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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Barthilas-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Tehswine AscensionBarthilas-US6716Not updated
2Shynie  Barthilas-US5720
3Strugglelord DevourBarthilas-US5036
4Shannymac Well EquippedBarthilas-US4525Not updated
5Strongboss DevourBarthilas-US4440
6Kupoh AscensionBarthilas-US4436Not updated
7Shyniee  Barthilas-US4363Not updated
8Makingbacon AscensionBarthilas-US4346Not updated
9Debonair Brave New WorldBarthilas-US4125Not updated
10Sticknleafs  Barthilas-US4125Not updated
11Omnigrind LCDBarthilas-US3845
12Relil AscensionBarthilas-US3838
13Alahym  Barthilas-US3830Not updated
14Medivaq VortexBarthilas-US3743
15Jenza SparkBarthilas-US3638
16Maxibonbits SealedBarthilas-US3638
17Peha  Barthilas-US3633Not updated
18Chingleaf IntentBarthilas-US3570Not updated
19Aesric The Desired OnesBarthilas-US3565Not updated
20Crewê  Barthilas-US3548Not updated
21Haydenz SomethingBarthilas-US3523Not updated
22Audio AbolishBarthilas-US3521Not updated
23Atenolol Full ThrottleBarthilas-US3518
24Thatssoraven EnigmaBarthilas-US3446Not updated
25Kevibevi AscensionBarthilas-US3441Not updated
26Gearshift AscensionBarthilas-US3441
27Brakedown  Barthilas-US3440Not updated
28Helium AudacityBarthilas-US3440
29Cure RatsBarthilas-US3440
30Rejuvs Evil Bears AnonymousBarthilas-US3440Not updated
31Lokkar DanteBarthilas-US3440Not updated
32Playspretty SEALS GO ARP ARP ARPBarthilas-US3436Not updated
33Onza DysfunctionalBarthilas-US3436
34Waxôn DeceiveBarthilas-US3436
35Anata M I CBarthilas-US3436Not updated
36Hêat KrackheadsBarthilas-US3436
37Óóòòôökíllém Hots Dots n Kidney ShotsBarthilas-US3436Not updated
38Weisthe The Stylish FewBarthilas-US3436Not updated
39Ultimeca VeraciousBarthilas-US3435
40Kreswin The Desired OnesBarthilas-US3435Not updated
41Algrumm AudacityBarthilas-US3433Not updated
42Fozqt GundibabeBarthilas-US3433
43Nrax RatsBarthilas-US3433Not updated
44Leicifern PrimalBarthilas-US3431Not updated
45Deathducky HYPE GamingBarthilas-US3431Not updated
46Neuroscience DeadlineBarthilas-US3431
47Shamtastixx KrackheadsBarthilas-US3431
48Ellybelly Well EquippedBarthilas-US3428
49Bennush  Barthilas-US3426Not updated
50Naixia Blue LabelBarthilas-US3368
51Odinwolf  Barthilas-US3368Not updated
52Muphin RatsBarthilas-US3350
53Ramsly In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US3348
54Suryn  Barthilas-US3348Not updated
55Crisispoop  Barthilas-US3348Not updated
56Hexillar  Barthilas-US3346Not updated
57Sahalxo The Stylish FewBarthilas-US3336
58Fragility Vestige of EquinoxBarthilas-US3331
59Provixus VorfreudeBarthilas-US3330Not updated
60Flameofdin StylinBarthilas-US3328
61Rytokebaby Blue LabelBarthilas-US3328Not updated
62Planimal Blue LabelBarthilas-US3326
63Valdro Blue LabelBarthilas-US3320Not updated
64Uglyazz  Barthilas-US3235Not updated
65Monkorz ForceBarthilas-US3190Not updated
66Thêdruid NewbeeBarthilas-US3175Not updated
67Royerikson In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US3175Not updated
68Trollstrasza AudacityBarthilas-US3168Not updated
69Uldorath Creative JuicesBarthilas-US3161
70Ismira  Barthilas-US3153
71Okasha SymbiosisBarthilas-US3151Not updated
72Sunlitez SymbiosisBarthilas-US3145Not updated
73Pride InvictaBarthilas-US3143
74Serahta LCDBarthilas-US3141
75Bonkerz Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US3136Not updated
76Leaves BrewBarthilas-US3130Not updated
77Noobaxis The Stylish FewBarthilas-US3130Not updated
78Zulothar StylinBarthilas-US3126
79Gongy SuperCellBarthilas-US3125Not updated
80Chuxxy AscensionBarthilas-US3125
81Syrionn PrimalBarthilas-US3121Not updated
82Syntak Play SchoolBarthilas-US3121Not updated
83Awkwardx LCDBarthilas-US3105Not updated
84Mangbro Blue LabelBarthilas-US3086Not updated
85Ashgri The EndlessBarthilas-US3080Not updated
86Feyris AscensionBarthilas-US3053Not updated
87Cube ViralBarthilas-US3040
88Hydro AscensionBarthilas-US3038
89Baddiest The Desired OnesBarthilas-US3038Not updated
90Oolan CeleritasBarthilas-US3036
91Mieren The ForgottenBarthilas-US3036
92Meccamaster  Barthilas-US3035Not updated
93Hypedrive UntouchableBarthilas-US3033Not updated
94Jarrekmace  Barthilas-US3031Not updated
95Deadlyshift The Eagle Reigns SupremeBarthilas-US3030Not updated
96Niumoomoo  Barthilas-US2915Not updated
97Crackfaced KrackheadsBarthilas-US2853
98Ninjist Glorious ReprieveBarthilas-US2851Not updated
99Medix Blue LabelBarthilas-US2845Not updated
100Bubi AscensionBarthilas-US2840Not updated

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