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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anub'arak-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Milyandra Orgrimmars CowboysAnub'arak-EU6440Not updated
2Griwik Die Knatzl FiddlerAnub'arak-EU5723Not updated
3Smârtie EnrâgeAnub'arak-EU4638Not updated
4Ayshu Semper FidelisAnub'arak-EU4440Not updated
5Strobo EinzelgängerAnub'arak-EU4426Not updated
6Bubbleorgtfo RedhandsAnub'arak-EU4346Not updated
7Epicus OblivionAnub'arak-EU4346Not updated
8Tîlana Die Anonymen WiperAnub'arak-EU3865Not updated
9Equîlîbrîum EinzelgängerAnub'arak-EU3545Not updated
10Timetoheal Die Anonymen WiperAnub'arak-EU3543Not updated
11Loorf Empty TankardAnub'arak-EU3543Not updated
12Shiroku Old SpiceAnub'arak-EU3533Not updated
13Joána HypeAnub'arak-EU3525Not updated
14Boíndîl Die Knatzl FiddlerAnub'arak-EU3521Not updated
15Noraf Die Anonymen WiperAnub'arak-EU3448Not updated
16Xarada RedhandsAnub'arak-EU3441Not updated
17Lyska RedhandsAnub'arak-EU3436Not updated
18Pichu OblivionAnub'arak-EU3425Not updated
19Ceyro Doomhammer Acumen ClanAnub'arak-EU3368Not updated
20Tramorio  Anub'arak-EU3366Not updated
21Ubuku RedhandsAnub'arak-EU3366Not updated
22Chilos RedhandsAnub'arak-EU3365Not updated
23Nigginuss HeroesAnub'arak-EU3345Not updated
24Busfahra CARNAGEAnub'arak-EU3343Not updated
25Neav OblivionAnub'arak-EU3343Not updated
26Holyhands Amazing RandomsAnub'arak-EU3340Not updated
27Braza Just for the showAnub'arak-EU3333Not updated
28Pesgalinon Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU3328Not updated
29Shariza HypeAnub'arak-EU3321Not updated
30Sentrixx Das LegatAnub'arak-EU3185Not updated
31Soboa Allied EnemiesAnub'arak-EU3170Not updated
32Aoko Ewige MachtAnub'arak-EU3140Not updated
33Scyllua RedhandsAnub'arak-EU3128Not updated
34Eraserr Herrschaft des ChaosAnub'arak-EU3043Not updated
35Lyora OblivionAnub'arak-EU3035Not updated
36Ikarios CARNAGEAnub'arak-EU2846Not updated
37Ziran HypeAnub'arak-EU2830Not updated
38Glòriá RedhandsAnub'arak-EU2735Not updated
39Glus RedhandsAnub'arak-EU2440Not updated
40Erestron Semper FidelisAnub'arak-EU2433Not updated
41Goodvibe enLightensAnub'arak-EU2346Not updated
42Yath RedhandsAnub'arak-EU2153Not updated
43Niwi OblivionAnub'arak-EU2033Not updated
44Polizeiowell Die Anonymen WiperAnub'arak-EU1838Not updated
45Mytrûst HypeAnub'arak-EU1835Not updated
46Monn RenascenceAnub'arak-EU1831Not updated
47Rayne AidenAnub'arak-EU1746Not updated
48Deva Doomhammer Acumen ClanAnub'arak-EU1726Not updated
49Bigsteak Herrschaft des ChaosAnub'arak-EU1636Not updated
50Daimonia EnrâgeAnub'arak-EU1578Not updated
51Nidi  Anub'arak-EU1526Not updated
52Shalasahr Die Anonymen WiperAnub'arak-EU1525Not updated
53Vany Empty TankardAnub'arak-EU1525Not updated
54Prolog Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1440Not updated
55Ecos Allies im WunderlandAnub'arak-EU1438Not updated
56Adjama EnrâgeAnub'arak-EU1436Not updated
57Schamika  Anub'arak-EU1436Not updated
58Eddnaa OblivionAnub'arak-EU1428Not updated
59Piepmatz HypeAnub'arak-EU1385Not updated
60Veriana Old SpiceAnub'arak-EU1383Not updated
61Speedyo Doomhammer Acumen ClanAnub'arak-EU1348Not updated
62Schmiley  Anub'arak-EU1343Not updated
63Lîw MortíferusAnub'arak-EU1271Not updated
64Heashi FettesNeedAnub'arak-EU1133Not updated
65Vectorica Jäger der SchattenAnub'arak-EU978Not updated
66Jaelâ Semper FidelisAnub'arak-EU943Not updated
67Oyz Novus Ordo MundiAnub'arak-EU943Not updated
68Sylvâna RelaxedAnub'arak-EU941Not updated
69Rambale RedhandsAnub'arak-EU936Not updated
70Balmør RedhandsAnub'arak-EU920Not updated
71Naelyn Semper FidelisAnub'arak-EU885Not updated
72Talsor Das LegatAnub'arak-EU881Not updated
73Giillett Mosh n GoAnub'arak-EU871Not updated
74Furbâll RedhandsAnub'arak-EU868Not updated
75Herbderp Lunatic PandoraAnub'arak-EU865Not updated
76Seraf HypeAnub'arak-EU850Not updated
77Tatiuh Doomhammer Acumen ClanAnub'arak-EU845Not updated
78Sinextra Amazing RandomsAnub'arak-EU831Not updated
79Aranthar Doomhammer Acumen ClanAnub'arak-EU821Not updated
80Srsname Jah VibesAnub'arak-EU818Not updated
81Celestus  Anub'arak-EU755Not updated
82Gummibest OblivionAnub'arak-EU740Not updated
83Torul Die Anonymen WiperAnub'arak-EU733Not updated
84Dâng OblivionAnub'arak-EU646Not updated
85Sachmêt Boten des WahnsinnsAnub'arak-EU641Not updated
86Haokah AcumenAnub'arak-EU638Not updated
87Atacor ist totAnub'arak-EU631Not updated
88Valentína Lunatic PandoraAnub'arak-EU568Not updated
89Ällikillä HeroesAnub'arak-EU565Not updated
90Kanu HeroesAnub'arak-EU565Not updated
91Sonnenträne  Anub'arak-EU551Not updated
92Serha Salida del solAnub'arak-EU536Not updated
93Joko HypeAnub'arak-EU533Not updated
94Wólkchen  Anub'arak-EU531Not updated
95Jaerden Heimat des LichtsAnub'arak-EU521Not updated
96Elgre RedhandsAnub'arak-EU495Not updated
97Schrotteh HypeAnub'arak-EU476Not updated
98Garock VaeVictisAnub'arak-EU458Not updated
99Ená LichtbrecherAnub'arak-EU453Not updated
100Mortuos ExceptionAnub'arak-EU441Not updated

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