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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alonsus-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Kerros  Alonsus-EU5728Not updated
2Niora  Alonsus-EU4848Not updated
3Reductzor  Alonsus-EU4436Not updated
4Feralolord OriginAlonsus-EU3843Not updated
5Lheea RazeAlonsus-EU3441Not updated
6Rubel Slaves of AmaryAlonsus-EU3441Not updated
7Shadowhelth The GuardiansAlonsus-EU3436Not updated
8Anizy FamousAlonsus-EU3433Not updated
9Tsol Dead Naga StorageAlonsus-EU3353Not updated
10Fep Tactical Nuclear PenguinAlonsus-EU3326Not updated
11Kratas RazeAlonsus-EU3158Not updated
12Toobashed FrequencyAlonsus-EU3036Not updated
13Herì  Alonsus-EU3028Not updated
14Churchofxenu FamousAlonsus-EU2863Not updated
15Sparkiee Sargeras CouncilAlonsus-EU2861Not updated
16Fenrir Insane IntentionsAlonsus-EU2858Not updated
17Hellokitteh FamousAlonsus-EU2838Not updated
18Dorrien Ancient LegacyAlonsus-EU2635Not updated
19Kamis AscendanceAlonsus-EU2585Not updated
20Azuresong AscendanceAlonsus-EU2551Not updated
21Shortstump EclipseAlonsus-EU2538Not updated
22Ahrixus RazeAlonsus-EU2468Not updated
23Evenuel AscendanceAlonsus-EU2441Not updated
24Elstiffo The GuardiansAlonsus-EU2430Not updated
25Khoric RazeAlonsus-EU1943Not updated
26Angryfisting Ancient LegacyAlonsus-EU1873Not updated
27Zador Ancient LegacyAlonsus-EU1840Not updated
28Althaea FamousAlonsus-EU1830Not updated
29Physicz  Alonsus-EU1743Not updated
30Brucewayné TenacityAlonsus-EU1630Not updated
31Horlol VeritasAlonsus-EU1623Not updated
32Scootahtuig VengeanceAlonsus-EU1621Not updated
33Papu Royal Teldrassil RangersAlonsus-EU1546Not updated
34Bertalel  Alonsus-EU1543Not updated
35Sarmis AscendanceAlonsus-EU1530Not updated
36Morthei VengeanceAlonsus-EU1526Not updated
37Horuset Wolves of NorthrendAlonsus-EU1526Not updated
38Shazna EclipseAlonsus-EU1456Not updated
39Morí FamousAlonsus-EU1440Not updated
40Naen Insane IntentionsAlonsus-EU1440Not updated
41Alfréd Glads N DropoutsAlonsus-EU1436Not updated
42Prelle FamousAlonsus-EU1435Not updated
43Aarwen  Alonsus-EU1433Not updated
44Abigor ArmagéddonAlonsus-EU1431Not updated
45Fiskpínne EclipseAlonsus-EU1428Not updated
46Tropícal  Alonsus-EU1426Not updated
47Cheeki FrequencyAlonsus-EU1416Not updated
48Kuznica RazeAlonsus-EU1258Not updated
49Spookchi  Alonsus-EU1188Not updated
50Layal FrequencyAlonsus-EU1156Not updated
51Tridarielz  Alonsus-EU1133Not updated
52Jarazi GG WPAlonsus-EU960Not updated
53Gregoryhouse  Alonsus-EU951Not updated
54Madsbear GG WPAlonsus-EU945Not updated
55Shiftovèr  Alonsus-EU941Not updated
56Méowth AdaptationAlonsus-EU940Not updated
57Fervor The Shadow LegionAlonsus-EU938Not updated
58Taateli RoutaAlonsus-EU921Not updated
59Panopticon PrimacyAlonsus-EU840Not updated
60Tidalwave Kikass ClanAlonsus-EU830Not updated
61Dochia  Alonsus-EU828Not updated
62Eliphal The GuardiansAlonsus-EU826Not updated
63Felwan Ancient LegacyAlonsus-EU825Not updated
64Krs Former GloryAlonsus-EU805Not updated
65Yemo BEST GUILD EUAlonsus-EU750Not updated
66Ayashin FamousAlonsus-EU740Not updated
67Ahrixuz RazeAlonsus-EU733Not updated
68Fìrebug EclipseAlonsus-EU728Not updated
69Diranta RazeAlonsus-EU726Not updated
70Agnieze AscendanceAlonsus-EU726Not updated
71Iqnas AdaptationAlonsus-EU643Not updated
72Koni FrequencyAlonsus-EU635Not updated
73Caern Care policeAlonsus-EU621Not updated
74Jen EclipseAlonsus-EU611Not updated
75Distracted  Alonsus-EU566Not updated
76Ahilyus KirousAlonsus-EU566Not updated
77Insedius SuperheroesAlonsus-EU563Not updated
78Qulia FamousAlonsus-EU551Not updated
79Superpongyy SUMMER IS COMINGAlonsus-EU546Not updated
80Rhéya MercyfulAlonsus-EU545Not updated
81Xephrenia Insane IntentionsAlonsus-EU543Not updated
82Chada Keepers Of ChaosAlonsus-EU540Not updated
83Keijopappi KirousAlonsus-EU536Not updated
84Kaelisin MercyfulAlonsus-EU526Not updated
85Windwalker  Alonsus-EU521Not updated
86Iriondruid RazeAlonsus-EU520Not updated
87Marmite  Alonsus-EU460Not updated
88Fuzzypaw RazeAlonsus-EU448Not updated
89Sigrid EclipseAlonsus-EU443Not updated
90Xarok The GuardiansAlonsus-EU443Not updated
91Mysticmeg Round TableAlonsus-EU441Not updated
92Leticia AscendanceAlonsus-EU441Not updated
93Apolka Kikass ClanAlonsus-EU441Not updated
94Wildstorm AdaptationAlonsus-EU441Not updated
95Míyasi RazeAlonsus-EU441Not updated
96Shrukiv  Alonsus-EU441Not updated
97Shamrocks Ancient LegacyAlonsus-EU438Not updated
98Jayzaz LunacyAlonsus-EU438Not updated
99Khazix Warriors of the PastAlonsus-EU438Not updated
100Hromotlk OdpadliciAlonsus-EU438Not updated

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