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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormscale-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Meatbàll AmendStormscale-EU6563Not updated
2Bigchef Act of TreasonStormscale-EU5383Not updated
3Florisx Twisted SummersStormscale-EU4741Not updated
4Scalebane The First SevenStormscale-EU4621Not updated
5Sevenoaks  Stormscale-EU4606Not updated
6Gúruk PsychitudeStormscale-EU4346Not updated
7Madpánda AmendStormscale-EU4161Not updated
8Pariks high im hiStormscale-EU3931Not updated
9Bombonera Is LazyStormscale-EU3928Not updated
10Azraed Sapphire For FireStormscale-EU3923Not updated
11Drudé AmendStormscale-EU3873Not updated
12Optimoos BlackadderStormscale-EU3810Not updated
13Bebela Is LazyStormscale-EU3771Not updated
14Tankoholic I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU3761Not updated
15Dectu  Stormscale-EU3648Not updated
16Bjones AwoLStormscale-EU3603Not updated
17Sereiz PekishStormscale-EU3603Not updated
18Brewsleê PRIDE NOT CRIMEStormscale-EU3580Not updated
19Limpanx HylaxStormscale-EU3578Not updated
20Crayjeew Oavsett VäderStormscale-EU3555Not updated
21Pandapillows SwornStormscale-EU3545Not updated
22Tsagbotxd AnticsStormscale-EU3538Not updated
23Interñet AwoLStormscale-EU3533Not updated
24Rothlok Lost PiratesStormscale-EU3508Not updated
25Zabyy Money TreeStormscale-EU3416Not updated
26Monkeylool AwoLStormscale-EU3370Not updated
27Hyperviridus The Logical Cube XIIStormscale-EU3361Not updated
28Maskara AwoLStormscale-EU3346Not updated
29Roksa RedditStormscale-EU3345Not updated
30Quadzet  Stormscale-EU3345Not updated
31Werag AwoLStormscale-EU3253Not updated
32Aeronwen The Power RangersStormscale-EU3248Not updated
33Neverseen OríginStormscale-EU3231Not updated
34Ðenethor Midnight MayorsStormscale-EU3221Not updated
35Ksilodartis Hordes Of ChaosStormscale-EU3203Not updated
36Hunkemoller CruentusStormscale-EU3201Not updated
37Herbin AlternateStormscale-EU3165Not updated
38Swagdaddy IntrinsicStormscale-EU3148Not updated
39Azuch AlternateStormscale-EU3140Not updated
40Grimith Definition of insanityStormscale-EU3138Not updated
41Lillaidioten LolnoobwtfqqStormscale-EU3121Not updated
42Íkó  Stormscale-EU3121Not updated
43Kassiio ZOMGKITTYMEWMEWStormscale-EU3121Not updated
44Plaguewalker Plan B Sheep The DruidStormscale-EU3108Not updated
45Fasyamonah LÏKÈ Â ßÂWZStormscale-EU3101Not updated
46Chepocalypse Brotherhood Of DeathStormscale-EU3075Not updated
47Eisbear is a big daddy bearStormscale-EU3040Not updated
48Djsniffles AmendStormscale-EU3030Not updated
49Qiangniu AnticsStormscale-EU3018Not updated
50Tummychong VerveStormscale-EU3013Not updated
51Thrumo  Stormscale-EU2936Not updated
52Mawemu EnslavedStormscale-EU2883Not updated
53Axcell B A L K A N E L I T EStormscale-EU2883Not updated
54Omegaknight Going NowhereStormscale-EU2883Not updated
55Algormortis SovereigntyStormscale-EU2865Not updated
56Woklim Quality ControlStormscale-EU2860Not updated
57Dealforheal Is LazyStormscale-EU2858Not updated
58Anixity  Stormscale-EU2843Not updated
59Xxheffa InfidelStormscale-EU2835Not updated
60Beninenqt AmendStormscale-EU2655Not updated
61Niveamen LolnoobwtfqqStormscale-EU2648Not updated
62Berrok  Stormscale-EU2640Not updated
63Ploppers Original SlNStormscale-EU2635Not updated
64Meloncracker RelapseStormscale-EU2550Not updated
65Chipsndip Sick SenseStormscale-EU2518Not updated
66Darkfinger AwoLStormscale-EU2343Not updated
67Uesugi  Stormscale-EU2138Not updated
68Ostronfredag SHOKAKABOKAKAStormscale-EU1931Not updated
69Deathruin HazéStormscale-EU1928Not updated
70Rollerskates Todd BertuzzisStormscale-EU1926Not updated
71Baltiyata Brotherhood Of DeathStormscale-EU1883Not updated
72Readapt Dollar BabeStormscale-EU1881Not updated
73Thamoon AwoLStormscale-EU1881Not updated
74Awawaff LÏKÈ Â ßÂWZStormscale-EU1878Not updated
75Pickleback BlackadderStormscale-EU1875Not updated
76Laiana  Stormscale-EU1873Not updated
77Ciccero ÐivisionStormscale-EU1863Not updated
78Nirikin AwoLStormscale-EU1860Not updated
79Equimanthorn Psycho Pea ArmyStormscale-EU1853Not updated
80Jolvina AwoLStormscale-EU1841Not updated
81Shegz It Shouldnt Be This HardStormscale-EU1840Not updated
82Âsot Sunny BeachStormscale-EU1830Not updated
83Háken LÏKÈ Â ßÂWZStormscale-EU1781Not updated
84Uzgakh LaidbackStormscale-EU1756Not updated
85Bréwmáster EnslavedStormscale-EU1670Not updated
86Duvanish Midnight MayorsStormscale-EU1646Not updated
87Krobitalius Specialized ConquerorsStormscale-EU1640Not updated
88Shisochin RecklessnessStormscale-EU1640Not updated
89Ayzórah SwornStormscale-EU1636Not updated
90Mâalik Frenetic AssaultStormscale-EU1636Not updated
91Ðansa Sick SenseStormscale-EU1631Not updated
92Ishayu GungnirStormscale-EU1630Not updated
93Goyim MegalomaniaStormscale-EU1625Not updated
94Trashkorp Luxury CyberLifeStormscale-EU1616Not updated
95Propanda T M TStormscale-EU1613Not updated
96Zorikos  Stormscale-EU1611Not updated
97Shadowsan  Stormscale-EU1601Not updated
98Gzrel ReboundStormscale-EU1571Not updated
99Kirisakii EggStormscale-EU1548Not updated
100Kaylestara All rp guild names takenStormscale-EU1546Not updated

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