated
34Lanili DecuriaBlackmoore-EU3943
35Bimno Zero HourBlackmoore-EU3938
36Samûs Bunch of BoonsBlackmoore-EU3933
37Noramun FactBlackmoore-EU3878Not updated
38Lashisha VollKontaktBlackmoore-EU3875
39Tuskdingo  Blackmoore-EU3875Not updated
40Taixo Moven auf CDBlackmoore-EU3870
41Kranya Shadows of the DarkBlackmoore-EU3868Not updated
42Fonorios Die PartyfraktionBlackmoore-EU3861
43Tezano Konsequent In KonsequentBlackmoore-EU3861
44Sheaña RNGamingBlackmoore-EU3838Not updated
45Nourie MaledictionBlackmoore-EU3835
46Eltrud EvolutionBlackmoore-EU3833Not updated
47Champayne LunacyBlackmoore-EU3831
48Æste InfamousBlackmoore-EU3826Not updated
49Hypzå ExercitusBlackmoore-EU3815
50Blizkonia HypeBlackmoore-EU3806Not updated
51Laiquendy UltramarinesBlackmoore-EU3805
52Gravito Just HordeBlackmoore-EU3778
53Zille Entropic GravityBlackmoore-EU3758
54Nayâ èVéBlackmoore-EU3751
55Junvi Eternity EndsBlackmoore-EU3738
56Teverion SchwarzdrachengardeBlackmoore-EU3736
57Kêiko MythBlackmoore-EU3735
58Hunzer Game Z reaktoRBlackmoore-EU3733
59Jâuch WipeouTBlackmoore-EU3721
60Cemaguey ElysìumBlackmoore-EU3636
61Yòkò ExercitusBlackmoore-EU3635Not updated
62Kyiona IllusionsBlackmoore-EU3625
63Zubiña suXessBlackmoore-EU3621
64Smikk InfamousBlackmoore-EU3585Not updated
65Fenvyel InfamousBlackmoore-EU3570Not updated
66Lynariah Nova ChrysaliaBlackmoore-EU3570
67Gyatsho Darkest DreamBlackmoore-EU3553
68Elmu  Blackmoore-EU3550Not updated
69Tyeli Ehre und StaerkeBlackmoore-EU3548
70Sräykr Moven auf CDBlackmoore-EU3546
71Plexo Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU3546Not updated
72Summí  Blackmoore-EU3545Not updated
73Doginthefog AvengerSBlackmoore-EU3536
74Patî NachtschwärmerBlackmoore-EU3533
75Tzunade Game Z reaktoRBlackmoore-EU3533
76Imladril IllusionsBlackmoore-EU3530
77Reegar ProphetsBlackmoore-EU3530Not updated
78Tamina InfamousBlackmoore-EU3528
79Altraica Pepperoni LoversBlackmoore-EU3526
80Healdrain Generation DeathlessBlackmoore-EU3508
81Yibril  Blackmoore-EU3498Not updated
82Chôppa  Blackmoore-EU3495Not updated
83Quijaha MythBlackmoore-EU3470
84Nelìa DecuriaBlackmoore-EU3448
85Eservie VollKontaktBlackmoore-EU3446Not updated
86Raketenpetar jimmymvpBlackmoore-EU3445Not updated
87Athinâ  Blackmoore-EU3443Not updated
88Esthrador EvolutionBlackmoore-EU3443Not updated
89Tashreturns Massive PvPBlackmoore-EU3443Not updated
90Fíne Die WuselsBlackmoore-EU3441
91Hexenexex Alt F FearBlackmoore-EU3441
92Zakurias  Blackmoore-EU3441Not updated
93Thamoa  Blackmoore-EU3441Not updated
94Camiqt Team PewPewBlackmoore-EU3440Not updated
95Sylwos IndeedBlackmoore-EU3440
96Kaytline wrath selectionBlackmoore-EU3440Not updated
97Caaliisa MythBlackmoore-EU3438Not updated
98Sensa InfamousBlackmoore-EU3438
99Kazraa ExercitusBlackmoore-EU3438Not updated
100Naturepice DecuriaBlackmoore-EU3438Not updated

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