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Zul'jin-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Jaytertots Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US8931Not updated
2Zeji DivideZul'jin-US5855Not updated
3Drakory  Zul'jin-US4630Not updated
4Enmíty TacticsZul'jin-US4618Not updated
5Bèthrèzèn DeicideZul'jin-US4600Not updated
6Pibbula ConfluxZul'jin-US4576Not updated
7Troxismxo DualityZul'jin-US4493Not updated
8Ryure Playground BulliesZul'jin-US4365Not updated
9Tojora EntropiZul'jin-US4343Not updated
10Killabigmeat Natural Born KillarsZul'jin-US4228Not updated
11Melabini Coalition of Fancy SirsZul'jin-US4141Not updated
12Scorchx EntropiZul'jin-US3890Not updated
13Wulb Primis Inter ParesZul'jin-US3876Not updated
14Maccabeus ConfluxZul'jin-US3808Not updated
15Skorgelol DivideZul'jin-US3805Not updated
16Victus EntropiZul'jin-US3640Not updated
17Zippô Pet the NoobZul'jin-US3640Not updated
18Lyncs Mirrored ReasoningZul'jin-US3636Not updated
19Goyf Red Like My RageZul'jin-US3628Not updated
20Solstíce Digital WastelandZul'jin-US3611Not updated
21Madone HorizonZul'jin-US3601Not updated
22Lagertha EruditeZul'jin-US3598Not updated
23Psdk Z E I T G E I S TZul'jin-US3588Not updated
24Azureau Final UnionZul'jin-US3548Not updated
25Tanmaya Tiki HutZul'jin-US3541Not updated
26Maximum DualityZul'jin-US3520Not updated
27Emomilkshake  Zul'jin-US3511Not updated
28Swangled Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US3433Not updated
29Synyn Mahou ShoujoZul'jin-US3428Not updated
30Malcolmorcs MultibeastZul'jin-US3425Not updated
31Mighty AfterlifeZul'jin-US3403Not updated
32Siynn I I IZul'jin-US3370Not updated
33Edthehead Bandits UnitedZul'jin-US3353Not updated
34Gueritestje Cult of the Rabid WombatZul'jin-US3348Not updated
35Masqurin Final UnionZul'jin-US3346Not updated
36Wyldroll Out Of MobsZul'jin-US3248Not updated
37Sindiien ThunderdomeZul'jin-US3221Not updated
38Pushh  Zul'jin-US3221Not updated
39Pradajr DualityZul'jin-US3183Not updated
40Onikaroshi  Zul'jin-US3173Not updated
41Softbearhugs I I IZul'jin-US3168Not updated
42Haines EruditeZul'jin-US3168Not updated
43Bobboil EruditeZul'jin-US3163Not updated
44Vecks Azeroths Most DeadlyZul'jin-US3160Not updated
45Konekojo Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US3160Not updated
46Kungfû K Bec KoiZul'jin-US3155Not updated
47Conjorior DualityZul'jin-US3153Not updated
48Badwolf DualityZul'jin-US3126Not updated
49Mavalee Marche ou CrèveZul'jin-US3125Not updated
50Murdebrik  Zul'jin-US3125Not updated
51Tvtv DualityZul'jin-US3125Not updated
52Zanfu Assume The PositionZul'jin-US3123Not updated
53Wrekhan  Zul'jin-US3121Not updated
54Pokèball Donut TruckZul'jin-US3121Not updated
55Odhinn RevelationsZul'jin-US3111Not updated
56Haytred I I IZul'jin-US3051Not updated
57Caselock Sobriety OptionalZul'jin-US3043Not updated
58Murderboat EterniumZul'jin-US3023Not updated
59Listerene EruditeZul'jin-US3023Not updated
60Hayvok I I IZul'jin-US3020Not updated
61Boltress Exiled LegionZul'jin-US3015Not updated
62Dossou DualityZul'jin-US3008Not updated
63Vanarina Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US3000Not updated
64Slyeri KnightfallZul'jin-US2940Not updated
65Hyperspace Exiled LegionZul'jin-US2936Not updated
66Rumo  Zul'jin-US2933Not updated
67Firmlife Crusaders RebornZul'jin-US2895Not updated
68Tameiki Shady ShenanigansZul'jin-US2865Not updated
69Raelec Relentless AggressionZul'jin-US2856Not updated
70Neferrti Lords of DraenorZul'jin-US2841Not updated
71Primë Praetorian GuárdZul'jin-US2808Not updated
72Mooshyne I I IZul'jin-US2633Not updated
73Apurva ThunderdomeZul'jin-US2633Not updated
74Pariah  Zul'jin-US2620Not updated
75Harmonomicon DualityZul'jin-US2611Not updated
76Citanul Cold WindZul'jin-US2550Not updated
77Soulhammèr ReliquaryZul'jin-US2546Not updated
78Killykitty Attack The DarknessZul'jin-US2420Not updated
79Allethosea MatrixZul'jin-US2413Not updated
80Deçadó Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US2356Not updated
81Ayanarox Exiled LegionZul'jin-US2178Not updated
82Celrix GoogleZul'jin-US2161Not updated
83Îtänk Going HamZul'jin-US2153Not updated
84Imitar DVS GamingZul'jin-US2153Not updated
85Smalldeal InsanitastyZul'jin-US1976Not updated
86Tieguanyin The Femme FataleZul'jin-US1885Not updated
87Imultitask  Zul'jin-US1883Not updated
88Browss TacticsZul'jin-US1883Not updated
89Lifted  Zul'jin-US1880Not updated
90Morbrune Sombre HéritageZul'jin-US1871Not updated
91Crushim ThunderdomeZul'jin-US1871Not updated
92Qiaoe  Zul'jin-US1863Not updated
93Ilyrio Shady ShenanigansZul'jin-US1863Not updated
94Seicey Blood SoakedZul'jin-US1855Not updated
95Kilwen Realm of InsanityZul'jin-US1855Not updated
96Zarradon DualityZul'jin-US1848Not updated
97Chikrops Playground BulliesZul'jin-US1846Not updated
98Arkxius HarmonyZul'jin-US1841Not updated
99Gusdruid Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US1841Not updated
100Ladeedaa  Zul'jin-US1841Not updated

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