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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Antonidas-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Kormila I am MurløcAntonidas-EU8443Not updated
2Andormù  Antonidas-EU6178Not updated
3Darnul I am MurløcAntonidas-EU5943Not updated
4Lomila TimelessAntonidas-EU5936Not updated
5Kathlina Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU5436Not updated
6Harixa Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU5230Not updated
7Redria CyborgAntonidas-EU4856Not updated
8Trimor SchattenfeuerAntonidas-EU4640Not updated
9Healroy Project InsanityAntonidas-EU4636Not updated
10Overqt Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU4523Not updated
11Maligra Cursed SoulsAntonidas-EU4445Not updated
12Valyn I am MurløcAntonidas-EU4436Not updated
13Blâckbîrd NovumAntonidas-EU4371Not updated
14Semtexx Northern SkyAntonidas-EU4168Not updated
15Zêus HuntersAntonidas-EU3943Not updated
16Bloomx Northern SkyAntonidas-EU3935Not updated
17Melonidy I like turtlesAntonidas-EU3871Not updated
18Ravios CyborgAntonidas-EU3833Not updated
19Worgis Stark IndustriesAntonidas-EU3825Not updated
20Fárodín Ordre du TempleAntonidas-EU3820Not updated
21Teldrîel Memory RemainsAntonidas-EU3813Not updated
22Skoonya No Skill just EpicsAntonidas-EU3730Not updated
23Moonfuzz SønnenfeuerAntonidas-EU3726Not updated
24Feluu RidiumAntonidas-EU3721Not updated
25Æsh Jetzt schlägts DreizehnAntonidas-EU3641Not updated
26Miriade  Antonidas-EU3640Not updated
27Dobgrow Mementõ moriAntonidas-EU3638Not updated
28Kâllen Play Fast and FuriousAntonidas-EU3638Not updated
29Taruno  Antonidas-EU3633Not updated
30Trycér ScythexAntonidas-EU3630Not updated
31Natea  Antonidas-EU3628Not updated
32Amaliane Mementõ moriAntonidas-EU3625Not updated
33Jobu AwesømeAntonidas-EU3585Not updated
34Hannérl NightwolvesAntonidas-EU3566Not updated
35Monev ChargieAntonidas-EU3556Not updated
36Taruni ALIRA Die KönigsflammeAntonidas-EU3538Not updated
37Karakîz Zjusa on YouTubeAntonidas-EU3536Not updated
38Solaríus  Antonidas-EU3531Not updated
39Haldrur  Antonidas-EU3525Not updated
40Aesedai  Antonidas-EU3458Not updated
41Iodine OptimaAntonidas-EU3450Not updated
42Chrisso YpsiloNAntonidas-EU3446Not updated
43Orphy SanthariaAntonidas-EU3446Not updated
44Todo  Antonidas-EU3446Not updated
45Samui SchädelsammlerAntonidas-EU3445Not updated
46Kuky Kreativ wie BrotAntonidas-EU3443Not updated
47Twiriaa Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU3443Not updated
48Sharadea The HiddenAntonidas-EU3441Not updated
49Clamton The Perfect CircleAntonidas-EU3441Not updated
50Aneoe AestasAntonidas-EU3441Not updated
51Ðerbarther IllusiønAntonidas-EU3441Not updated
52Inteam Gimps for EverAntonidas-EU3440Not updated
53Wìldcat UnicAntonidas-EU3440Not updated
54Dadalyn Akte XAntonidas-EU3440Not updated
55Reijimaigo No Skill just EpicsAntonidas-EU3438Not updated
56Saeta BittersweetAntonidas-EU3436Not updated
57Illúsion  Antonidas-EU3436Not updated
58Chimæ  Antonidas-EU3435Not updated
59Daloria SønnenfeuerAntonidas-EU3435Not updated
60Erendur SønnenfeuerAntonidas-EU3435Not updated
61Narîsha No Skill just EpicsAntonidas-EU3433Not updated
62Emifay Jetzt schlägts DreizehnAntonidas-EU3430Not updated
63Bârio AbjéctioAntonidas-EU3430Not updated
64Esmeraldine KingsfallAntonidas-EU3428Not updated
65Hasturat Ave LetumAntonidas-EU3428Not updated
66Amahra No RaidAntonidas-EU3426Not updated
67Leanôra InfinitumAntonidas-EU3426Not updated
68Tvî I like turtlesAntonidas-EU3388Not updated
69Solîtude Die MerowingerAntonidas-EU3375Not updated
70Lembert Loaded DiceAntonidas-EU3366Not updated
71Losmarios Tiger RebelsAntonidas-EU3365Not updated
72Nágini I am MurløcAntonidas-EU3365Not updated
73Aivee Outlaws exAntonidas-EU3365Not updated
74Tobindax The Legendary ReturneesAntonidas-EU3363Not updated
75Classico CyborgAntonidas-EU3360Not updated
76Coco Legacy of HeavenAntonidas-EU3346Not updated
77Theodrim Mementõ moriAntonidas-EU3346Not updated
78Schacira Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU3345Not updated
79Xymoril SchattenfeuerAntonidas-EU3343Not updated
80Tóckî Einfach EpischAntonidas-EU3331Not updated
81Hàyley V I P E RAntonidas-EU3328Not updated
82Cienna  Antonidas-EU3328Not updated
83Bambiny Lordaerons RevengeAntonidas-EU3328Not updated
84Cyne KingsfallAntonidas-EU3326Not updated
85Barabarin Tiger RebelsAntonidas-EU3326Not updated
86Caró Lordaerons RevengeAntonidas-EU3325Not updated
87Lavendil RespiraAntonidas-EU3260Not updated
88Lostwithout Rising StormAntonidas-EU3235Not updated
89Takanashi HavocAntonidas-EU3235Not updated
90Hemera LuxAeternaAntonidas-EU3233Not updated
91Casorana Keepers of AzerothAntonidas-EU3231Not updated
92Nichtzubrems Ad ActaAntonidas-EU3211Not updated
93Chrno Elite des PhoenixAntonidas-EU3210Not updated
94Saynara PatrizierAntonidas-EU3198Not updated
95Sylveran NovumAntonidas-EU3188Not updated
96Hansuwe AtmosphereAntonidas-EU3186Not updated
97Dirtysunchef OrganyxAntonidas-EU3181Not updated
98Sweetpea KingsfallAntonidas-EU3180Not updated
99Anatama NástrandirAntonidas-EU3178Not updated
100Juicé StarfallAntonidas-EU3178Not updated

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