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Whisperwind-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Azaele AbyssWhisperwind-US3845
2Magdalena Something WickedWhisperwind-US3818
3Kaeps Something WickedWhisperwind-US3810
4Asphodele Something WickedWhisperwind-US3626
5Crìstaqt Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3621
6Kruncha Shoguns of KalimdorWhisperwind-US3516Not updated
7Lighterdream ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US3411
8Hossxs Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3408
9Leorick Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US3345
10Ratball SortedWhisperwind-US3226
11Wokfù AbyssWhisperwind-US3168
12Kreljnok Beta TestingWhisperwind-US3161
13Xiaoshan Something WickedWhisperwind-US3160
14Sovaros Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US3158
15Ûlrick Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3030Not updated
16Sonofalïch Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US3015
17Chie Beta TestingWhisperwind-US2940
18Trevorstrnad Pain TrainWhisperwind-US2885
19Ansys VolatileWhisperwind-US2576
20Dalloden Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2546
21Envisage After LifeWhisperwind-US2416
22Melisan The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US2146
23Spardicus After LifeWhisperwind-US1885Not updated
24Soulsworn Beta TestingWhisperwind-US1883
25Nagqt  Whisperwind-US1876
26Ordodru Dragons MarchWhisperwind-US1870
27Pixells Tactical AssassinsWhisperwind-US1855
28Galdtor Rise AboveWhisperwind-US1845
29Rahzek AlphaWhisperwind-US1840
30Erielen ElysianWhisperwind-US1640
31Hossx Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1621
32Trex AbyssWhisperwind-US1621
33Awesomus Action Nine NewsWhisperwind-US1611Not updated
34Denz The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US1546
35Zexualharas UnforgivenWhisperwind-US1518
36Shinori Sol InvictusWhisperwind-US1510Not updated
37Dawna Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US1441
38Maluo Rise AboveWhisperwind-US1155
39Rumblepakage  Whisperwind-US1088Not updated
40Abrex Fat Kids Tank CakeWhisperwind-US935
41Brewfists Ka TetWhisperwind-US885Not updated
42Werkitgurl Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US876
43Baultus Argent LegionWhisperwind-US873
44Furtality GenesísWhisperwind-US868
45Jaquabas Time LordsWhisperwind-US845
46Musubi Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US845Not updated
47Aily The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US843
48Pancàkes Hello Kitty AdventuresWhisperwind-US841
49Phoxin FusionWhisperwind-US820
50Ragnes Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US820
51Aperture AbyssWhisperwind-US815
52Esperbrew After LifeWhisperwind-US736
53Glynth Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US645
54Chucklõl User ErrorWhisperwind-US643
55Moogoogaipan AlphaWhisperwind-US641
56Andolen Is Out Of ManaWhisperwind-US641
57Xyta AbyssWhisperwind-US640
58Lilbroku SyndicateWhisperwind-US636
59Zol AbyssWhisperwind-US635
60Tatersan Tactical AssassinsWhisperwind-US631
61Melzas WhoWhisperwind-US628Not updated
62Daftknight SyndicateWhisperwind-US608
63Miser Phoenix TearWhisperwind-US576
64Tasolanu  Whisperwind-US570Not updated
65Wylangaipan AlphaWhisperwind-US556
66Wreqtangle SadisticWhisperwind-US548
67Hansenn Ascension AsylumWhisperwind-US541
68Skorrge Wiping as IntendèdWhisperwind-US541
69Awt OverWhelmingWhisperwind-US535
70Den Post MortemWhisperwind-US523Not updated
71Daxiaojie ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US520
72Ironhide Last AttemptWhisperwind-US458
73Razzlo Reckless AbandonWhisperwind-US453
74Quandrus GenesísWhisperwind-US448
75Vitonordorei The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US438
76Yayo ElysianWhisperwind-US416
77Sorakk Mithril PawWhisperwind-US346
78Asúna Rise AboveWhisperwind-US343
79Kunlun HEROWhisperwind-US341
80Dk GenesísWhisperwind-US245
81Tekket FaultyWhisperwind-US178
82Solacê Goonies Never Say WipeWhisperwind-US175Not updated
83Logtar ReloadedWhisperwind-US166
84Lävender Enshadowed VanquishersWhisperwind-US163Not updated
85Rackesis ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US158
86Wìz Praetorian GuardsWhisperwind-US158
87Umehara The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US155

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