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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Whisperwind-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Fogargan Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US4513Not updated
2Kaeous Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US4420Not updated
3Azaele AbyssWhisperwind-US3845Not updated
4Jibd ShenlongWhisperwind-US3820Not updated
5Magdalena Something WickedWhisperwind-US3818Not updated
6Kaeps Something WickedWhisperwind-US3810Not updated
7Milacle HEROWhisperwind-US3635Not updated
8Lishen ArchivumWhisperwind-US3628Not updated
9Asphodele Something WickedWhisperwind-US3626Not updated
10Crìstaqt Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3621Not updated
11Maou ArchivumWhisperwind-US3610Not updated
12Oldiee Beta TestingWhisperwind-US3578Not updated
13Luxaeternal ElysianWhisperwind-US3573Not updated
14Shiramura Something WickedWhisperwind-US3518Not updated
15Lighterdream ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US3411Not updated
16Hossxs Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3408Not updated
17Hasaki HEROWhisperwind-US3363Not updated
18Loupy DisgruntledWhisperwind-US3355Not updated
19Ansys VolatileWhisperwind-US3346Not updated
20Awesomus Action Nine NewsWhisperwind-US3346Not updated
21Leorick Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US3345Not updated
22Ratball SortedWhisperwind-US3226Not updated
23Doombang Beta TestingWhisperwind-US3223Not updated
24Hartagon  Whisperwind-US3200Not updated
25Wulfrem The AftermathWhisperwind-US3180Not updated
26Omegal Something WickedWhisperwind-US3170Not updated
27Wokfù AbyssWhisperwind-US3168Not updated
28Kreljnok Beta TestingWhisperwind-US3161Not updated
29Xiaoshan Something WickedWhisperwind-US3160Not updated
30Sovaros Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US3158Not updated
31Aristiet ParticleWhisperwind-US3145Not updated
32Chillaxed Something WickedWhisperwind-US3100Not updated
33Vlady AlphaWhisperwind-US3080Not updated
34Ûlrick Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3030Not updated
35Sonofalich Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US3015Not updated
36Mollymaster AlphaWhisperwind-US3015Not updated
37Chie Beta TestingWhisperwind-US2940Not updated
38Trevorstrnad RuinWhisperwind-US2885Not updated
39Kaeotic Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2846Not updated
40Dalloden Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2546Not updated
41Koharu  Whisperwind-US2541Not updated
42Envisage After LifeWhisperwind-US2416Not updated
43Azriel Knight TemplarsWhisperwind-US2238Not updated
44Ultramonk  Whisperwind-US2163Not updated
45Pandingo Is Out Of ManaWhisperwind-US2158Not updated
46Melisan The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US2146Not updated
47Oldsauce Beta TestingWhisperwind-US1928Not updated
48Spardicus After LifeWhisperwind-US1885Not updated
49Soulsworn Beta TestingWhisperwind-US1883Not updated
50Nagoul AlphaWhisperwind-US1876Not updated
51Ludovic Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US1876Not updated
52Ordodru Dragons MarchWhisperwind-US1870Not updated
53Pixells I Take CandleWhisperwind-US1855Not updated
54Galdtor Cult of the SquirrelsWhisperwind-US1845Not updated
55Rahzek AlphaWhisperwind-US1840Not updated
56Erielen ElysianWhisperwind-US1640Not updated
57Quandrus Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US1623Not updated
58Hossx Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1621Not updated
59Trex AbyssWhisperwind-US1621Not updated
60Denz The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US1546Not updated
61Shinori Sol InvictusWhisperwind-US1510Not updated
62Terrador Motivate meWhisperwind-US1508Not updated
63Shiramune Something WickedWhisperwind-US1445Not updated
64Dawna Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US1441Not updated
65Blockfu AbyssWhisperwind-US1418Not updated
66Lilkoorkor Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1353Not updated
67Maluo Rise AboveWhisperwind-US1155Not updated
68Rumblepakage  Whisperwind-US1088Not updated
69Treddybear The AftermathWhisperwind-US950Not updated
70Abrex Fat Kids Tank CakeWhisperwind-US935Not updated
71Brewfists Ka TetWhisperwind-US885Not updated
72Furocity GenesísWhisperwind-US878Not updated
73Werkitgurl Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US876Not updated
74Baultus Argent LegionWhisperwind-US873Not updated
75Këgs Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US870Not updated
76Swaggle Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US858Not updated
77Jaquabas Time LordsWhisperwind-US845Not updated
78Musubi Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US845Not updated
79Hanäko SadisticWhisperwind-US843Not updated
80Aily The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US843Not updated
81Pancàkes The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US841Not updated
82Flutterdash VolatileWhisperwind-US840Not updated
83Iffi SadisticWhisperwind-US838Not updated
84Phoxin FusionWhisperwind-US820Not updated
85Ragnes Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US820Not updated
86Aperture AbyssWhisperwind-US815Not updated
87Xhira Evil HeartWhisperwind-US808Not updated
88Omegabane TheoryWhisperwind-US780Not updated
89Esperbrew Beta TestingWhisperwind-US736Not updated
90Tsûnámi ParticleWhisperwind-US648Not updated
91Andolen Is Out Of ManaWhisperwind-US646Not updated
92Glynth Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US645Not updated
93Chucklõl  Whisperwind-US643Not updated
94Moogoogaipan AlphaWhisperwind-US641Not updated
95Ironhide Last AttemptWhisperwind-US641Not updated
96Xyta AbyssWhisperwind-US640Not updated
97Lilbroku SyndicateWhisperwind-US636Not updated
98Akiaak Beta TestingWhisperwind-US636Not updated
99Drkbloodfest Ascension AsylumWhisperwind-US635Not updated
100Zol AbyssWhisperwind-US635Not updated

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