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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azshara-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Abadum Team SheriffAzshara-EU6715Not updated
2Ryudón  Azshara-EU5561Not updated
3Yvienné  Azshara-EU5495Not updated
4Aldûr MoonzlingeAzshara-EU4883Not updated
5Kraze Team SheriffAzshara-EU4441Not updated
6Eigil never endingAzshara-EU4435Not updated
7Shatira MoonzlingeAzshara-EU4181Not updated
8Tarzahn Inglourious BAzshara-EU3938Not updated
9Chânel CutAzshara-EU3870Not updated
10Vìolent True ElementsAzshara-EU3848Not updated
11Lurgs Purple HazeAzshara-EU3830Not updated
12Kysyl RefresheDAzshara-EU3828Not updated
13Payesto CutAzshara-EU3733Not updated
14Hèlge TempestAzshara-EU3731Not updated
15Degrô  Azshara-EU3628Not updated
16Cauze  Azshara-EU3626Not updated
17Yusera Team SheriffAzshara-EU3596Not updated
18Lyandria Inglourious BAzshara-EU3588Not updated
19Tarlik MaligneAzshara-EU3566Not updated
20Skyquake VitalityAzshara-EU3550Not updated
21Câps Köpi KriegerAzshara-EU3545Not updated
22Tóru Ohrgrimmars OhrenärzteAzshara-EU3530Not updated
23Cherri Blazed RedemptionAzshara-EU3526Not updated
24Astnuuki Blazed RedemptionAzshara-EU3525Not updated
25Ere SignAzshara-EU3458Not updated
26Fummelfichte xoxoAzshara-EU3456Not updated
27Ciaz ACHTUNG ÜBLER LOADERAzshara-EU3445Not updated
28Elinja ImpressionAzshara-EU3443Not updated
29Azelia VariaAzshara-EU3441Not updated
30Twold  Azshara-EU3441Not updated
31Rakash The UndertakerAzshara-EU3440Not updated
32Miyá SignAzshara-EU3440Not updated
33Ailenia HordenpackAzshara-EU3440Not updated
34Laisolon Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU3438Not updated
35Kappakuzius BlackDaggerAzshara-EU3438Not updated
36Atemfrisch Blood HazeAzshara-EU3436Not updated
37Nedar SecretAzshara-EU3436Not updated
38Nilura suitedAzshara-EU3435Not updated
39Nukolar Prisoners of AlcatrazAzshara-EU3435Not updated
40Xyfer Ultimate SacrificeAzshara-EU3435Not updated
41Inarah MoonzlingeAzshara-EU3433Not updated
42Borderland CutAzshara-EU3433Not updated
43Rashna Grand PubahsAzshara-EU3433Not updated
44Druwides  Azshara-EU3433Not updated
45Haadi Dark MojoAzshara-EU3430Not updated
46Yuvilia MoonzlingeAzshara-EU3425Not updated
47Jakora InsomniaAzshara-EU3395Not updated
48Bobdestodes  Azshara-EU3395Not updated
49Saam WiPeSPoRTsAzshara-EU3388Not updated
50Ranechan High Skill MusicalAzshara-EU3386Not updated
51Pottyshake  Azshara-EU3366Not updated
52Xplosive LandslideAzshara-EU3366Not updated
53Sunshjin unheilbarAzshara-EU3365Not updated
54Maccu CutAzshara-EU3363Not updated
55Thundercage Inner CoreAzshara-EU3356Not updated
56Skyth Inglourious BAzshara-EU3355Not updated
57Sìkmo FlashAzshara-EU3350Not updated
58Tofel CutiesAzshara-EU3348Not updated
59Ubbylingus CutAzshara-EU3348Not updated
60Elgreco Einmal mit ProfisAzshara-EU3346Not updated
61Tutzu VictoryAzshara-EU3343Not updated
62Daralion Pures ChaosAzshara-EU3341Not updated
63Venori moonbear squadAzshara-EU3340Not updated
64Gharôk KeelhauledAzshara-EU3328Not updated
65Majuu unheilbarAzshara-EU3326Not updated
66Choopsuey MoonzlingeAzshara-EU3261Not updated
67Dryes CutiesAzshara-EU3236Not updated
68Zargrall  Azshara-EU3235Not updated
69Netherpether DRUCKWELLEAzshara-EU3188Not updated
70Saylz SeelensturmAzshara-EU3186Not updated
71Yesha noctus aeternaAzshara-EU3180Not updated
72Razerr curseAzshara-EU3170Not updated
73Tilasa SignAzshara-EU3168Not updated
74Sheìra True ElementsAzshara-EU3166Not updated
75Nocthas  Azshara-EU3165Not updated
76Cerej HordenpackAzshara-EU3133Not updated
77Bloomkin Dark MojoAzshara-EU3131Not updated
78Jinjsu improvedAzshara-EU3126Not updated
79Jaykobb MoonzlingeAzshara-EU3125Not updated
80Laylol RESIDENT EVILAzshara-EU3123Not updated
81Snap FANATiCAzshara-EU3121Not updated
82Aleaya DRUCKWELLEAzshara-EU3110Not updated
83Calpika CutAzshara-EU3086Not updated
84Havill Sons of DestructionAzshara-EU3043Not updated
85Nomobility  Azshara-EU3036Not updated
86Lecheval  Azshara-EU3035Not updated
87Nezap Team SheriffAzshara-EU3028Not updated
88Amazzinq afterlifeAzshara-EU3026Not updated
89Fauliixd suitedAzshara-EU3016Not updated
90Jaeni  Azshara-EU3001Not updated
91Optimas Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU2930Not updated
92Atréyù TsunamíAzshara-EU2930Not updated
93Sinthi  Azshara-EU2930Not updated
94Eyb TempestAzshara-EU2871Not updated
95Minuita High Skill MusicalAzshara-EU2868Not updated
96Kaylana FlawsAzshara-EU2868Not updated
97Nymeriâ Placidus OmegaAzshara-EU2863Not updated
98Erosa CutAzshara-EU2848Not updated
99Canaele MoonzlingeAzshara-EU2825Not updated
100Gotus CutAzshara-EU2806Not updated

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