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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silvermoon-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Pansarvagn MergeSilvermoon-EU6858Not updated
2Björnkram MergeSilvermoon-EU6848Not updated
3Nyrkki Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU6566Not updated
4Leydria  Silvermoon-EU6015Not updated
5Incite ObsidianSilvermoon-EU5540Not updated
6Janè Do Not DisturbSilvermoon-EU5510Not updated
7Devilutîon SublimeSilvermoon-EU5445Not updated
8Démos WarsongSilvermoon-EU5340Not updated
9Paladethstar GenesisSilvermoon-EU4935Not updated
10Qerat  Silvermoon-EU4933Not updated
11Sproodle ConstantSilvermoon-EU4880Not updated
12Dollgirl MalorumSilvermoon-EU4845Not updated
13Jamiez CartoonsSilvermoon-EU4638Not updated
14Nyanpanda RevenantSilvermoon-EU4635Not updated
15Rottenivy This May Not End WellSilvermoon-EU4545Not updated
16Yinyatto MalorumSilvermoon-EU4536Not updated
17Spudmonk OffspringSilvermoon-EU4536Not updated
18Superbørre MergeSilvermoon-EU4531Not updated
19Ravernettx OffspringSilvermoon-EU4526Not updated
20Projectalice After HoursSilvermoon-EU4458Not updated
21Dknightburak The Forgotten SoulsSilvermoon-EU4388Not updated
22Fønìx Divine GuardSilvermoon-EU4340Not updated
23Tirone InsidiumSilvermoon-EU4178Not updated
24Jímbei Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU4170Not updated
25Sorom Wind Is RisingSilvermoon-EU4166Not updated
26Charsui RevenantSilvermoon-EU4020Not updated
27Ewolg RevenantSilvermoon-EU3966Not updated
28Bysior The RenegadesSilvermoon-EU3941Not updated
29Iah SilenceSilvermoon-EU3938Not updated
30Salería Flawless ImperfectionSilvermoon-EU3936Not updated
31Noxían ObsidiumSilvermoon-EU3930Not updated
32Noktern Grumpy Old DudesSilvermoon-EU3888Not updated
33Ojit The Forgotten SoulsSilvermoon-EU3883Not updated
34Erzaa Echoes of EternitySilvermoon-EU3880Not updated
35Zmuci MergeSilvermoon-EU3876Not updated
36Nhoji Obsessive behaviourSilvermoon-EU3875Not updated
37Bigororn  Silvermoon-EU3873Not updated
38Scourgemcdak OriginSilvermoon-EU3870Not updated
39Sáeko Intentional FailSilvermoon-EU3868Not updated
40Verzel No PressureSilvermoon-EU3866Not updated
41Anaxandrides VISilvermoon-EU3863Not updated
42Ømi MeridiesSilvermoon-EU3858Not updated
43Azji Alts R UsSilvermoon-EU3853Not updated
44Deladyath MergeSilvermoon-EU3846Not updated
45Basilius GenesisSilvermoon-EU3843Not updated
46Donnis OffspringSilvermoon-EU3841Not updated
47Env InsidiumSilvermoon-EU3820Not updated
48Serupiya GeneticSilvermoon-EU3818Not updated
49Nydoria VoidhammerSilvermoon-EU3793Not updated
50Chenó  Silvermoon-EU3766Not updated
51Raïgen League Of BugsSilvermoon-EU3751Not updated
52Fidonlol MalorumSilvermoon-EU3656Not updated
53Dåy After DuskSilvermoon-EU3638Not updated
54Flurrylol OriginSilvermoon-EU3638Not updated
55Marqbrah OvercardSilvermoon-EU3636Not updated
56Dargemard Storm WolvesSilvermoon-EU3636Not updated
57Lunice The Night RaidersSilvermoon-EU3635Not updated
58Sylant  Silvermoon-EU3628Not updated
59Aminarion Four Oh FourSilvermoon-EU3623Not updated
60Devilknight After HoursSilvermoon-EU3618Not updated
61Vanderboss TormentedSilvermoon-EU3610Not updated
62Somand LucentSilvermoon-EU3606Not updated
63Gameskiljay Four Oh FourSilvermoon-EU3605Not updated
64Rentarun Keepers of the OathSilvermoon-EU3563Not updated
65Eluriel Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU3550Not updated
66Holysavior MeridiesSilvermoon-EU3550Not updated
67Nefaria InsidiousSilvermoon-EU3548Not updated
68Emeries TormentedSilvermoon-EU3546Not updated
69Jackwabbit SHIELDSilvermoon-EU3513Not updated
70Devera ObsidiumSilvermoon-EU3465Not updated
71Cabz  Silvermoon-EU3441Not updated
72Dissancta  Silvermoon-EU3440Not updated
73Milune ObsidianSilvermoon-EU3435Not updated
74Ênvy Hellenic PantheonSilvermoon-EU3435Not updated
75Tjuk  Silvermoon-EU3418Not updated
76Kasjopeja The RenegadesSilvermoon-EU3415Not updated
77Shadowfrost NeverwinterSilvermoon-EU3413Not updated
78Ninjatuhci PawnSilvermoon-EU3410Not updated
79Ostabia Mean SkillsSilvermoon-EU3410Not updated
80Evangellion Hellenic PantheonSilvermoon-EU3398Not updated
81Mjolnrik VISilvermoon-EU3360Not updated
82Nenwendë  Silvermoon-EU3356Not updated
83Nortic WarsongSilvermoon-EU3348Not updated
84Rustymcgee Group TwoSilvermoon-EU3346Not updated
85Thasaria ThreedSilvermoon-EU3346Not updated
86Xeonix Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU3341Not updated
87Jamesfranco ObsidianSilvermoon-EU3318Not updated
88Agrippa ExistenceSilvermoon-EU3301Not updated
89Aybee GenesisSilvermoon-EU3248Not updated
90Hughejarse Big GuysSilvermoon-EU3233Not updated
91Guywitaxe The WatchmenSilvermoon-EU3230Not updated
92Chivass WarsongSilvermoon-EU3190Not updated
93 SilenceSilvermoon-EU3175Not updated
94Chrisjones GenesisSilvermoon-EU3173Not updated
95Crayz ObsidianSilvermoon-EU3173Not updated
96Kizura OffspringSilvermoon-EU3171Not updated
97Zeromaker KingslayersSilvermoon-EU3170Not updated
98Ingenious AnathemaSilvermoon-EU3168Not updated
99Aladeyla No PressureSilvermoon-EU3168Not updated
100Libertíner Echoes of EternitySilvermoon-EU3165Not updated

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