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Arygos-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Draugiel VindicationArygos-US4825
2Syllba Hates Your FaceArygos-US4561
3Everleigh Who Pulled ThatArygos-US3628
4Frozenorange  Arygos-US3536Not updated
5Sakaga Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US3433
6Tsarbomba Hates Your FaceArygos-US3433
7Vivify There Goes the PlanetArygos-US3433
8Torgun Altoholics AnonymousArygos-US3431
9Beth AmbivalenceArygos-US3326
10Hazo The Flaming GazeArygos-US3123Not updated
11Hilàrybüff Who Pulled ThatArygos-US2886
12Salise ImmersiveArygos-US1836
13Tidlywink Rude AwakeningArygos-US1828Not updated
14Drùbarrymore Who Pulled ThatArygos-US1743
15Deathbydruid  Arygos-US1731
16Caltox  Arygos-US1635Not updated
17Cooldowns The Flaming GazeArygos-US1521
18Smoketreez Who Pulled ThatArygos-US1518
19Shynoe Critical HitArygos-US1443Not updated
20Keiyra Circle of TitansArygos-US1441
21Djnewera Angelic WrathArygos-US1438Not updated
22Tyrìon Who Pulled ThatArygos-US1438
23Torgus Altoholics AnonymousArygos-US1436
24Caduca InquisitionArygos-US1433
25Syrokoo HauntedArygos-US1431
26Nuaka  Arygos-US1368
27Tolegit Onyx TwilightArygos-US1356
28Emerya Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US1335
29Peÿote Just the TipArygos-US1328
30Baricaa Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1165
31Bigstar  Arygos-US888Not updated
32Adonic  Arygos-US873Not updated
33Aurørá Who Pulled ThatArygos-US858Not updated
34Kimegord Altoholics AnonymousArygos-US845
35Kordrid  Arygos-US843Not updated
36Mabel OH GOD SPIDERSArygos-US838Not updated
37Lejola Afflicted SoulsArygos-US836
38Elhel Critical HitArygos-US795Not updated
39Littlecurly RelentlessArygos-US721Not updated
40Kimen Dost Thou Even HoistArygos-US718Not updated
41Lorok Powered By HeinekenArygos-US660Not updated
42Baaggy Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US658
43Maidenchyna Critical HitArygos-US635
44Holyachilles Circle of TitansArygos-US620
45Thelmiree Afflicted SoulsArygos-US596
46Milk Hates Your FaceArygos-US573
47Shugenja Onyx TwilightArygos-US565
48Mhael Pirates of RumArygos-US546Not updated
49Elementbound Onyx TwilightArygos-US545
50Casevac  Arygos-US545Not updated
51Steamz AmbivalenceArygos-US543
52Tirah Alliance DestroyersArygos-US536Not updated
53Thorizan XanijhArygos-US510
54Belanie Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US441
55Mansickle We Hate WinningArygos-US438
56Rajis AmbivalenceArygos-US438Not updated
57Calïsta Who Pulled ThatArygos-US438
58Jokled Afflicted SoulsArygos-US435
59Assandros AmbivalenceArygos-US428
60Calsia AmbivalenceArygos-US368Not updated
61Glôbal Afflicted SoulsArygos-US368
62Kaldreus Hack the PlanetArygos-US253
63Hyzzle KryptosArygos-US168Not updated

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