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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aerie Peak-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Astarà InsanityAerie Peak-US5156Not updated
2Musicals  Aerie Peak-US4730Not updated
3Chuck ArcticAerie Peak-US4431Not updated
4Siendel Darkness WithinAerie Peak-US4353Not updated
5Dryclean Living Dead DollsAerie Peak-US4025Not updated
6Camps Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US3876Not updated
7Purenature  Aerie Peak-US3838Not updated
8Ilxoxllxoxll SOVENGARDEAerie Peak-US3815Not updated
9Zamboozle AloneAerie Peak-US3633Not updated
10Balthazzar Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US3631Not updated
11Toranaman Convert to Raid GalleonAerie Peak-US3523Not updated
12Lawlipop AloneAerie Peak-US3510Not updated
13Elume Living Dead DollsAerie Peak-US3480Not updated
14Cheatham Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US3443Not updated
15Zoidburgè Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US3441Not updated
16Pino Identity CrisisAerie Peak-US3441Not updated
17Curandr Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US3440Not updated
18Slaybooty DEFIÄNCEAerie Peak-US3440Not updated
19Ramayana InvictusAerie Peak-US3438Not updated
20Kaylii  Aerie Peak-US3436Not updated
21Phryjr Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US3436Not updated
22Holybee Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US3436Not updated
23Ïï Awkward SilenceAerie Peak-US3436Not updated
24Veldreck Get a LifeAerie Peak-US3436Not updated
25Purrseus Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US3436Not updated
26Tygart Convert to Raid NalakAerie Peak-US3433Not updated
27Luibang AFK In ElwynnAerie Peak-US3431Not updated
28Skulblacka UnrivaledAerie Peak-US3430Not updated
29Chemicell Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US3430Not updated
30Jaimie Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US3416Not updated
31Howland Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US3388Not updated
32Mccampz Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US3346Not updated
33Omajin Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US3346Not updated
34Verss Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US3346Not updated
35Karrun InsanityAerie Peak-US3345Not updated
36Priv AloneAerie Peak-US3313Not updated
37Sempiternal Wayward EnforcersAerie Peak-US3236Not updated
38Briejules Unknown InfluenceAerie Peak-US3155Not updated
39Pallinator Metal Wielding ManiacsAerie Peak-US3140Not updated
40Hiyun Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US3135Not updated
41Jeryhn Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US3131Not updated
42Fynnian AloneAerie Peak-US3131Not updated
43Heeyong InsanityAerie Peak-US3130Not updated
44Lembar InsanityAerie Peak-US3121Not updated
45Slurri Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US3121Not updated
46Baelrah AloneAerie Peak-US3118Not updated
47Sealsnwheels InsanityAerie Peak-US3040Not updated
48Thunder Living Dead DollsAerie Peak-US3028Not updated
49Shpadoink Devils AsylumAerie Peak-US3025Not updated
50Drxab My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US3025Not updated
51Amaranthine AdelphiaAerie Peak-US2931Not updated
52Wastinghate  Aerie Peak-US2756Not updated
53Baltwo  Aerie Peak-US2755Not updated
54Megabat  Aerie Peak-US2571Not updated
55Euphimia Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US2535Not updated
56Màkinrain Forsaken AngelsAerie Peak-US2435Not updated
57Kulban Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US2433Not updated
58Calliophea Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US2431Not updated
59Biggz AloneAerie Peak-US2430Not updated
60Shöck My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US2430Not updated
61Jademystic Last AttemptAerie Peak-US2423Not updated
62Zenblossom HehAerie Peak-US2345Not updated
63Felade InvictusAerie Peak-US2315Not updated
64Verescymbal  Aerie Peak-US1938Not updated
65Lumoso  Aerie Peak-US1935Not updated
66Tulkbear Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US1873Not updated
67Puckyhuddle Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US1868Not updated
68Hydroren Dragons HeartAerie Peak-US1856Not updated
69Adonrager Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US1856Not updated
70Sùrged Heroic Mode PvPAerie Peak-US1841Not updated
71Phoenixdøwn Mail EnhancementAerie Peak-US1838Not updated
72Shapeshifft Aus der TraumAerie Peak-US1828Not updated
73Verzicht UnrivaledAerie Peak-US1810Not updated
74Milk AloneAerie Peak-US1748Not updated
75Orimastor  Aerie Peak-US1738Not updated
76Lyllianne Convert to Raid OrdosAerie Peak-US1735Not updated
77Bouser InsanityAerie Peak-US1635Not updated
78Bringbring Dragons HeartAerie Peak-US1635Not updated
79Seiro  Aerie Peak-US1558Not updated
80Finaltitan The ProvenAerie Peak-US1546Not updated
81Nyu Vae VictusAerie Peak-US1543Not updated
82Shamfail My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US1538Not updated
83Kellen AloneAerie Peak-US1538Not updated
84Furballa Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US1533Not updated
85Bronkar Darkness WithinAerie Peak-US1525Not updated
86Lindrelais Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US1520Not updated
87Babyspiced UnrivaledAerie Peak-US1461Not updated
88Shadoshroud Convert to Raid NalakAerie Peak-US1445Not updated
89Dusseldorf Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US1445Not updated
90Balty  Aerie Peak-US1441Not updated
91Setimo My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US1441Not updated
92Nia  Aerie Peak-US1441Not updated
93Interested  Aerie Peak-US1441Not updated
94Theholyonè X RaidedAerie Peak-US1440Not updated
95Dansdog Living Dead DollsAerie Peak-US1440Not updated
96Hudson Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US1438Not updated
97Revanchrist  Aerie Peak-US1438Not updated
98Sïngularïty My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US1436Not updated
99Tarisphere Gear GrindAerie Peak-US1436Not updated
100Juniper The SeraphimAerie Peak-US1435Not updated

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