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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Alexstrasza-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Dreary PhoenixAlexstrasza-US4845
2Zydaz Women and ChildrenAlexstrasza-US4205Not updated
3Kiyomasa Dark TideAlexstrasza-US3955Not updated
4Dylora Dark TideAlexstrasza-US3548Not updated
5Arlynd  Alexstrasza-US3546Not updated
6Jartaan KineticAlexstrasza-US3438
7Leál TwìlíghtAlexstrasza-US3368
8Hoggins KineticAlexstrasza-US3361Not updated
9Hartslayer KineticAlexstrasza-US3330
10Wreckisham ContingencyAlexstrasza-US3161Not updated
11Zye Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US3161
12Swanger Circle of SevenAlexstrasza-US3140Not updated
13Redtailb PhoenixAlexstrasza-US3133
14Dukhudo KineticAlexstrasza-US3126
15Pillow The Odds Favor UsAlexstrasza-US3035
16Cozzmo Hordes Of HellAlexstrasza-US3033Not updated
17Xanendorf PhoenixAlexstrasza-US3026
18Ashpoopal Renewed HopeAlexstrasza-US2950Not updated
19Primevalus Dragon ArmyAlexstrasza-US2828
20Trinitywolf  Alexstrasza-US2731Not updated
21Iorek CondemnedAlexstrasza-US2638Not updated
22Alram Rise of the TriffidsAlexstrasza-US2570
23Orimeth Swords of the Arch AngelAlexstrasza-US2528Not updated
24Teremett One Last TryAlexstrasza-US2436Not updated
25Shammyspice The Odds Favor UsAlexstrasza-US2433
26Oshii KineticAlexstrasza-US2430
27Adellianna ContingencyAlexstrasza-US2343Not updated
28Pandaproblim Lords of AlexstraszaAlexstrasza-US1936
29Aksana LogicalAlexstrasza-US1880
30Monkybrewstr Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1858Not updated
31Dionosis Swords of the Arch AngelAlexstrasza-US1830Not updated
32Kerranggaroo Hordes Of HellAlexstrasza-US1825Not updated
33Shadowelitee LogicalAlexstrasza-US1740
34Thalix Circle of SevenAlexstrasza-US1720Not updated
35Lohi X VainGloryAlexstrasza-US1575Not updated
36Guãrdiãn PhoenixAlexstrasza-US1540Not updated
37Survíve Stay Off My LawnAlexstrasza-US1535Not updated
38Druidjoe Arisen PhoenixAlexstrasza-US1526Not updated
39Skits  Alexstrasza-US1440Not updated
40Talc KineticAlexstrasza-US1435
41Modernx Rage and ManaAlexstrasza-US1435Not updated
42Drathmir Mordor Hikers ClubAlexstrasza-US1433Not updated
43Cùra ZAFIRAHAlexstrasza-US1431
44Auudi ParagonAlexstrasza-US1383Not updated
45Thisishot Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US1366Not updated
46Lanceelot Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US1356
47Hísana DemiseAlexstrasza-US1345Not updated
48Ellorien KineticAlexstrasza-US1263
49Kyleena Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US1243
50Peluda FacepalmAlexstrasza-US1221Not updated
51Shamankid ERROR Guild not foundAlexstrasza-US1160Not updated
52Kissimn KamuyAlexstrasza-US946
53Gotstealth Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US900Not updated
54Dõõm Kings And WarlordsAlexstrasza-US896Not updated
55Emisberey Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US875
56Cokerx  Alexstrasza-US863
57Laurelyn ContingencyAlexstrasza-US855Not updated
58Ismybuttbig Is a Living LegendAlexstrasza-US851Not updated
59Kabukii Women and ChildrenAlexstrasza-US836Not updated
60Aiso Dark TideAlexstrasza-US826Not updated
61Pirimoo KamuyAlexstrasza-US800Not updated
62Moonmandude Gates of OblivionAlexstrasza-US761Not updated
63Volessk Circle of SevenAlexstrasza-US735Not updated
64Salvera  Alexstrasza-US733Not updated
65Itslikewow Circle of SevenAlexstrasza-US730
66Shanôa Fragrance for MenAlexstrasza-US641
67Trelocke DéfianceAlexstrasza-US640
68Foldzy ContingencyAlexstrasza-US638Not updated
69Legoos Swords of the Arch AngelAlexstrasza-US626
70Guarigione  Alexstrasza-US605Not updated
71Creyente Tainted DawnAlexstrasza-US581Not updated
72Pollollipop ZAFIRAHAlexstrasza-US566Not updated
73Totan KamuyAlexstrasza-US566
74Opalann KineticAlexstrasza-US556
75Shadowwolf TwìlíghtAlexstrasza-US553
76Froboz Warriors of VirtueAlexstrasza-US553Not updated
77Tinytoy Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US546
78Clutchy Gone CampingAlexstrasza-US541Not updated
79Oswaldbanks ZAFIRAHAlexstrasza-US533Not updated
80Tabbed Dragon ArmyAlexstrasza-US520
81Treecloud High SoÇietyAlexstrasza-US516Not updated
82Coltrane  Alexstrasza-US461Not updated
83Eliseya Tainted DawnAlexstrasza-US456Not updated
84Aerox Dark TideAlexstrasza-US455Not updated
85Priestycreep ContingencyAlexstrasza-US445Not updated
86Rahndeka Circle of SevenAlexstrasza-US445
87Teetees Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US445Not updated
88Foldzydr ContingencyAlexstrasza-US438Not updated
89Pharigar PhoenixAlexstrasza-US438
90Scarlèt ONE KNIGHT STANDAlexstrasza-US436Not updated
91Moolasses ERROR Guild not foundAlexstrasza-US433Not updated
92Karnytine Dark TideAlexstrasza-US433
93Getum Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US358
94Yasuragi ImmortaI KnightsAlexstrasza-US355Not updated
95Tankntime  Alexstrasza-US348Not updated
96Helvetè  Alexstrasza-US346Not updated
97Kyntarah  Alexstrasza-US345Not updated
98Crackerjan ReckoningAlexstrasza-US333Not updated
99Caja KamuyAlexstrasza-US128

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