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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tichondrius-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Iekk  Tichondrius-US5448Not updated
2Dannycarey  Tichondrius-US5413Not updated
3Flitterrz AcuityTichondrius-US4365Not updated
4Peoria DiscreteTichondrius-US4133Not updated
5Zaurim ProfaneTichondrius-US4018Not updated
6Gangsterface DiscreteTichondrius-US3865Not updated
7Gryym DiscreteTichondrius-US3841Not updated
8Agwyne CadenzaTichondrius-US3815Not updated
9Cindyraerae Crackers and RiceTichondrius-US3643Not updated
10Barixn DiscreteTichondrius-US3643Not updated
11Alldayerrday oh god its themTichondrius-US3636Not updated
12Mlgxnoscopex yeaTichondrius-US3616Not updated
13Hope Jerks of Might and MagicTichondrius-US3588Not updated
14Numberjuan DiscreteTichondrius-US3540Not updated
15Kasl Most dominant everTichondrius-US3528Not updated
16Kynarius No QuarterTichondrius-US3461Not updated
17Dubzxo CadenzaTichondrius-US3441Not updated
18Udderman RivenTichondrius-US3380Not updated
19Hanc Crackers and RiceTichondrius-US3345Not updated
20Shaurele RenascenceTichondrius-US3343Not updated
21Netha BRUTALITYTichondrius-US3323Not updated
22Chunkster TeamRAGETichondrius-US3320Not updated
23Kazmar ProfaneTichondrius-US3236Not updated
24Rainbowmezy SmilesTichondrius-US3220Not updated
25Hampe AftershockTichondrius-US3178Not updated
26Irysheman AccelerateTichondrius-US3161Not updated
27Duskstrike TriumphTichondrius-US3160Not updated
28Jpeterman AccelerateTichondrius-US3156Not updated
29Somethingg Team FriendshipTichondrius-US3135Not updated
30Darkduke SlackTichondrius-US3128Not updated
31Huran DiscreteTichondrius-US3125Not updated
32Formmaster Death AngelsTichondrius-US3121Not updated
33Wutangswords oh god its themTichondrius-US3025Not updated
34Chazka NeuroticTichondrius-US3021Not updated
35Zenrelic OUTLAWZTichondrius-US3020Not updated
36Epinephrine WAR MACHINETichondrius-US3018Not updated
37Phyxius NurfedTichondrius-US3015Not updated
38Biocider Based SocietyTichondrius-US2876Not updated
39Jethrix s key ballersTichondrius-US2871Not updated
40Selendis InsomniaTichondrius-US2845Not updated
41Spooncooker AccelerateTichondrius-US2646Not updated
42ßitterßones ExtremeTichondrius-US2518Not updated
43Døgface Adventure tímeTichondrius-US2455Not updated
44Weegxslayer Cookie ThiefTichondrius-US2440Not updated
45Superserius RivenTichondrius-US2420Not updated
46Tempural  Tichondrius-US2343Not updated
47Xbloodynine Jamaican Me CrazyTichondrius-US2155Not updated
48Rippincheeks NocturnalTichondrius-US1880Not updated
49Brastorm DiscreteTichondrius-US1880Not updated
50Idria  Tichondrius-US1870Not updated
51Leyvakûl EclipsedTichondrius-US1856Not updated
52Dragaz Strawberry Puppy KissesTichondrius-US1853Not updated
53Froststyle Its All Ogre NowTichondrius-US1843Not updated
54Snapmonk  Tichondrius-US1841Not updated
55Läx Fallen IITichondrius-US1841Not updated
56Rektalla SkullTichondrius-US1778Not updated
57Outo  Tichondrius-US1646Not updated
58Aryastarkqt  Tichondrius-US1643Not updated
59Jaxxitz Pants OptionalTichondrius-US1640Not updated
60Looty  Tichondrius-US1633Not updated
61Snikabar Damage per SecondTichondrius-US1626Not updated
62Aiseirighadh Lord Xerxus and the BadsTichondrius-US1620Not updated
63Omgparry TheoryCraftTichondrius-US1620Not updated
64Dragolion StoneHeartTichondrius-US1563Not updated
65Chosenorc Evil LegendTichondrius-US1558Not updated
66Bredi  Tichondrius-US1551Not updated
67Beerbarian RivenTichondrius-US1551Not updated
68Redgaara  Tichondrius-US1405Not updated
69Zyklón CriminalTichondrius-US1321Not updated
70Chooky DamnataTichondrius-US1168Not updated
71Yuuks nice monitor tan broTichondrius-US940Not updated
72Échu GenesìsTichondrius-US938Not updated
73Bigticket Nefarious IntentTichondrius-US935Not updated
74Vallyna DiscreteTichondrius-US896Not updated
75Icedmilk HarmoniumTichondrius-US896Not updated
76Heenagishii  Tichondrius-US880Not updated
77Rawrcry  Tichondrius-US870Not updated
78Celaste AccelerateTichondrius-US866Not updated
79Solaron Old GuardTichondrius-US865Not updated
80Soulbris Great DishonorTichondrius-US861Not updated
81Barbearik ProfaneTichondrius-US861Not updated
82Nuhrd DiscreteTichondrius-US850Not updated
83Foloran AccelerateTichondrius-US825Not updated
84Lithnor Eidol TriTichondrius-US813Not updated
85Olybrius The UnsulliedTichondrius-US811Not updated
86Baal TriumphTichondrius-US810Not updated
87Typholsion OverblinkTichondrius-US760Not updated
88Oranal  Tichondrius-US758Not updated
89Yorbenmacey House of Monte CristoTichondrius-US748Not updated
90Toxicbloody Adventure tímeTichondrius-US646Not updated
91Idisliketpat TheRevolutionTichondrius-US645Not updated
92ßrotection  Tichondrius-US641Not updated
93Kixx  Tichondrius-US641Not updated
94Desolous WHY YOU MADTichondrius-US638Not updated
95Aaltairpally TheoryCraftTichondrius-US636Not updated
96Scraddle HANDCUFF PARTYTichondrius-US635Not updated
97Xtinaturner  Tichondrius-US633Not updated
98Seralai  Tichondrius-US631Not updated
99Äbadon  Tichondrius-US631Not updated
100Sneasel cute asian girlsTichondrius-US621Not updated

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