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Shadowmoon-TW Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1深紅虞美人 凱蒂海賊團Shadowmoon-TW7931Not updated
2圈叉你個三角 LunaShadowmoon-TW4933Not updated
3緹琺 LunaShadowmoon-TW4600Not updated
4Inory UnicusShadowmoon-TW4555Not updated
5Aabbccddeeff  Shadowmoon-TW4445Not updated
6Nuresproc  Shadowmoon-TW3811Not updated
7月影寒 後壁厝Shadowmoon-TW3641Not updated
8比翁 顫慄Shadowmoon-TW3608Not updated
9Sachya Patron of the moonShadowmoon-TW3548Not updated
10咪總裁 後壁厝Shadowmoon-TW3530Not updated
11黔礱 一非法入侵一Shadowmoon-TW3440Not updated
12塞特奈特羅德 愛心事業機構Shadowmoon-TW3411Not updated
13碳烤焦貓 林姆克後援會Shadowmoon-TW3360Not updated
14Krkic pinnacleShadowmoon-TW3346Not updated
15砂鍋拳頭 NetherwingShadowmoon-TW3345Not updated
16我不是你的頭  Shadowmoon-TW3316Not updated
17Xelloss Lightning RaiderShadowmoon-TW3230Not updated
18瓦姆烏 Chevaliers de la Table RShadowmoon-TW3221Not updated
19Kadzee 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW3221Not updated
20永恆的星空 後壁厝Shadowmoon-TW3125Not updated
21Fry pinnacleShadowmoon-TW3020Not updated
22Fallenr Last ExileShadowmoon-TW3020Not updated
23壞滅 凱蒂海賊團Shadowmoon-TW3020Not updated
24海因凱爾  Shadowmoon-TW3018Not updated
25板口雨子 一搞笑乂菁英乂黑澀會一Shadowmoon-TW3018Not updated
26焦糖味的吻 pinnacleShadowmoon-TW3018Not updated
27周秦 pinnacleShadowmoon-TW3006Not updated
28鼻毛大爺 Patron of the moonShadowmoon-TW3003Not updated
29破軍心 Eternal DisillusionmentShadowmoon-TW3003Not updated
30星穹天神 奧米利斯草莓園Shadowmoon-TW2930Not updated
31呆燁 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW2751Not updated
32埃力格 LunaShadowmoon-TW2616Not updated
33醉環真 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW2345Not updated
34海角二號 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW1875Not updated
35一個人聖光 繽紛之夏Shadowmoon-TW1865Not updated
36Jorker 貓在鍵盤上昏倒了Shadowmoon-TW1841Not updated
37狂气之瞳 Quiet summerShadowmoon-TW1638Not updated
38黑色小玫瑰 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW1638Not updated
39胖榙 Whisper The FaithShadowmoon-TW1611Not updated
40傲瀾 Last ExileShadowmoon-TW1610Not updated
41緹妲 LunaShadowmoon-TW1540Not updated
42Midwinters  Shadowmoon-TW1448Not updated
43亡者之風 pinnacleShadowmoon-TW1446Not updated
44風浧翔 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW1440Not updated
45白河靜流 碧空之歌Shadowmoon-TW1411Not updated
46一國崎往人一 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW1408Not updated
47Alexro Lightning RaiderShadowmoon-TW1345Not updated
48不小心  Shadowmoon-TW1323Not updated
49雙層吉士 美美家族Shadowmoon-TW1171Not updated
50Holymars 講談說論Shadowmoon-TW1166Not updated
51Ephraim 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW1165Not updated
52宵狼 雪焰之月Shadowmoon-TW1163Not updated
53不服就撩倒 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW936Not updated
54阿基里斯腱 八九南蠻軍Shadowmoon-TW893Not updated
55翱翔宇宙的豬 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW888Not updated
56Chaosdemon Patron of the moonShadowmoon-TW888Not updated
57紫雲蝶兒 BvBeJShadowmoon-TW880Not updated
58幸福不簡單 一搞笑乂菁英乂黑澀會一Shadowmoon-TW880Not updated
59暴風天微 聖譽Shadowmoon-TW878Not updated
60給你個痛快 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW876Not updated
61易海瀾 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW873Not updated
62莎莎里安 LunaShadowmoon-TW861Not updated
63爆肉剛體  Shadowmoon-TW853Not updated
64矢澤妮可 雲儀天Shadowmoon-TW850Not updated
65圓滾滾沒力 一搞笑乂菁英乂黑澀會一Shadowmoon-TW846Not updated
66蝦仁波切 一搞笑乂菁英乂黑澀會一Shadowmoon-TW843Not updated
67Babykuma 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW841Not updated
68鏡形而 Chevaliers de la Table RShadowmoon-TW813Not updated
69芷萱 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW673Not updated
70Kabukimono 不落皇城Shadowmoon-TW636Not updated
71紙沙包 流浪者聯盟Shadowmoon-TW635Not updated
72霧原 白色獠牙Shadowmoon-TW633Not updated
73Obedience Canta Per MeShadowmoon-TW620Not updated
74Jdb  Shadowmoon-TW618Not updated
75菲采 Last ExileShadowmoon-TW616Not updated
76Viburnum 黎明曙光Shadowmoon-TW616Not updated
77垃圾世界  Shadowmoon-TW576Not updated
78百合盛開 東西多到放不下Shadowmoon-TW560Not updated
79沉淪魔自爆狂 八九南蠻軍Shadowmoon-TW555Not updated
80Ginunaga AchieVementSShadowmoon-TW553Not updated
81Benior  Shadowmoon-TW550Not updated
82姨媽 雪雪女王的邪惡會所Shadowmoon-TW548Not updated
83Winky Smile and silenceShadowmoon-TW546Not updated
84汪汪流浪犬 EighteemShadowmoon-TW543Not updated
85悠月提斯 Smile and silenceShadowmoon-TW543Not updated
86熾穹天王 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW538Not updated
87輕輕微風 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW520Not updated
88繁星夜語 轉動命運之輪Shadowmoon-TW520Not updated
89傲嬌萌 Last ExileShadowmoon-TW518Not updated
90梓澪 Patron of the moonShadowmoon-TW436Not updated
91怨嗚曲 闇夜一家Shadowmoon-TW410Not updated
92血羅冥王 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW358Not updated
93雷小夜 七王國的榮耀Shadowmoon-TW210Not updated
94黑色花枝丸 Walk the EarthShadowmoon-TW181Not updated
95驅夜斷愁 JoJoShadowmoon-TW180Not updated
96都是棍子印 Hand of JusticeShadowmoon-TW173Not updated
97芺蘿塞碧娜 Chevaliers de la Table RShadowmoon-TW26Not updated

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