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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormreaver-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Nuketech Ferrum PhoenixStormreaver-US7640Not updated
2Megaru Out of LineStormreaver-US7555Not updated
3Idontheals Ferrum PhoenixStormreaver-US5636Not updated
4Magicpancake ReviveStormreaver-US4885Not updated
5Flutterjab  Stormreaver-US4635Not updated
6Rotnob EidolonStormreaver-US4618Not updated
7Avayde Peachy KeenStormreaver-US4545Not updated
8Streptomyces InsaneStormreaver-US4435Not updated
9Razamanaz FutureStormreaver-US4396Not updated
10Broraicho a little too RaphStormreaver-US4160Not updated
11Lojist purgatoryStormreaver-US4133Not updated
12Renec BANKAIStormreaver-US3960Not updated
13Archiie ProvocationStormreaver-US3866Not updated
14Adorabella We Are CuteStormreaver-US3863Not updated
15Foxxibrown VoSStormreaver-US3823Not updated
16Polytime Karma HordeStormreaver-US3818Not updated
17Uglyknight EidolonStormreaver-US3635Not updated
18Jovelo TrembleStormreaver-US3633Not updated
19Hwlinfajroad BaddiesStormreaver-US3623Not updated
20Chârrue Green HitsStormreaver-US3620Not updated
21Edicitsep Bazookas on DeckStormreaver-US3608Not updated
22Nineline  Stormreaver-US3558Not updated
23Thalj Green HitsStormreaver-US3553Not updated
24Lide BaddiesStormreaver-US3543Not updated
25Parodie  Stormreaver-US3541Not updated
26Deanr Fear ItselfStormreaver-US3520Not updated
27Giibert PurgeStormreaver-US3518Not updated
28Welshman EidolonStormreaver-US3518Not updated
29Sipsaya a little too RaphStormreaver-US3508Not updated
30Potable Inverse LogicStormreaver-US3440Not updated
31Boozette SkunkworksStormreaver-US3438Not updated
32Comatoast ProvocationStormreaver-US3435Not updated
33Trolldad OgStormreaver-US3408Not updated
34Sangooey OnibatsuStormreaver-US3380Not updated
35Akmy MistakenStormreaver-US3373Not updated
36Nem CrewStormreaver-US3346Not updated
37Powdeux a little too RaphStormreaver-US3243Not updated
38Spero AmicitiaStormreaver-US3226Not updated
39Nelan Out of LineStormreaver-US3216Not updated
40Davideus RuinStormreaver-US3186Not updated
41Zylose Peachy KeenStormreaver-US3165Not updated
42Lobine Class is in SessionStormreaver-US3160Not updated
43Daddy BaddiesStormreaver-US3158Not updated
44Durtydizzle PrometheanStormreaver-US3155Not updated
45Feim BaddiesStormreaver-US3145Not updated
46Jayther Dark SideStormreaver-US3143Not updated
47Sgtcomic  Stormreaver-US3123Not updated
48Infinitum SkunkworksStormreaver-US3121Not updated
49Snugglesbear PrometheanStormreaver-US3121Not updated
50Chuchette BelligerentStormreaver-US3118Not updated
51Vandreth EnshadowedStormreaver-US3038Not updated
52Boldemic FutureStormreaver-US3035Not updated
53Misume ReviveStormreaver-US3021Not updated
54Stavdabuddha Fusion Core DanceStormreaver-US3015Not updated
55Kungfoopandu Ferrum PhoenixStormreaver-US3000Not updated
56Maeviis OgStormreaver-US2938Not updated
57Angelcorpse Karma HordeStormreaver-US2881Not updated
58Asnabel TempestStormreaver-US2880Not updated
59Fourloco RevictionStormreaver-US2868Not updated
60Tibetan BaddiesStormreaver-US2861Not updated
61Rekgore EidolonStormreaver-US2856Not updated
62Slake Party SharkStormreaver-US2845Not updated
63Comanchief Ferrum PhoenixStormreaver-US2745Not updated
64Arturia a little too RaphStormreaver-US2646Not updated
65Skorkin  Stormreaver-US2640Not updated
66Thejx TempestStormreaver-US2640Not updated
67Hopeforblood AspireStormreaver-US2610Not updated
68Staqz a little too RaphStormreaver-US2608Not updated
69Sangui OnibatsuStormreaver-US2590Not updated
70Tooloud IMMORTAL INTENTStormreaver-US2536Not updated
71Glorxon PawStormreaver-US2431Not updated
72Fuzzywuzze TempestStormreaver-US2350Not updated
73Briskicetee Sparkle MotionStormreaver-US2175Not updated
74Yiun LAStormreaver-US2161Not updated
75Priapîsm Guilty as ChargedStormreaver-US2161Not updated
76Pandamonk SovereignStormreaver-US1940Not updated
77Tripelmonk SkunkworksStormreaver-US1936Not updated
78Savage NebulaStormreaver-US1888Not updated
79Ein LAStormreaver-US1883Not updated
80Fourloko RevictionStormreaver-US1880Not updated
81Bearofl AnomalyStormreaver-US1866Not updated
82Spazzo RevictionStormreaver-US1846Not updated
83Chilaks Power Word DrunkStormreaver-US1845Not updated
84Geerills  Stormreaver-US1810Not updated
85Lina AnomalyStormreaver-US1681Not updated
86Glogan  Stormreaver-US1646Not updated
87Asmund Peachy KeenStormreaver-US1635Not updated
88Porcstar Blackrose SyndicateStormreaver-US1635Not updated
89Dean Fear ItselfStormreaver-US1631Not updated
90Sverra Bazookas on DeckStormreaver-US1630Not updated
91Evelynn Hobo AssassinsStormreaver-US1628Not updated
92Lafy OgStormreaver-US1616Not updated
93Boshydknight purgatoryStormreaver-US1600Not updated
94Corvine Apocalyptic SerenadeStormreaver-US1568Not updated
95Leotraenis Guilty as ChargedStormreaver-US1558Not updated
96Pàx Green HitsStormreaver-US1553Not updated
97Drshift Class is in SessionStormreaver-US1545Not updated
98Freshpretzel Out of LineStormreaver-US1543Not updated
99Rio ProvocationStormreaver-US1533Not updated
100Murrdyn OrbStormreaver-US1531Not updated

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