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Area 52-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Treebag AeonArea 52-US6233Not updated
2Mai Ladies OnlyArea 52-US5816
3Llbbynicole  Area 52-US5433Not updated
4Shadowlumin  Area 52-US4640Not updated
5Kezzoh RepriseArea 52-US4451
6Chewster Natural SelectionArea 52-US4448
7Nursiehots EchoesArea 52-US4346
8Onchy Drunken Dancin HordeArea 52-US4328Not updated
9Pub Natural SelectionArea 52-US4328
10Teeyon AscendingArea 52-US4326
11Leira Once and AgainArea 52-US4158
12Beleavere Six Beers DeepArea 52-US4156
13Ciphurtotem  Area 52-US3943Not updated
14Amava  Area 52-US3940Not updated
15Imminess ArdentArea 52-US3886Not updated
16Night  Area 52-US3838Not updated
17Banashne ImminentArea 52-US3806
18Revolve The DawnbringerArea 52-US3755
19Boozebag Chain ReactionArea 52-US3726
20Volios  Area 52-US3638Not updated
21Panixz Novus ChalybsArea 52-US3633
22Ibbeyo Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US3631
23Kammgee GiggityArea 52-US3610
24Rossetti Delicious CakeArea 52-US3570
25Malchizeen ArtificeArea 52-US3535
26Mizumi  Area 52-US3526Not updated
27Aristocrat Natural SelectionArea 52-US3525
28Rebki Soldats of the BearArea 52-US3510
29Xav Ladies OnlyArea 52-US3506
30Chaqella ScornArea 52-US3453
31Djfluxyolo  Area 52-US3450Not updated
32Trahern Water SleepsArea 52-US3446Not updated
33ßufus LucidArea 52-US3445
34Victorìa Natural SelectionArea 52-US3445
35Puríncess  Area 52-US3441Not updated
36Seryrn MessoribusArea 52-US3441Not updated
37Tambea  Area 52-US3441Not updated
38Aureilla Dragons of DarknessArea 52-US3440Not updated
39Fouine  Area 52-US3438Not updated
40Dengali The AscensionArea 52-US3438
41Pleaku  Area 52-US3438Not updated
42Shaolyn MetricArea 52-US3438Not updated
43Lazy Ladies OnlyArea 52-US3436
44Kashall Adventure ClubArea 52-US3436Not updated
45Sheavá Masters of the UniverseArea 52-US3436Not updated
46Adioform Knows NothingArea 52-US3436
47Fullofcrit Bellum AeternusArea 52-US3436
48Miss MetricArea 52-US3436
49Cenariøn Blood and ChromeArea 52-US3436
50Joseito ImminentArea 52-US3435
51Bostic Grey EminenceArea 52-US3435
52Cardiokills GiggityArea 52-US3430
53Ilunne Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US3418
54Wellfeär  Area 52-US3413Not updated
55Carabëar RenascentiaArea 52-US3413
56Fabulouth High FiveArea 52-US3388
57Xèrna Fists of FurryArea 52-US3368
58Chaquella ScornArea 52-US3363
59Clogthterro Blood FeudArea 52-US3361
60Bminickw  Area 52-US3351Not updated
61Deathflash ExodusArea 52-US3350
62Perrita The SequelArea 52-US3348Not updated
63Junako SuperfriendsArea 52-US3346
64Cythus Natural SelectionArea 52-US3343
65Dampen Socially IneptArea 52-US3343
66Pìllows  Area 52-US3340Not updated
67Fauxfur ApexArea 52-US3326
68Akheilos This Is ExileArea 52-US3323Not updated
69Huxilai Insidious SoulsArea 52-US3323Not updated
70Vykomi At least we got stablesArea 52-US3275
71Chombie High FiveArea 52-US3268
72Thehotsforu ExodusArea 52-US3266
73Layoq Defiant UnityArea 52-US3235
74Kíwi Chain ReactionArea 52-US3233
75Julliane Insidious SoulsArea 52-US3230
76Endal Extreme VengeanceArea 52-US3221
77Cliffi WonderwiseArea 52-US3216
78Elidibsz  Area 52-US3211
79Nippil lampArea 52-US3210
80Lovy Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US3185
81Asal PotentArea 52-US3185
82Pantherdash Order of the Fallen CoinArea 52-US3183Not updated
83Aemeia High FiveArea 52-US3168
84Kryzp Shots FiredArea 52-US3160
85Playinphyre Defiant UnityArea 52-US3153
86Hegemony Incandescent DawnArea 52-US3153
87Jezús Corrupted DestinyArea 52-US3153
88Seihil Your Mother Is A HordeArea 52-US3150
89Rynelle Turn Down for WhatArea 52-US3150
90Chaq  Area 52-US3146Not updated
91Bubbliebutt Volatilè DèathArea 52-US3143
92Aedrea SatyriasisArea 52-US3141
93Akrateia Chocolate Bunny MeltdownArea 52-US3136
94Pedran  Area 52-US3130
95Góer RoarArea 52-US3130
96Prolan We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US3128
97Mileytwerks Insidious SoulsArea 52-US3126
98Flashlitez  Area 52-US3125Not updated
99Chocolope UnstableArea 52-US3123
100Lifebløøm Cut the Blue WireArea 52-US3121

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