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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anachronos-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Milara IterumAnachronos-EU5438Not updated
2Shalanaria Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU4435Not updated
3Aildora BULGARIAAnachronos-EU4435Not updated
4Premîum Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU3836Not updated
5Nilinity RuinedAnachronos-EU3726Not updated
6Madli Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU3638Not updated
7Searfang  Anachronos-EU3616Not updated
8Ranavar RuinedAnachronos-EU3443Not updated
9Telyn RuinedAnachronos-EU3433Not updated
10Aryl Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU3430Not updated
11Leyatee Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU3426Not updated
12Kyraei Angelz of the DarksideAnachronos-EU3403Not updated
13Noemi  Anachronos-EU3355Not updated
14Lunebelle  Anachronos-EU3341Not updated
15Madicken Scandinavian ArmyAnachronos-EU3325Not updated
16Galadryen RuinedAnachronos-EU3176Not updated
17Bellå Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU3173Not updated
18Iskan All Nuke SkullAnachronos-EU3146Not updated
19Shandriss  Anachronos-EU3126Not updated
20Thirika  Anachronos-EU3126Not updated
21Pattseh Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU3125Not updated
22Tracilordz The Molochean HandAnachronos-EU3038Not updated
23Sarya Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU2931Not updated
24Astrea All Nuke SkullAnachronos-EU2840Not updated
25Xianqiuao Da InfernoAnachronos-EU2451Not updated
26Beastylad  Anachronos-EU2441Not updated
27Luxy Curse IncAnachronos-EU2436Not updated
28Geraalt All Nuke SkullAnachronos-EU2368Not updated
29Rozina The HordemastersAnachronos-EU2366Not updated
30Ømfg SlaughterhouseAnachronos-EU2143Not updated
31Xatas HopelessAnachronos-EU1931Not updated
32Zaifu Scandinavian ArmyAnachronos-EU1861Not updated
33Naturestar To The Ends Of EarthAnachronos-EU1858Not updated
34Safenet ReckoningAnachronos-EU1805Not updated
35Holycurves Dark AgesAnachronos-EU1638Not updated
36Xirio  Anachronos-EU1610Not updated
37Kresta The Tigers FangsAnachronos-EU1546Not updated
38Serroff  Anachronos-EU1515Not updated
39Taicho RuinedAnachronos-EU1441Not updated
40Tanisha  Anachronos-EU1440Not updated
41Diëgo  Anachronos-EU1440Not updated
42Rußy  Anachronos-EU1435Not updated
43Nita VengeanceAnachronos-EU1428Not updated
44Varaen The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU1428Not updated
45Temer The DUDESAnachronos-EU1380Not updated
46Gigaz Knights of NiAnachronos-EU1353Not updated
47Galene All Nuke SkullAnachronos-EU1351Not updated
48Gemmastone Angelz of the DarksideAnachronos-EU1350Not updated
49Drachma  Anachronos-EU1348Not updated
50Omegaxis HopelessAnachronos-EU1188Not updated
51Caang EinherjarAnachronos-EU1140Not updated
52Blooch The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU1055Not updated
53Shockblocked The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU1020Not updated
54Annasophia Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU966Not updated
55Kayla Angelz of the DarksideAnachronos-EU943Not updated
56Eladia The LowlandersAnachronos-EU911Not updated
57Putrefaction ScorpionsAnachronos-EU863Not updated
58Slimshaun WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU861Not updated
59Ganieda RuinedAnachronos-EU858Not updated
60Shatum Hells TigersAnachronos-EU856Not updated
61Powerofdoom  Anachronos-EU855Not updated
62Irminsul Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU843Not updated
63Midir All Nuke SkullAnachronos-EU841Not updated
64Jahrin The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU835Not updated
65Jaruhi Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU826Not updated
66Saitar The HordemastersAnachronos-EU826Not updated
67Thornell The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU815Not updated
68Tilona Dark AgesAnachronos-EU815Not updated
69Parnog Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU806Not updated
70Lùna Hells TigersAnachronos-EU743Not updated
71Healpain De Sorte SpejdereAnachronos-EU741Not updated
72Ilovetrees The LowlandersAnachronos-EU641Not updated
73Grimmy The HordemastersAnachronos-EU636Not updated
74Valtair The Everlasting RoseAnachronos-EU635Not updated
75Lilabeth The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU596Not updated
76Missyb EinherjarAnachronos-EU580Not updated
77Menewa Shadow spectresAnachronos-EU568Not updated
78Cëleste  Anachronos-EU548Not updated
79Raphaele The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU546Not updated
80Hungfu  Anachronos-EU546Not updated
81Seamo WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU535Not updated
82Mattina Knights of NiAnachronos-EU533Not updated
83Leale To The Ends Of EarthAnachronos-EU533Not updated
84Tsulin Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU533Not updated
85Dictes The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU526Not updated
86Gwennet All Nuke SkullAnachronos-EU506Not updated
87Zereena Hells TigersAnachronos-EU460Not updated
88Smeester RuinedAnachronos-EU458Not updated
89Thedawn The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU448Not updated
90Kalasia Hells TigersAnachronos-EU443Not updated
91Tero The Molochean HandAnachronos-EU441Not updated
92Snadarion DutchTwilightAnachronos-EU438Not updated
93Yssha  Anachronos-EU436Not updated
94Scarxx Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU436Not updated
95Aikou Hells TigersAnachronos-EU366Not updated
96Whiskeyjack The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU365Not updated
97Fandrion RuinedAnachronos-EU350Not updated
98Tulenjano  Anachronos-EU348Not updated
99Madopof Soul CollectorsAnachronos-EU238Not updated
100Turox  Anachronos-EU76Not updated

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