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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Argent Dawn-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Athenaar PretenseArgent Dawn-EU5325Not updated
2Arooflechuck Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU5161Not updated
3Sínj Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU5156Not updated
4Byoki LightArgent Dawn-EU5036Not updated
5Crimnak AmentiaArgent Dawn-EU4930Not updated
6Fenos Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU4736Not updated
7Zivanka KatlaArgent Dawn-EU4633Not updated
8Krowkan Tears of AlexstraszaArgent Dawn-EU4570Not updated
9Deviil  Argent Dawn-EU4546Not updated
10Solenaya Moonglaive SisterhoodArgent Dawn-EU4441Not updated
11Vynzi LightArgent Dawn-EU4440Not updated
12Paganfire Guild PerksArgent Dawn-EU4331Not updated
13Theralia Immortal SevenArgent Dawn-EU4156Not updated
14Yshane CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU4145Not updated
15Meduzz  Argent Dawn-EU3845Not updated
16Dafty Eternitys EndArgent Dawn-EU3833Not updated
17Hildrande Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU3825Not updated
18Ristiriita ValiojoukkoArgent Dawn-EU3805Not updated
19Vyone StormguardArgent Dawn-EU3636Not updated
20Niekala Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU3636Not updated
21Lola Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU3633Not updated
22Lylrea InnovationArgent Dawn-EU3616Not updated
23Krink CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU3561Not updated
24Nextone Raiders IncArgent Dawn-EU3548Not updated
25Lorinel RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU3541Not updated
26Munii House Of The FallenArgent Dawn-EU3540Not updated
27Floweb The Noble HouseArgent Dawn-EU3531Not updated
28Saethan EterniumArgent Dawn-EU3530Not updated
29Tomátpuré KatlaArgent Dawn-EU3526Not updated
30Majeure Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU3521Not updated
31Kazkan PieArgent Dawn-EU3510Not updated
32Quellar Theramore VanguardArgent Dawn-EU3443Not updated
33Sheyen  Argent Dawn-EU3443Not updated
34Arrax No More TearsArgent Dawn-EU3441Not updated
35Seifier A Few Good FellasArgent Dawn-EU3441Not updated
36Sharazhad LightArgent Dawn-EU3441Not updated
37Cyracus FaedrunArgent Dawn-EU3440Not updated
38Bábygirl  Argent Dawn-EU3440Not updated
39Moonful Pixel HeroesArgent Dawn-EU3436Not updated
40Esca Legion of LemmingsArgent Dawn-EU3436Not updated
41Embie Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU3436Not updated
42Vexus CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU3436Not updated
43Alphaw  Argent Dawn-EU3435Not updated
44Anghra Raiders IncArgent Dawn-EU3435Not updated
45Drum Ulduar Mechanics CrewArgent Dawn-EU3433Not updated
46Worldmender Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU3431Not updated
47Tynon ExtortionArgent Dawn-EU3431Not updated
48Dreamclaw LoreseekersArgent Dawn-EU3431Not updated
49Gertta The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU3428Not updated
50Seyumi LightArgent Dawn-EU3428Not updated
51Lincey Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU3423Not updated
52Shíka AbsolutionArgent Dawn-EU3421Not updated
53Voodoosoo Here Be MonstersArgent Dawn-EU3366Not updated
54Vôs Raiders IncArgent Dawn-EU3366Not updated
55Tarit InnovationArgent Dawn-EU3365Not updated
56Ervyn House Of The FallenArgent Dawn-EU3358Not updated
57Zlurkey In the Sky with DiamondsArgent Dawn-EU3350Not updated
58Allypalla HeliosArgent Dawn-EU3348Not updated
59Moutsikaki  Argent Dawn-EU3348Not updated
60Enlightener  Argent Dawn-EU3343Not updated
61Jigorina VerdictArgent Dawn-EU3331Not updated
62Serzha InnovationArgent Dawn-EU3328Not updated
63Kaary  Argent Dawn-EU3328Not updated
64Aimizu Pixel HeroesArgent Dawn-EU3326Not updated
65Aramek Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU3268Not updated
66Catyra ExtortionArgent Dawn-EU3261Not updated
67Prafix Last MrohicansArgent Dawn-EU3233Not updated
68Clompsy Dawnshade BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-EU3220Not updated
69Starfocus RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU3188Not updated
70Shamiro CoJArgent Dawn-EU3178Not updated
71Hyrath House Of The FallenArgent Dawn-EU3173Not updated
72Panakea MistfallArgent Dawn-EU3163Not updated
73Kurama The AristocracyArgent Dawn-EU3163Not updated
74Pôpeofdôpe MistfallArgent Dawn-EU3155Not updated
75Attriana Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU3140Not updated
76Vayanne RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU3136Not updated
77Welhung Mog NoguArgent Dawn-EU3133Not updated
78Tenara Sanctus ImperiumArgent Dawn-EU3128Not updated
79Yicaro Thorns of the RoseArgent Dawn-EU3123Not updated
80Arisorca The Secret SocietyArgent Dawn-EU3123Not updated
81Hunchey SweeneyArgent Dawn-EU3123Not updated
82Feltirion Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU3123Not updated
83Chantrea RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU3121Not updated
84Nozomî Brutal DeluxeArgent Dawn-EU3121Not updated
85Auråna The UnbrandedArgent Dawn-EU3051Not updated
86Valhert Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU3050Not updated
87Shadoswag Do you even click broArgent Dawn-EU3048Not updated
88Mirthe ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU3040Not updated
89Santeria  Argent Dawn-EU3036Not updated
90Syxo KhalasarArgent Dawn-EU3033Not updated
91Kipz InnovationArgent Dawn-EU3033Not updated
92Türin Wave of MutilationArgent Dawn-EU3033Not updated
93Gweryan PeritiaArgent Dawn-EU3031Not updated
94Duniates  Argent Dawn-EU3030Not updated
95Gobiegob ExtortionArgent Dawn-EU3028Not updated
96Verni VesuviusArgent Dawn-EU3023Not updated
97Takhealis Eternitys EndArgent Dawn-EU3021Not updated
98Azretha ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU3021Not updated
99Rostolja Sanctus ImperiumArgent Dawn-EU3018Not updated
100Frostvit LightArgent Dawn-EU2930Not updated

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