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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Ált AttritionThrall-US5840Not updated
2Rakshas UnderoathThrall-US5566Not updated
3Chumpacabra Action Team BroforceThrall-US4890Not updated
4Sarkastodon Unspoken InsanityThrall-US4848Not updated
5Shenarion Draconic OrderThrall-US4653Not updated
6Bullìgerent Phase IllThrall-US4510Not updated
7Arilith Disciples of RedemptionThrall-US3926Not updated
8Mienfoo AscentThrall-US3878Not updated
9Greenhoof Ìts A TrapThrall-US3878Not updated
10Segfault Raiders of the Lost OrcThrall-US3876Not updated
11Shiftur IntentThrall-US3851Not updated
12Fva RedemptioñThrall-US3843Not updated
13Jolts Into the FrayThrall-US3841Not updated
14Mostamaguyer AscentThrall-US3810Not updated
15Druidofwar KILLTHEMEThrall-US3646Not updated
16Wrathfül ScrublessThrall-US3646Not updated
17Annatâr CrossfireThrall-US3630Not updated
18Naelran The SelectedThrall-US3615Not updated
19Nelkey Oozma KappaThrall-US3598Not updated
20Kamork TicklePickleThrall-US3598Not updated
21Grievur Group TherapyThrall-US3545Not updated
22Suffokate Group TherapyThrall-US3515Not updated
23Norganon Sparkle MotionThrall-US3510Not updated
24Zero RefinedThrall-US3458Not updated
25Evérlord Bloodstained LineageThrall-US3431Not updated
26Cruxes Ctrl Alt EliteThrall-US3408Not updated
27Dekaylia AscentThrall-US3345Not updated
28Auroraniqua AscentThrall-US3341Not updated
29Dragonite ScrublessThrall-US3278Not updated
30Gorexar IntentThrall-US3186Not updated
31Mercane QuestThrall-US3176Not updated
32Faptacular Reign in PowerThrall-US3171Not updated
33Colors Reign in PowerThrall-US3170Not updated
34Bigspicy Reign in PowerThrall-US3170Not updated
35Mumble Sparkle MotionThrall-US3158Not updated
36Ramaladni RefinedThrall-US3136Not updated
37Carria QuestThrall-US3133Not updated
38Herpderpfu Nailed ItThrall-US3123Not updated
39Maxidormas SwarmThrall-US3120Not updated
40Meetball AscentThrall-US3115Not updated
41Sanaki PrevailThrall-US3021Not updated
42Kavol AttritionThrall-US3020Not updated
43Pityfool Unspoken InsanityThrall-US3016Not updated
44Brewkin TicklePickleThrall-US3016Not updated
45Brutalicus Baptized In FireThrall-US3016Not updated
46Sveniat RefinedThrall-US2961Not updated
47Zentär Introducing The BeatlesThrall-US2955Not updated
48Talrial RemorseThrall-US2936Not updated
49Fellthar Advent ImmortalThrall-US2891Not updated
50Illidyn Group TherapyThrall-US2883Not updated
51Barlenorz RefinedThrall-US2876Not updated
52Wreck Reign in PowerThrall-US2860Not updated
53Toskk The Immortal FactionThrall-US2810Not updated
54Shalarice Les DurotanThrall-US2808Not updated
55Department Ìts A TrapThrall-US2656Not updated
56Awaka DNAThrall-US2643Not updated
57Bïllÿ Order of ChaosThrall-US2643Not updated
58Protheos Vicious CuddlingThrall-US2558Not updated
59Justaprot TicklePickleThrall-US2550Not updated
60Fróstbitt Saurfang Fan ClubThrall-US2536Not updated
61Crebz RefinedThrall-US2521Not updated
62Bùtterx  Thrall-US2148Not updated
63Nythalia HGTPWThrall-US1936Not updated
64Necrocious Group TherapyThrall-US1930Not updated
65Grakkin Reset DayThrall-US1900Not updated
66Warpaw EverbaneThrall-US1885Not updated
67Devastatorzz  Thrall-US1883Not updated
68Pixells mOBSCENEThrall-US1855Not updated
69Sithil AscentThrall-US1850Not updated
70Tsumikí Blood ClanThrall-US1850Not updated
71Riyuu PrecisionThrall-US1848Not updated
72Variat Reign in PowerThrall-US1843Not updated
73Jaidyn Group TherapyThrall-US1815Not updated
74Galaxian AdversaryThrall-US1811Not updated
75Truckerluv SädïstîçThrall-US1770Not updated
76Milkstorm ScrublessThrall-US1651Not updated
77Kazjiin  Thrall-US1648Not updated
78Varessa Unholy RetributionThrall-US1643Not updated
79Archnemisis RetaliationThrall-US1643Not updated
80Holloh The CrusadeThrall-US1641Not updated
81Eurideux  Thrall-US1641Not updated
82Deanwinch The Misfit ClanThrall-US1640Not updated
83Srojamnfeel InsanityThrall-US1636Not updated
84Abominator SynthesisThrall-US1635Not updated
85Joeyeoj InsanityThrall-US1633Not updated
86Gospelmoo Les DurotanThrall-US1631Not updated
87Tankñspank AssentionThrall-US1626Not updated
88Zudos DoomedThrall-US1615Not updated
89Santrin Reign in PowerThrall-US1613Not updated
90Tím  Thrall-US1610Not updated
91Localmachine Draconic OrderThrall-US1595Not updated
92Chie Into the FrayThrall-US1558Not updated
93Sorely AbsolutionThrall-US1553Not updated
94Holyjuden Warlords of DrainoThrall-US1550Not updated
95Demp  Thrall-US1550Not updated
96Decayingitch For Blood and HonorThrall-US1540Not updated
97Devilsfurry Capt Morgans CrewThrall-US1540Not updated
98Desirus EminentThrall-US1540Not updated
99Suffokateqt Group TherapyThrall-US1515Not updated
100Neb DystopiaThrall-US1441Not updated

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