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Shattered Hand-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mojobear DisneylandShattered Hand-EU8458
2Vzopie DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU4875
3Tjakka FokusShattered Hand-EU3931Not updated
4Veryalive SPELShattered Hand-EU3638
5Dielectric Rich Second GenerationShattered Hand-EU3633Not updated
6Sashy FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU3551
7Tajdough No RegretsShattered Hand-EU3546
8Leftspank PostmortemShattered Hand-EU3528
9Froggzoria No LogicShattered Hand-EU3515
10Furial No LogicShattered Hand-EU3426
11Corra Phoenix ResurgensShattered Hand-EU3406
12Oriignaliang dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU3225
13Jedistrike RepulsionShattered Hand-EU3173
14Pacottaja KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU3168
15Smulizen PostmortemShattered Hand-EU3141
16Enormous The WretchedShattered Hand-EU3138Not updated
17Railly M O M OShattered Hand-EU3138
18Japa KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU3115
19Calard No LogicShattered Hand-EU3023
20Commandur TMDShattered Hand-EU2895
21Alexandrinac LADEN GANGShattered Hand-EU2895Not updated
22Seeren EvokianShattered Hand-EU2810
23Teffygurl EquifinitumShattered Hand-EU2656
24Uguu Gorilla WarfareShattered Hand-EU2636
25Goblynn KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU2626
26Windstriker Noxious ProximityShattered Hand-EU2595Not updated
27Naowh PracticeShattered Hand-EU2335
28Drappy  Shattered Hand-EU2168
29Niankhkhnum No RegretsShattered Hand-EU2156Not updated
30Thrym BATTERYShattered Hand-EU1931Not updated
31Gateway D å r a r n aShattered Hand-EU1851
32Strickenn UpYoursShattered Hand-EU1663Not updated
33Scumfidooze No RegretsShattered Hand-EU1660Not updated
34Tranbäret VictusShattered Hand-EU1643
35Deepfoq PostmortemShattered Hand-EU1641
36Fueró Stoned as ThokShattered Hand-EU1638Not updated
37Heraseth PostmortemShattered Hand-EU1636
38Asmodaii The Flyíng DutchmenShattered Hand-EU1621
39Mksixr LADEN GANGShattered Hand-EU1553
40Shogo VictusShattered Hand-EU1538
41Fairlo Propheta AbandonedShattered Hand-EU1515
42Witeworm Sword ManShattered Hand-EU1443Not updated
43Entoniclol Fan va kulShattered Hand-EU1411
44Qruzxd LIMITLESSShattered Hand-EU1165
45Echôes Noxious ProximityShattered Hand-EU940Not updated
46Coralin Chaotic EnigmaShattered Hand-EU935
47Byqvíst MaliceShattered Hand-EU893Not updated
48Hukilyou VictusShattered Hand-EU891Not updated
49Blackchen TerrorbladeShattered Hand-EU890
50Bicepspump Team DERPShattered Hand-EU886Not updated
51Whitemadness Slightly CasualShattered Hand-EU881Not updated
52Koryuoh E V OShattered Hand-EU878
53Archewar GraoulliShattered Hand-EU875Not updated
54Bufferin dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU861
55Shulan FAYEShattered Hand-EU861Not updated
56Zima Repair And ShareShattered Hand-EU858Not updated
57Dreandra ProgressShattered Hand-EU856
58Nirko EverdreamShattered Hand-EU853Not updated
59Reapertile Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU851
60Kreknish ShadeShattered Hand-EU846
61Gudnite Rich Second GenerationShattered Hand-EU845
62Niraxiobe W A N T E DShattered Hand-EU765
63Jibachabilly M O M OShattered Hand-EU640Not updated
64Nakinaki Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU638
65Nexilar Gorilla WarfareShattered Hand-EU638
66Avatress Phoenix LegendShattered Hand-EU636
67Stålmusen Engelska IGShattered Hand-EU635
68Troligt Team DERPShattered Hand-EU635Not updated
69Eluthion ProcopiusShattered Hand-EU635
70Ísimode No RegretsShattered Hand-EU631
71Bomberharris I Dont EvenShattered Hand-EU616Not updated
72Evilior TMDShattered Hand-EU610
73Marsaa E V OShattered Hand-EU595
74Wooyay Gorilla WarfareShattered Hand-EU581
75Johda PostmortemShattered Hand-EU548
76Vafele Gorilla WarfareShattered Hand-EU541
77Haom LADEN GANGShattered Hand-EU538
78Niitro  Shattered Hand-EU528Not updated
79Pestilitas ProcopiusShattered Hand-EU526Not updated
80Evilmaiis E V OShattered Hand-EU518
81Reaperdin Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU415
82Roawat Invalid CharactersShattered Hand-EU415Not updated
83Turdok FIRMAFESTShattered Hand-EU356
84Soulfury LFRProgressShattered Hand-EU353Not updated
85Entonic Fan va kulShattered Hand-EU346
86Tahlnae A Fish Full of DollarsShattered Hand-EU341
87Harmonic BGRSShattered Hand-EU235
88Zalaq GubbdagisShattered Hand-EU178
89Kathyana KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU170Not updated
90Zatsunêmiku T R A N SShattered Hand-EU166Not updated
91Vedd ProgressShattered Hand-EU163
92Deyizhi Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU163Not updated
93Flyingdragon FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU160
94Chji Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU158
95Kaskeloten Ancient NationShattered Hand-EU156
96Skoglol  Shattered Hand-EU156
97Munknåks VictusShattered Hand-EU145
98Izuoshoul LADEN GANGShattered Hand-EU135Not updated

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